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  1. I am worried about her Michelle because I am curious if she was in the Boston Marathon and if she is okay. Someone please let me know if she has contacted you or you have seen a post somewhere by her!
  2. chicken almost killed me

    I wasn't able to tolerate any meat, except bacon, for three years out. I couldn't really tolerate ANY solids for three years out. It was horrible. I had complications right after surgery with a very bad ulcer that was discovered three weeks out from surgery, so I wasn't even allowed to go to pureed food for 3 months. I was on a very strict full liquid diet for 3 months. Then, when it was time to eat solids again, I just couldn't handle them at all. I lived on coffee with tons of powdered milk and protein shakes. I remember being a year and two years out and literally crying while I watched my kids or someone else eat chicken. I longed for chicken so badly! I love it and would eat it 3 times a day, 7 days a week if I had it. About three years postop, I discovered I could bake it with italian dressing and then I would mush it up like tuna or finer and I would add cream of chicken soup and a little bit of rice and it was HEAVEN to me! I lived on this stuff for probably about a year. I know we are not supposed to eat rice, but it was the best feeling in the world to my pouch! For the first time, I didn't feel like I was literally starving to death anymore and I was getting my chicken! I had a very hard time for a few years after this surgery, but I would NEVER change that I had it, no matter what problems I've had with eating issues because it saved my life. Just keep trying new foods and things that don't work the first few times because your pouch will change and the things you don't tolerate now, you might be able to later. For a LONG time it was hit and miss with me every time I put anything in my mouth, even being over 3 yrs out and eating solids finally. I am 6 1/2 yrs out now and I eat pretty much what I want, with the except of breads....I don't do well with those and I think most of it is more psychological than physical because they just appear so big and filling to me. I will do regular sandwich bread sometimes with the crust cut off, but I NEVER even eat one bite of a bun, such as a hamburger or hotdog bun. I just eat the meat. Give me a sandwich and I will demolish it and it will just be a huge pile of bread torn into tiny pieces by the time I'm done eating what is inside. Cheese is a major staple of mine. I LOVE cheese!
  3. Honestly, I would have the weight loss surgery first because after losing weight, sometimes our female cycles and problems actually disappear from the weight loss! Plus, you will be smaller for the second surgery if you have weight loss surgery first and will be easier to tolerate. Just my opinion. I had my GBS first and then 5 yrs later had my partial hysterectomy, but mine was to help control pain coming from my back too. When I had my monthly cycle, it would inflame my pelvic area so much that it was pressing on nerves in my back and going down my legs and was almost unbearable! I also really wanted the partial hysterectomy because I had cancer of my cervix a few years after my GBS and just had parts of the cervix cut out and I really wanted it all out so I wouldn't be at risk for it coming back. I didn't want to live with that fear over my head. Also, when I had my partial hysterectomy, my GYN gave me a freebie lower tummy tuck! :D He did it open so he could remove alot of skin for me free. I love that man! HAHA
  4. Not Getting Protein - Suggestions?

    Oh and make a shake with milk and fruit flavored yogurt. The milk and the yogurt both have protein. I drank these for meals too. I also used Whey protein. It's brand name. It was the best I could find. I would put a scoop of it in my yogurt and milk smoothie. They are delicious!
  5. Not Getting Protein - Suggestions?

    Don't know if anyone has suggested this, but I lived on powdered milk in EVERYTHING, even coffee, for the first thee years because I couldn't eat solids and I just couldn't get the protein in. It clumps in very hot liquids though, so have to dissolve it and then heat the coffee steaming hot. It really helped me. I used it for a meal sometimes. I put it in everything when I finally was able to start eating solids again. Be creative and you can put it in all sorts of foods! It saved me!
  6. Medication question

