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  1. Hang in their, it will take some time. I just had a 3.5 cc fill today and two and a half months ago I had 2.5cc's. So it's a total of 6 cc. I will start to loose again and am looking forward to it. I also make a lot of wrong food choices and know I need to work with my band and not expect it to do all the work. I have restriction and notice I can not eat a lot of food like I use to. I can go out and eat, I end up bringing half of my food home. I am actually going to start to order off the kids menu after asking management if they will honor my request. If they ask or say I cant I will let the
  2. Well, finally doing my workouts! I have been on my new treadmill almost everday. Im sooo sore. I do 30 to 45 min a day, have only missed 4 days in the last two weeks. I finally ran Im so happy. I also do free weights. getting on track after three and a half months post op! Till next time. Thirty min treadmill 30 min free weights
  3. First day of workouts: 45 min foudation Tae Bo Billy Blanks dvd, 50 sit ups with 8 lb weight ball 25 squats using exercise ball, 2 sets 20 x back arms,front crunches,side lifts. I'm 6 weeks post op on monday. See what tomorrow brings..
  4. This does not sound right to me, I would call your ins and see what they say and go from their, dont give up. I am blessed, my ins covered at 100% I only pay a $15.00 co-pay for office visits and all pre-op and post op classes are free. I had no hospital co-pay either. Looks like you have a lot of good advice and I would persue the advice. I went to this md's web site and read patients pay extra fees as well. Pleae seek elsware or change ins as suggested before.You deserve it
  5. Well I'm post op 6 weeks and ready for my first fill. I have lost inches and havent been on a scale since my last post op appt. five weeks ago. And I'm ready to go back to work on Monday, I took the whole six weeks for myself and feeling good about that. I havent had any complications or problems with food so I'm a lil nervous about whats ahead but looking forward to it.
  6. I have had to re shop for myself, buying new sesonings and so on. So it was a little more the first 6 weeks but I do see it being a whole lot less my next visit to the store. I had the lap band Nov 29 my friends and family say Im a cheap date for dinner now! Lovin it!
  7. I used a recliner when I had my tummy tuck in 04 and again for my lap band surgery. It was wonderful.! Im now in my bed and still use two pillows for a little elivation. Scared I may loosen my band or port. lol

  8. Hi Nikki, yes I am post op now but your on your way and before you know it you will be post op too.!! I started all my pre operative stuff July 27,10 and had surgery Nov. 29th. Not to bad, four months so hand in their. Take care.

  9. Oh I am a dummy I just read your blog and see that you are post op OoOppSss :)

  10. Hey I am your first comment YiPpeE.. Lol I just noticed that you are I are pretty much the same weight. Do you have your surgery scheduled yet? Not me =( I just went to my first psych appt today and I have another on New Years eve. So this process is moving along slowly.. Well it is nice to meet you :)

  11. Hello everyone, I am now two and a half weeks post op. and feeling fine. Im on soft foods now and have not tried any chicken or any other meat, just fish and tuna, eggs, cheese, no sugar drinks, (juice,Propel,water) pasta, salad baked potates and crackers For the first week, nothing but liquids and diet pudding,sugar free jello. So far so good. Read some blogs today and I think Im gona stay away from meat tilll at least 6 weeks. LOL, any good recipes besides the three I found so far? For a few days I was feeling as though something was wrong with me but after reading some blogs, I think Im oka
  12. LOL , I have not bought any clothes for at least 6 months and its drivin me nuts till I look in the closet and see some of my old wardrobe with tags on them still... and at least 3 pairs of new shoes I have not even worn. Now I will have to give them to someone who can use them. And Lane Bryant,Fashon Bug,Macy's pluse size... I will no longer need you anymore!!!! YAHOOOOO save your money ladys, it will be worth it. I cant wait!!
  13. MY pre op is November 24,10 and my surgery is November 29th., I cant wait!! I am soo tired of the kind of clothes I have to wear I'll be soooo happy when I can wear diffrent styles and brands. Sorry LaneBryant:cool:
  14. The thinest I was was back in 1983, I weighted 135. I now weigh 236 and I thought I was still too big. I have been chubby my whole life. My sister was the thin one. So I am really looking forward to my surgery this November 29th.. I have been 200+ for the last 28 yrs and have tried numerouse diets. :o:o So I GUESS you can say "no I have never been thin...
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