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  1. Darn I feel like I put my surgeon on blast lol He's actually really nice, but I don't know if sometimes his comments are to motivate or to be straight up honest. But he may or may not have used the exact term impossible but in my brain that is how I interpreted it. I hear highly unlikely and my brain thinks never. I hear eat less sugar and my brain hears oh no we must stock up on sugar and eat it all at once lol Thank you to everyone for your replies. I'm going to keep on chugging along and hope for the best when I give it my best.
  2. That's what I thought but my surgeon says otherwise. He said the body resets and then its impossible to lose past that.
  3. At my one year post op appointment my surgeon tells me that the body reaches a set point. Where the body resets and that is the lowest weight you will ever be able to reach. It happens some time between 12-18 months. So basically the lowest weight we reach between these months we can't continue to lose past that number no matter how hard we try after our weight loss phase ends. I honestly don't want to stop at 163-166 fluctuating weight. I would ideally like to get to 140 but I'm fearful that I've tapped out at 163 being my lowest. Any experience further weight loss after the honeymoon period? Or lose even more weight a couple to few years post op?
  4. Not staying on track with my surgeons plans so today starts day 1 of the 5DPT. Wish me luck.

    1. Brooke Danielle

      Brooke Danielle

      Good luck! I hate liquid diets! Lol

  5. At a stall. Scale refuses to move. Trying not to panic.

  6. 6 month post op appointment went great. Dr. said my weightloss is fantastic. 118 lbs down. Shooting for another 40.

  7. Loving my new life and people not recognizing me anymore :) feels great.

  8. Almost 100 lbs down and only a few days past being 4 months out from surgery :) gotta say I'm happy with the progress so far. Keep it coming.

  9. I was just reading the reviews of Wellbutrin SR and lots of women said they have actually lost weight on it. I think I shall ask my dr. to try that one out. My feeling, and outbursts are really becoming a problem for me and my family. And bull**** that I would of ignored before are taking over. I almost attacked someone the other day because my anger towards what was being said was so bad. Not like me at all.
  10. I just don't understand if I keep eating the way I am and exercising, why would I even gain weight? How is it even possible? I'm baffled
  11. I was on Celexa and Abilify. Nothing else I tried worked. This was the only combo. But I realize bodies change etc and maybe what worked before might not work now.
  12. I had issues with depression pre op. I got them under control and was able to cope without medication for about 3 years. And now I am constantly irritable, mean, sad, crying, feeling very lonely etc. I want to talk to my dr about going back on medication for it being that this has been going on for a couple months now and only getting worse. But last time I was on meds of this kind I gained a lot of weight very quickly and I mean A LOT and VERY QUICKLY! I am so afraid it will happen again. I guess I need to just hear someone say I will be fine and not go back to 316 lbs Losing weight doesn't "buy" happiness just like money doesn't buy happiness. And everyone around me expects me to be rainbows and sunshine all day everyday because I've lost 90 lbs. But nobody knows whats going on inside me.
  13. I know not everyday can be sunshine and marshmallows but I am having such a hard time emotionally especially today. Its like the dam finally broke. I have so much to be happy about yet I feel so disconnected and sad inside.

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    2. Njjenny62


      Sorry you are having a rough time. I read somewhere that has we lose fat, that the estrogen held in the fat gets released and can make you "emotional". I told this to my husband and he laughed hysterically, he wanted to know when I wasn't B****y and what my excuse was now, he was kidding of course. Hopefully, this feeling will pass soon and life will be all rainbows and butterflies for you again. Hugs

    3. SkinnyMinnie123


      I'm sorry to hear that! Hang in there. If it's surgery related, just know that the first couple of months are SOOO hard. Balancing expectations with reality is difficult. You're doing great though and things WILL start to get better. I went through a mini bout of depression around the 6 week mark. Not exactly sure what it was all about... some had to do with just wanting the end result soooo badly and feeling like it was so far away, some had to do with the crazy hormones like...

    4. SkinnyMinnie123


      ok, I guess I was too long winded and that cut my comment off mid sentance. Well anyway, bottom line was that there's a lot that goes into feeling yucky right now, but it gets better. As Dorey says "just keep swimmin'" :)

  14. I should be so happy yet I consistently feel so sad lately. I'm crying all the time or wanting/needing to cry. I'm trying to fight it off with exercise but I feel like its not working. I would love to go back on my meds but worry that they will make me gain weight again. A couple years ago I was diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety. I was doing well on my meds and my counseling and the weight gain got out of control so I stopped taking them with the help of my dr. And since then I have been fine until recently. Not to mention I have been on my menstrual cycle for 3 weeks this month. I chalk it up to the weight loss but when is it time to surrender and say I can't do this on my own and ask for help? I'm scared to admit it to anyone else that I feel this sad inside. Mental health issues come with so much judgement from people who don't understand.