    Paula, what kind of pain patch are you on? My pain management dr. wants to put me on Butrans patch and I am TERRIFIED of it. I sleep under my electric blanket year round, I use tanning bed, plus I'm allergic to morphine due to respiratory depression. The Butrans patch is a derivative of morphine and my dr just don't seem to understand why I am fighting him on this! I get so frustrated and upset. I cry every time I am in his office because he just won't listen to me. He tries to give me time-released capsules and I have told him my surgeon said I CANNOT take capsules or anything time-released. I don't know what to do anymore. He refuses to control my pain with any other method. I am on Lortab 7.5 right now twice a day and it's just not helping enough. It wears off in 3 hours or so and then I have the WHOLE day to deal with it if I want to be able to sleep pain-free at night and take the last one before bedtime. I would like to talk to someone that has used the Butrans patch and see how it works for them.
  7. revision surgery completed 6-14-12

    John, there is NO WAY you had GBS and you are really physically hungry. It has to be head hungry you are speaking of. When I had my surgery and was out as far as you, I was still on clear liquids and could only hold 2 medicine cups of fluid at a time, about 2 tbsp. I did have the head hunger and I became very angry and frustrated because I felt I was starving to death, but it was my whole body screaming, not my stomach at all. I had no stomach hunger at all. I could feel myself going downhill weightwise and otherwise. I didn't do so well at first. Now, I finally have stomach hunger at 6 yrs out. It took years before I really started to have that type of sensation again. It's still not the same sensation as it was preoperatively, but it's there again. When I first started noticing signs of hunger, when I REALLY needed to eat after surgery, was that I would start to get irritated, fidgety, not feeling so well, weak feeling, and I knew I had to get some nutrients in. It got to where there around 4 or 5 months out, I would get busy and go all day without anything but water or tea in my mouth and then realize I had forgotten to eat/protein shake all day! I know this is bad and I tried to stop doing that. I lived on protein shakes for 3 yrs though and mostly liquids because of complications, so I wasn't really used to eating solids. I guess I am one of the lucky ones in the end though because after all the complications I had and the years it took to get used to solids again, at 6 yrs. out, I can eat anything my heart desires in moderation, except for a few foods that really HURT like heck and I know those and just stay away from them, and I don't gain weight. I have actually continued to drop a pound here and there from time to time and it stays off. Two summers ago, would have been four years out, I dropped like 20 lbs out of nowhere! But was VERY happy about it. LOL I have been told that even though I had so many complications after surgery, my success is due to my surgeon doing his job properly. He also told me himself when I had to be dilated once that he didn't dilate me much because it would hurt me later with my success and told me if I was not happy with the outcome and things still hurt me that I could suffer through it or I could come back and be dilated again, but it would be in my best interest to suffer through it,which I did. I'm happy I did now! But fight those head hungers. They will drive you insane!!! Turn that channel and stop looking at food for now. It will help alot to make you forget about it. Good luck with your journey!
  8. I'm back!

    I sent you a reply, Brandee. We use the same surgeon group and the same hosp.
  9. Anyone else w/ back issues AFTER WLS

    I go to a pain management dr. and a chiro for different problems. I feel right before my GBS and have a broken pars interarticularis between my L5 and sacrum and have excruiating pain and burning sensations down my legs into my feet. On chronic pain med for this. Need a fusion, but trying to live without it. Do not want surgery on my back. Then, I have this chronic pain problem in my shoulder and neck. Had a car accident several years ago and the chiro said it's the result of that and my GBS and loosing so much weight. I wore my joints out while I was heavy and now that I have lost so much weight and my whole body has shifted, it has made the wear and tear worse on my joints and bones. So, have degenerative joint disease and degenerative disc diease in my shoulder and neck. Also have bursitis and impingement syndrome in shoulder. The chiro explained to me since losing so much weight, I MUST take care of my body and visit him often to keep my body aligned so I don't hurt as bad. Not so sure I am having any luck with this right now. Been in horrible shape for months now and not getting much better. He does give me some relief when I see him, but a few days later, the pain is right back and not relenting. I understand that I was not very good to my body when I was so heavy, but I wish I didn't have to pay for it now. I feel like it controls my life and dictates to me everything I can and cannot do due to the level of pain I have from day to day and hour to hour.
  10. I'm back!

