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  1. I threw an entire load of laundry in the dryer - work dresses, casual dresses, shirts, shorts ... you name it, and it's 100% Cotton, and it was thrown into the dryer. And as I did it, I was thinking all my clothes could use some shrinkage. Like 73 pounds of shrinkage ... Just like me. These clothes got me through my biggest, and now that I am WAY smaller, they needed to do some minimizing as well. I still had a heart attack when I was shaking them out. My body may not be the fat chick anymore, but my head is still catching up.
  2. Thanks everyone for the nice messages, support, and encouragement!
  3. I'm not sure if this will work as this is my first time posting pics ... and I have to admit, it feels a bit exciting to be at a point where I am ready to share the photographic evidence of what the last 10 weeks have done for me since surgery! I started at 255 and am now at 210. I feel like all the weight is lost from my face though
  4. I TOTALLY get the freaking out thing ... trust me, I have done it A LOT. I think part of the freaking out comes from the fact that EVERYTHING about this situation is at odds with everything we know and have been taught. So, I then scour the web forums looking for someone "just like me." The problem is, we are all different, with different BMIs, different heights, doctors, etc. etc. etc. So, on the flip side, every time I freak out I remind myself that it took me 29 years to get this way and therefore, I cannot be surprised that it's not falling off overnight (but oh how I wish it would!). Sooooo, moral of my story - keep up the good work! Take some calming breaths, focus on what you have to do, and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. And, like Swizzly said, when have you ever lost ___ pounds in ____ time? Oh, and find something motivating ... I keep looking at "old me" pics. And it wasn't really that long ago!
  5. So, yesterday marked one month since I had my surgery. I have lost 18 pounds since surgery and 10 pre-op. All together, almost 30 pounds in 6 weeks. I have to admit, I am rather pleased with the progress so far. There was a two week stall in there where my body rebelled against the fact that I was only consuming about 500 calories, but now that I am on solid foods, my body is MUCH happier and it seems like I am losing about 1-2 pounds a day. It's crazy. Things learned thus far: Eating slow is a lot harder than anyone can explain Getting in all the water and protein is a full-time job Most of the time, things smell better than they taste Most of the hunger really is in your head Check out clothing, fashion mags, etc. instead of watching Food Network Crystal Light = best. thing. ever. Depression post-op is a reality. It's also a choice - every day. I am sure there are more things I have learned, but for now ... I am just trying to enjoy the ride.
  6. Mine was just part of the standard procedure through my surgeon's office. I think it's to make sure that they knew what they would be seeing before cutting me open. I also had to have an Upper GI, but that was the day after surgery and was to make sure there were no leaks. I am sorry to hear you are having complications, and I hope everything works out for you soon! Good Luck!
  7. So, side pain lasted about 3 days but then faded on the 4th and is now completely gone (phew). I am feeling pretty darn good. I keep forgetting I had surgery! Except, of course, when I want to eat something I can't have ... then I TOTALLY remember it. That being said, I haven't lost any weight in one week. I have only lost 10 pounds post-op and I am a little concerned. I have read about a 3rd week stall, but I'm not sure. For now, I am sticking to my pureed foods and following the rules ... and hoping the pounds start dropping!
  8. I am 12 days post-op and I TOTALLY get the "can't wait to start feeling better again!" part. I felt pretty good for the first few days home from the hospital, but then I started getting a nasty side ache ... I still don't know what it's from, and it happens every once in a while still, but it was miserable. Drink a lot, drink SLOW, and you'll breeze through recovery! Good Luck!
  9. I've been sleeved! Minus some pain due to the gas, all has gone fairly smoothly.
  10. @JML - I totally feel your pain on this ... I am freaking out and mine's still a day away!
  11. I was told no caffeine It's been terrible ....
  12. One week to surgery!

    1. Xeniak


      exciting! keep the pre-op diet! dont let anything stop u now!

    2. Cynthia
    3. SerenaSlimmer
  13. Salt? Is that what is missing? I made broth with seasonings (KFC skin modified) ... has sodium in it (obviously) ... is that what I was missing? My headache seems to be fading a bit.
  14. I think I am dying. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but I feel HORRIBLE. Yesterday was Day One of the Liquid Hell errr... diet and by 9:00 p.m. I felt nauseous and had a horrible headache. Nevermind the fact that I choked down FOUR protein shakes so I could get my 80grams in. I also drank well over 64 ounces of water ... I am starting Day Two with a headache and a not-so-good disposition. What am I doing to myself? Any ideas? How long does this last? Then again, maybe I just wanted to vent