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  1. I love the exhausted content feeling of swimming laps for 90 min daily.

    1. Lori88


      That is a very good thing!

  2. I really don't understand the point in figuring out what you can tolerate if you're not supposed to be consuming post op at all.
  3. Hmmm... IMHO skip the pills and do therapy.
  4. Lol my dream during that day I told you about consisted on me watching food in the somewhat dark sky surrounded by constant fireworks that would light up different foods I liked. I just woke up laughing, but it was intense knowing I wouldn't be eating those things much anymore, or at all (:
  5. In my case, I wasn't as much aware of the health benefits, mostly I thought of it as something really superficial just to lose weight, I thought of major surgery as a big risk too. I also do not think its for everyone, or at least not at any time. You need to really be prepared to change every aspect of your life, and be ready to deal with many food related issues. I can't say I'm sorry that I didn't do it sooner because I honestly don't know if I would have been ready for it. I remember someone mentioning it to me a few years back and I got really angry. Thinking back, I think it was not so much the surgery suggestion what upset me, but HOW this person said it. And, I often think NOW, when I see obese people "they should have surgery, it would help them so much," but in reality I don't know for sure. I know of a lot of people who had surgery who weren't ready for it, who suffer from bulimia post op... It's a complex issue, so it varies from person to person at any given time IMHO. I just know that this surgery has saved my life in every single way you can imagine, and if someone asked me if they should have surgery, (which hasn't happened yet), I would tell them MY story, but make sure they understand all the aspects of post op surgery life. I don't think it's right to try to push this surgery on people, but I believe it's ideal for more information on the health benefits to be promoted. I've just heard of so many not managing well post op, as far as eating disorders that I feel there should also be more counseling required.
  6. Pre Op I was a 26, and 3x or 4x. It's strange, but I don't remember how often I switched sizes much. I remember buying a size 22 or 20 during December. By January and February I was an 18, during April I was a size 16W, but no way I'd fit into regular size 16. Right now I fit into regular size 16 and tops are regular xl. It's somewhat strange NOT buying clothes anywhere at plus size stores. I try to get things on sale or clearence, I probably don't spend over $15-20 per item. I've gotten one pair of regular priced jeans per size I have been, but that's the only thing. About a month ago I got a regular priced pair of denim shorts. Everything else I have has been really cheap. My Wardrobe was endless pre op, but now it's relatively small. I'd much rather have to wear the same things over and over than having to get anything used, I just cannot do it. It's amazing how many items you can get on sale when it's regular sized clothes. I never could find clothes this cheap in plus sizes. Now that it's summer I wear mostly dresses. It's so simple and practicle. They last longer, as I get them sort of snug and can wear them for a long while.
  7. My surgeon said soda would make me feel a bit uncomfortable, and with the gas in my ouch I would probably be able to eat more. Pe op I wasn't much of a soda person, and now I'd much rather avoid it altogether. I don't see the point in drinking it, it's just junk. It's like alcohol, it's just not worth it. Just my thoughts on it (:
  8. blank

    She said what?!

    Thanx for the laugh.
  9. My surgeon said to start whenever I felt up to it (once the stitches were out), this included swimming. .
  10. That's so great! I am about 25 pounds from reaching onederland.... Woohoo!
  11. I started losing hair about 4 months ago, I saw my dermatologist who said it was caused by the lower nourishment I was getting from food, or lack of as much food. She prescribed three months of vitamins for hair, and rogaine to speed up the process. Its worked great. My hair stopped falling off almost completely, and I have a lot of new hair. I don't understand why most people don't see dermatologists for treatment of hair loss, after all it's their area.