    Hey everyone!!! I thought the site had been closed a long time ago. It was not working for a while, so I stopped coming here! I'm happy to see it's back. Just by accident I found it again with a post that Rain had put on FB. I'm happy to be back. I hope some of my old buddies are still here. I have missed you guys!
  11. 3 Weeks Post-Op (Can Barely Eat)

    At three weeks out, I had just progressed to a full liquid diet. I couldn't even imagine trying to eat 1/2 a cheese stick at that stage, much less a whole one. Take it easy with the solid foods and don't rush things. You won't eat but a bite here and there for a while. It will progress fast enough on it's own. Just be sure you are getting in your vitamins and protein drinks as much as possible. That is the key right now at your stage. You probably won't eat 1/4 cup for several months and then it will slowly progress on up to 1/2 a cup in several more, closer to a year out. Take it easy and enjoy this honeymoon stage of NOT eating. I am one of the lucky ones and I lost without having to worry about anything, even at 5 yrs out I still dropped 20 lbs in the last year and never once worried about trying to lose it. It just came off, and I eat what I want. I know it's not that easy for some, but it will all fall into place for you. Just give it time.
  12. 5 yr Surgiversary! :)

    Well, here I am just over 5 yrs since I had this surgery and had my life changes forever. Here are some pics of me doing what I love doing the most of all. These are my babies. I love these horses like they are humans. LOL The red and white paint is Dexter and he is my biggest baby. He is a little over a year old and not old enough to break yet, but I have loved on him so much that he will probably let me climb on him when time and never fuss about it. He don't mind that I sit my beautiful granddaughter on him at all now. She loves him too. I guess you can tell. And don't laugh at my shorts and cowgirl boots. My husband loves 'em. I was reborn on June 7th, 2006. My surgiversary was just two days ago. I meant to post this the day of it, but I have been so busy and it has just crept up on me and flew by. I did think about it that day, but was not at my computer when I did. I have gone from 357 lbs the morning of surgery to 156 lbs now! I am SO THANKFUL my mom loved me enough to talk to me about this surgery and pay for me to have it done. I can never repay her for all she has given back to me. The ones of you that are out there and have doubts about if this surgery will work for you, don't EVER doubt it. Just do it and use your tool to make where you want to be. I had so many struggles and such a hard time after surgery and I still do at times, but it's well worth every minute of the pain and frustration. I hope it can be an inspiration to some of you to keep going and get through it. The end result is wonderful! Sorry the pics are so large. I can't figure out how to make them smaller, so hope you can see them.
  13. messed up

    I'm with the rest, you're fine. It's muscular. I have had this with abdominal surgery also. I had it last year when I had cervix surgery. It got so severe that I couldn't even stand to lay on my right side in bed (the side I sleep on) because my abdominal muscles would sag that direction and it would hurt SO bad. I couldn't get up off the bed by myself. Had to have someone give me their hand and pull me up because I couldn't put pressure on those muscles. Took it a couple of weeks to get better. I was probably 3 or 4 wks out when this happened also. You have to realize that when you have abdominal surgery, your muscles are cut completely through and they have to heal. Even if it's just puncture holes, it is still holes. You can easily pull those muscles until they are repaired and strong again. It takes muscle longer to repair than it does skin. Just take it easy and don't strain it anymore for a while.
  14. I No Longer Sweat!

    I sleep under my electric blanket year 'round! My husband makes fun of me all the time. LOL He tells me we gotta get me a blood transfusion. During the winter, I FREEZE to death! I mean....to the point of being miserable and everyone else is comfortable. I feel like my bones are trembling.
  15. Almost 6 months out.

    You are doing a wonderful job! Congratulations on your success so far. This is awesome.