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  1. Hello to everyone it has been a while since I posted I had my first surgery in Nov, 2010, I had it done again in May 2011, in between I was admitted to the hospital 5 times, for malnutrition could not eat or drink anything. When I had the second one done in May I felt a little better but it started over again. I spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in the hospital I was given last rites on New Years Day. In January of this year I had the surgery reveresed. I started at 270 and by the time I had the reverese done I was down to 105 (14 months). I now weigh 130 and feel 1000% better. I wish everyone all the good in the world I was just one of them that it was not good for.
  2. I'm the same way I'm 7 weeks today and I throw up at least 5 out 7 days a week. I have had 2 scopes done since my surgery they found I had a ulcer that was not there 6 months ago go figure!!!! I'm so disappointed in this surgery I am sick all the time I have been back to the doctor's at least 8 times not counting the scopes and cannot get any relief. Tomorrow I go to my doctor again we'll see what they want me to do now. I have lost over 40 pounds in 7 weeks but I didn't plan on losing it this way.
  3. thanks they said it might be a striture or I might need to be opened up a little I hope they find the problem.
  4. Hello to all, hopefully someone can answer my questions, I'm 3 weeks out from surgery (Nov 8th), since Monday I have not been able to drink or eat anything without a lot of pain. I'm going tomorrow for a scope to see what the problem is but was wondering if anyone has had the same problem, plus my back is killing me it runs just under the shoulder blade and more on the right side than the left. I hope someone can tell me what they are looking for in the scope, Thanks
  5. I had the same problem with my heart too!!! Had my surgery on Mon, 8th and got home today, didn't like my breathing or heart rate and it was test after test and than the said will maybe that was just the way it was, but glad to be home and the pain has really eased off alot. Everyday will be better and better before you know it it will be a bad memory
  6. Good luck I'm having mine tomorrow too!!!! Been on a liquid diet for a week it was not as bad as I thought. I have to be at the hospital at 8:30 surgery is set for 10:30, my husband and oldest daughter will be there w/me. Good luck to everyone that has a tomorrow date we can do this
  7. my surgery is the 8th too. I have been on the liquid diet for only 5 days the surgeon said I only had to be on it for a week, but everyone is different. Good luck it will get better for you and all of us.
  8. welcome, my surgery is Monday the 8th, good luck!!
  9. I also have BCN of southeastern Mi my paperwork was sent on Friday Oct 2nd and they called me on Monday the 4th with approval. I'm going to St John's Oakland so it should not take long good luck
  10. Hi my surgery is for the 8th, went on Monday for all my pre-op's and started my liquid diet that day. So happy it is almost here, it has been a long journey for all of us. Good luck to all the November one's
  11. I also had the h-pylori and after the 2 week treatment of antibiotics I had to have a scope done just to make sure I didn't have ulcers, everything came out good so don't worry just take the meds and carry on
  12. I have a few questions about protein drinks, what are they? are they like ensure or do you have to someplace like GNC or can you get them at WalMart or a drug store? I go next Monday (1st) for my blood work and meeting w/dietitian and I have read a lot about the protein drinks but can not find out just what they are. My surgery is Nov 8th and have been stocking up on things like jello and instant breakfast drinks just to get me started. Thanks,
  13. My surgery is the same day welcome and good luck
  14. thanks everyone I feel very welcome I will keep in touch everyday
  15. thanks for making feel welcome I have read eveything I can find. I go on Nov 1st for my blood work and meeting at surgeon's office. I will keep you updated and again thank you so much