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  1. hey there :) which dietician/nutritionist did you see at Dr. E's office. I am seeing Hillary, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about her yet. How's your progress going?! :D

    1. TimeForMe


      Hi! How's it going? When I started with Dr. E. didn't have a nutritionist at his office. He sent me to some lady in Fairfield. I did meet Hilary. She seems nice, but doesn't know what it means to be fat. Hard to take advise from someone who hasn't walked in my shoes. It really has become tough to lose this last bit of weight. I go to the gym 3-5 times a week, watch everything I put into my mouth and the scale seems to stay still...UGH!! I sooooo want to re...

  2. oh wait! my consult on Monday is with YOUR doctor! How is he? the "receptionist" Kevin is hilarious, I've spoken to him on the phone a bunch of times, but haven't met Dr. E yet.

  3. it went AMAZING! i truly liked everyone I met last night. The surgeon did most of the lecture, but his "team" was there to discuss things as well... the nutritionist, psychologist, and nurse practitioner were all SO great. I have a consult with another doctor on Monday, as they say "shop around" or whatever, but with everything i need under one roof, I may be going with Stam...

  4. How did your seminar go? What Dr. are you going to? I'm 10 months out and have lost 120 lbs. It certainly has been an interesting journey.

  5. I haven't scheduled mine yet, I'm going to my seminar tonight, and will hopefully have a one-on-one appt soon! wheels will be in motion soon :)

    how about you??

  6. Hi! I see that you're in CT. Who is doing your surgery? Thanks for adding me and best of luck....Welcome! :o)

  7. Checking in on you...see you're doing great!! Happy Holidays!! :o)

  8. Thanks! We'll give it a try...
  9. Daughter loves UMASS. She's a junior. Lived on campus @ John Adams in SW freshman year. She joined a sorority (Chi Omega) and lives in the house now

  10. yay umass! lol. I just graduated from there this past year. Great school. I hope your daughter enjoys it.

  11. Well..it took me long enough...but I am officially a member of the Century Club...before I had this surgery, I thought that I'd never see this day or weight again!!! :)

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    2. Boomer9x


      Congratulations! That's amazing!

    3. TimeForMe


      Thanks! How are you doing?

    4. SlimSmitty


      You're doing SO well!!! Do you go to the support group at Griffin? there's one on Sept 12, I signed up for it, I hope I can make it on time from Norwalk :-|

      I've been having so much luck since my surgery on 7/17. Ehrlich is a genius! :-D

  12. Keep me updated & take care!

  13. So did you call Dr. Ehrlich? What did he have to say? Glad to hear that you're doing great!

  14. I too have CIGNA. I was approved the 1st time around. Yes, CIGNA requires 6 months supervised diet. I saw my Dr. once a month. It didn't matter if I lost any weight. Of course it would have been better if I tried! Actually, I was heavier at the end of 6 months. Just go through the protocol and you should hopefully be fine. Good Luck!