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  1. This feeling is completely normal, and we all go through the fear right before surgery. I already had a will in place, but still felt a little nervous. However, my surgeon is amazing and his success rate for surgeries and for successful end results is on the top of the charts, so my fears were really eased. I am praying for you that you will be relaxed and comforted, knowing that what you are doing is the best thing for your health and your future! Good luck!
  2. Great job so far - you look fantastic!
  3. I have lost only a one friend, most have been very supportive and encouraging and still are! There are a few family members who won't even talk to me for whatever reason, I guess it's envy or jealousy, or insecurity, because they are all overweight. But, my friends are great - always have been, always will be! But, I did not make my surgery or weight loss journey the topic of all conversations nor did I bring it up very often, but they ask a lot of questions, so then we would talk about it. I did not want to change anything except my health and size, so I stayed the same in most other ways. I believe this minimalized the chances of people not wanting to be around me. Good luck, sweetie, if they don't want to be your friends now, chances are they were never good friends to begin with..
  4. You can do this! You will look back and wonder why you ever worried so much, once you are close to your goal weight and have tons of energy!!!
  5. Other people seem to be resistant to our changes and want us to stay the way we were so they can be comfortable around us. Once they start to feel like you are making them look bad or different, they can't handle it and will say something rude and stop being your friend. I happens to all of us, just ignore them and keep up the good work. You are skinnier than you used to be and people will always point that out to you, so you will just have to get used to being called that, It happens to me almost every day, and I just say back to them, "I feel so healthy, thank you!"
  6. Most restaurants have many menu items that you can have - soups, stuffed mushrooms, soft veggies or potatoes.... I can usually find something small and easy to eat that is low on calories and fat most places we go. I think I first went out to eat 30 or so days after my surgery and had broth.
  7. I like the lean cuisine meals that have no carbs in them. They have a steak with broccoli and they have a turkey with green beans. Those are the only meals I ever buy, so when I don't have any other food in the house, I make one of those - they are pretty good, too! DON'T buy the meals with rice, potatoes or pasta in them - those meals will get your carb appetite perked back up and you don't want to go there....
  8. You can eat out most anywhere if you take apart your food! I have eaten the meatball sandwich at subway - minus the bread... and had leftovers for the next day. One carnitas taco del carbon at Del Taco, minus the tortilla - its just pork, onions, cilantro and a little red sauce - delish! A small Chili at Wendy's lasts me for 2 meals. Thai food - I love the curry chicken - it lasts me about 4 meals - minus the rice. It's just chicken, carrots and onions - sometimes a potato chunk. Soup Plantation - salad and soup - very picky, though - i make my own salad and never overeat there - it's always good to have their clear soup minus any pasta. P.F.Changs - lettuce wraps are soooo good! And I get those at CPK, too! I always take some home... BJ's - the stuffed mushrooms are small and are stuffed with spinach and cheese. Even though you only get about 4-5, it fills me up, so I usually share them. We try to stay away from fast food, but sometimes if that's all there is, you can eat the hamburger patty with cheese and a tomato. Any authentic Mexican restaurant will have shredded beef burritos - open it up, eat the beef and not the tortilla - make sure they don't put any rice in it. This will make 2-3 meals.
  9. Hi! I had my surgery in March of 2011 (Laproscopic RNY GBS) and my experience was amazing! I had almost no pain, no drain, 5 tiny holes that were super glued, no stitches or staples on the outside, hardly any meds, and stayed in the hospital for only 2 nights. I loved my doctor and nurses, and my recovery was very quick. I slept in my own bed every night after I got home, no pain or discomfort! I was up and around after just 2 more days and back to work in 2 weeks. I had no nausea or sickness, I tolerated everything I tried as far as eating. I was strict and went by the book and my doctor's orders as far as food, liquids and vitamins. I drank my protein drinks everyday, took my vitamins everyday (I used Celebrate vitamins and LOVE them) and I drink lots of water. I don't drink during meals (except rarely, depending on my food) and I stay away from fats, sugar and carbs. I have lost 124 lbs and have only 6 more to my goal weight, even though my doctor says I am already at my goal and am doing great. I started exercising 5 months post op by training to run a 5K and I ran it on Thanksgiving day. I still exercise, but not as much as I used to. I love to do yoga and running and I also do the Insanity DVDs. Everyone has a different experience, so don't count on your surgery going as perfect or as bad as someone else's, but if you follow the rules, you should be fine! Good luck!
  10. Congrats!!! You have done a great job and look amazing! You look so young, too! Love your smile!
  11. I have heard some zingers from people at church as well, even my mom! Jealousy rears her ugly head yet again...
  12. So sorry to hear about your terrible complications. I know that if you go to get another opinion from another doctor, you might find some answers. This is your life and your body, so don't let a misdiagnosis go unanswered. You might have something that needs fixing ASAP! Take control of your health and get some answers before you go crazy with pain. I have had no complications, in fact, I was wondering if the surgeon even did anything to me. I had no pain, no eating problems at all, and the weight just fell off. Yes, I am cold all the time, but my doctor explained to me that the less food you eat, the less your metabolism is burning and heating your body up, so you will feel cold. I even wear jeans and long sleeves in the summer! But, I have the be st doctors and hospital and they genuinely care for each and every patient and issue. They want to make sure that our quality of life is better and that we have no side effects, so they keep us coming in for blood tests and preventive measures. I feel so blessed to be watched over and cared for so much. You need to hold your health providers accountable to you and make them find out what is wrong! Good luck and God bless!
  13. My feet have definitely shrunk! I was wearing a 10 and now wear an 8 1/2 and LOTS of heels!!! It is so much fun to wear whatever shoes I want to wear now! Funny thing is, my fingers shrunk and now all my rings are too big, even my ear lobes lost weight and now some earrings fit that were tight before!!!
  14. I told everyone who asked and I was confident and proud of myself for taking control of my health, so the reactions I got from 99% of the people I told were very positive and supportive. I think they sensed that I was excited about becoming healthy and nothing they said could change my mind. I have one SIL who made one snide remark like :I am going to lose weight the right way: and that was 2 years ago and she has actually put on weight... so I try to encourage her when she asks me questions now. She does not need the surgery, but she sees what I eat now and is trying to copy me. So, that turned out good in the long run. BUT, I was at a bridal shower once after I had lost about 80 pounds and some of the people there knew about my surgery and some didn't. One lady said "Wow, you look great! How are you doing it?" and I was a little embarrassed as everyone turned and looked at me waiting for my answer. I did not know everyone there, so I said "I have been working with my doctor on eating less and exercising more" and I left it at that.
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