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  1. Emily pictures

    OMG, OMG, OMG!! She's so precious! I would just love to hold her! I'm so glad you are living the life you deserve! Congrats to you and Andrew on a beautiful family.
  2. Dating in 2008

    Hey Robin!! I can't wait to see you again! Come to meeting sometime chickie! Oh, and Lee and I are a Yahoo Personals match. We met just a few days before Christmas 2002 and have been together ever since! Good luck in the dating scene sweetie! I am here to tell you I had to go through a lot of frogs to get to my prince.
  3. VA Hospital Experience?

    Hi Rebecca, I just replied to your PM. Hope it's helpful. Hey Autumn! Another Savu patient! Maybe I'll see you in Weight Control some Friday afternoon! Is Dr. Woods doing your follow up? How was your experience in the hospital post op? I had a horrible time after being moved to the regular floor. The ICU was awesome, but the floor SUCKED!! Did they try to serve you full meals too?
  4. What size do you wear???

    Size: 4-6 pants depending on the brand & small to x-small shirts Height: 5' 3" Weight: 128.5 Frame: small Plastics - not yet
  5. Central San Diego Support Group!

    It's tonight, right? I will be there, just a little late (maybe 7ish), but Lee has another obligation. I'll see you all later.
  6. Central San Diego Support on Tuesday!

    I know it's kind of late, but Lee and I will be there. Bringing a brocoli /cauliflower salad thing that Lee makes. I'm going to go throw some stir fry together too. See ya'll soon.
  7. how long were you on a liquid diet?

    Full liquids for 3 weeks pre-op (it was supposed to be 2 weeks, but the surgery got moved a week later after I was one week into the liquid diet); clear liquids for a week post op, full liquids for a week and onto pureed then soft. Good luck on your journey!
  8. expansion

    OMGoodness! I haven't seen pics of you in so long! You're about to pop! Congrats on the expansion!
  9. my little black dress....

    Awesome LBD and tights Tonya! You are almost unrecognizable! Good job!
  10. Found My Kryptonite!!

    Like the others have said, try it again in a little while. My first experience with PNB was on whole wheat crackers (I didn't try bread until after 6 months) with banana. Went down fine. Could have been the toast, too early or too dry. Banana or sugar-free jam adds much needed moisture since we can't have milk with our PNB! Good luck!
  11. I have a few words to say...

    Just logging in to show my public support my friend ('cause you already know you have it)!
  12. What Multi-Vitamin do you take?

    I started out with the Flintstones chewables but switched to Optisource Bariatric Multivitamins about 3 weeks out and my labs have always been excellent. At about 3 months they put me on extra calcium. I take Henry's brand chewable calcium citrate with D. At my one year check up I was a tad low on D so I just added in an additional 400iu of that in tablet form. Sorry I can't be much help with the fiber question. I never had diarrhea...exactly the opposite in fact. I've found that an apple a day keeps me regular. I did buy some fiber right after surgery and the pharmacist said to be careful when you take it as it can sometimes leech the supplements out of your system if taken with them. Maybe one of the fiber takers can chime in on that issue for you. Good luck!!
  13. Unrelated to WLS - but GREAT news!

    Glad to hear they found and put this lowest-form-of-slime away! No, it won't erase the tragedy, but for your family, it's something. Prayers to your family Janina.
  14. OMG---It's Moving!

    It is going to truly be a day of celebration when you hit onederland Trina-dear!! We're all rootin' for ya! Your body can't hold out against all this support sweetie! Go Trina! Go Trina!
  15. where were you at 6 months?

    Hey Chance, At 6 months my labs were good and I was in a size 12 from a 24. I can't remember my exact amount lost at that time. Strange huh? I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary and am going to take all my measurements and pics for the big occasion. Hope to see you tomorrow night at Donna's!