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  1. Never got that email. Maybe it ended up in my junk folder.

    1. bridgetgirl


  2. Hey! I sent you an email using my gmail .... I hope all is good. Im here for ya!!

  3. Bridge... HELP!! *L* How the heck have you been?? Got something I need to ask you. Can I Yahoo you?? Thanks, Peckkale

  4. Hey Peckkale, I was wondering if you are simply an interested foodie or have some background in the culinary arts. I really like all of your recipes and all of my family are chefs, keep up the good work. Everything you are talking about sounds wonderful. :)

  5. Ask The Meatman! Beef Brisket:* How to Choose, Prepare and Cook Or you might try this one. . . . . . . . .
  6. Hiya Girl! I check on the forum about once every 6 months. There doesn't seem to be much I can add so I just read.
  7. I reached my 4th year and still holding at a size 2. My weight does roller-coaster, as it did at 3 yrs post-op, only now it's a bit more of a spread. The hightest I've reached was 131 lbs. I had fallen into a black licorice snacking habit. It wass, in my mind, very low sugar and no fat... My body didn't see it that way. So I returned to early-post-op behavior. Protein shake in the AM, Protein shake for lunch, Lite dinner eating protein first. My weight dropped back down to 124-127 lbs. For those of you starting out on this path know that in time your appetite will return as will your ability to eat larger portions of foods. If you dump or feel only slightly queazy and nausea with sugars, That too will pass if you're stubborn and keep shoving sugars into your mouth.... Don't go there! Take full advantage of your honeymoon period and TEACH YOURSELF to love your protein supplements. It will be your only saving grace when the pounds try and creep back! At four years post-op I am a thin person! I am still hearing, "oh peckkale.... Your SoOOooooo skinny! You really need to gain a few pounds." I, and my family members laugh it off! Thank you Lord for the gift of GBP.
  8. Hey there! I am Melissa from Erie, PA. I had my RNY on February 17, 2009. I have lost 40 lbs. so far! If you want to get in touch with me off of here and just to talk and stuff or text, my number is: 814-823-7712

  9. Yes a whole jar... A 16 oz jar. (The small jar) It wasn't just a jar of pickles. It was Vlasic Sweet Gherkins made with Splenda! Ten servings @ 5 cals a serving in that jar. I gobbled down 50 calories which isn't bad for a 3 yr post snack calorie so naturally I was shocked when I woke up the next day feeling swollen and even more shocked when the scale read 129 lbs. I learned my lesson! At three years it's easier to over-due. Food slips just through and my insurance won't pay for a fix to the stoma.
  10. I reached 3 yrs post-op in June of 2008 and am still holding steady. My weight rolls between 122 - 126 lbs. The highest i've spiked was 129 lbs. That was last week. I had gotten hooked on pickes and what started out as a couple turned into the whole dang jar! I gained 3 lbs in one day! Water of course but it was a huge shocker and broke me quick from the pickles. 36 hous later my weight was down to 126. Weight today was 125. I'm back on track and working on getting it back to 123 - 124 lbs. I look good and more importantly, I feel good... I am tired of hearing, "You're SoooOOoooooo skinny!!!" from co-workers....... Fat co-workers! My "grocery hound" days are over and I'm no longer welcome to join them for lunch because, and I quote, "make them feel bad about themselves when the food hits the table." I struggle with hunger and I don't dump so it's a fight to stay away from goodies. When those times hit me I go and get my pre-sugery dress or I pull out an old picture. Ran into an old friend I haven't seen in about 5 yrs. She didn't know who I was. I had to show her an old picture before she remembered me. The difference is night and day. I love who I am now.. It's a gift from God when you can start over and have a second chance at life as a thin woman. I'm grateful to God and my Doctors for this second chance.
  11. No Sugar Added Cherry Cheesecake 12 Murray sugar free Oatmeal or Shortbread cookies 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 cup pecans 2 tablespoons melted butter Two 8-ounce packages Philadelphia Reduced Fat Cream Cheese 1 cup Splenda granulated (not the packets) 1/4 cup sour cream 2 teaspoons vanilla 2 eggs One jar Smuckers Sugar Free Cherry Preserves One 12 ounce bag frozen pitted cherries PREHEAT oven to 325
  12. You are just itching to turn this into some sort of pissing contest. At this point young lady, The tank is not for sale to you. Now stop trying to start a fight. Stay off my ad. Again for those interensted: This is a 125 gal acrylic tank. Bull-nose rounded corners. Included Stand, Hood, live rock and sand. .......... NOTHING ELSE. No light or filter...NO $400/$600 chiller. I am keeping the filter for my other tank. Price is $950.00 Shown by appointment only. Email for pics
  13. I've often said I am one of the unlucky ones that doesn't dump. I also, can eat anything I want. Ice cream is the only item that makes me feel a bit ill if I eat a lot of it. I can eat small amounts. Now take that small amount and add it up over a course of a day and you now have a very large sum of ice cream that's been consumed over the day. How do I deal with my food issues. About the same as you. When I find myself shoveling too much onto my plate, I dump the plate. It's a constant battle between head-hunger desire and what my body's actual food needs are. Another reason why I won't own a pair of stretch jeans. I can feel a five pound weight fluctionation in that zipper. I often find myself standing in the drug aisle wanting to purchase over-the-counter diet aids. I'm that afraid of regaining. The grocery stores are my biggest enemy. Walking the aisle and buying only items that are necessary to maintain my state of health and weight can be a struggle. I wish I had an answer for you but I don't. Hell I wish someone had an answer for me. All we can do is face life one meal at a time.
  14. No pissing contest here. You obviously know enough about saltwater to ask that a for a $400 - $600 chiller in the sale of the tank. Now go away baby girl and leave this ad for another that's looking for an good honest deal on a 125 gal acrylic tank, stand, hood, live rock and sand.
  15. You're very welcome......... Oh and there's no charge for the "RUDE RESPONSE" Little bit of advice sweetie.... Do your homework before selling OR buying. You won't get "TAKEN" that way.. There are way too many people in this old world of ours always looking to take advantage of another.... Don't be one of them. I am offering a fair deal.... The live rock alone is worth $400.00. The tank has 4 bags of live sand at $20.00 a bag.... The tank is mature and fully cycled.......... You do the math. PS......... I am the type of person that if handed too much change at the register I will return it to the cashier. ...Are you?