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  1. so i saw my plastic surgeon and we were talking about the scar I had an tummy tuck and have a scar horizontal across my waist and a little further back but not all the way around. he sugessted to do this he calls it "magic tape" for 3 months the only difference is he told me to take a shower and then after the shower take the tape off and then replace it.I will also be using coco butter and vitamin e to massage the area because massaging the scar breaks it up so it may be uncomfortable but will give it a try my scars I am pretty much numb there anyways. And you have to use 3m micropore not the store brand stuff. I took the steps from a website. Micropore tape is a paper tape used to dress wounds and secure medical tubing. It is also commonly recommended to minimize post-surgical scar formation. Micropore tape allows skin to breathe while protecting the area from stenting. Stenting pulls the wound in a way that can cause thick scars to develop. Micropore tape secures the skin and helps prevent pulling. Application of this tape is straightforward. Step 1 Clean the area thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. If the scar is fresh, follow your doctor's instructions for wound care. Pat the region dry with a clean towel. Step 2 Rip or cut the appropriate section of tape. Avoid touching the sticky side of the tape Step 3 Lay the section of tape across the scar. Cover the area completely with the tape. Step 4 Apply pressure to the tape by running your fingertip along the surface or pressing the palm of your hand on top of the tape. Rub the tape into place. According to 3M, laying the tape on the area will not provide enough contact to support a strong hold. Gentle pressure will attach the adhesive to skin surface. Step 5 Leave the tape in place for 24 hours and then remove it. Change the tape more often if instructed by your doctor. To remove, grasp one end with your fingertips and gently pull back. Clean the area and apply new tape. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Belt, recommends use of Micropore tape for six weeks. Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/157691-how-to-use-micropore-tape-on-a-scar/#ixzz22FT0SXCG
  2. racheyrach

    The disappearing breast

    nope i have the trouble of finding bras that fit. to big they fall out the middle to small it pushes up all my extra skin. it sucks!
  3. racheyrach

    cost after insurance cut on tummy tuck?

    i was approved for the panni i paid for the tummy tuck i just had out of pocket. the surgeon told em it would only save about 1000 or more . i could prolly pushed more but the secratary told me he could go through the insurance which is prolly a lie but honestly i just wanted to get it done the money wasnt a big deal to me. i payed 6500 they gave me 500 off.. let me know what ud be paying i am curious.
  4. racheyrach

    tummy tuck in 2hours

    everything went well I am feeling way better than I did after my gastric bypass surgery!! im up walking wide awake! i have lil discomfort but it feels like a rug burn or shaver burn where the cut is. they didnt touch my muscles so that is prolly why. I loved my surgeon he was very sweet and held my hand till i went under . word of advice if you ever have surgery this was only my second dont forget that you have to do a urine sample. i had a big cup of soup before bed to hydrate myself and went when I got up at 5,peed when i got there they need a sample.... no matter what i did I could not pee. they started the iv so that i could try and go but still couldnt.. they took a sample of blood and was going to test it for pregnancy but doctor suggested to just put the catheter in. I agree cuz i would have to wait an hour for the results. will not be doing that again!!! it wasnt horrible but wouldnt chose to do so again. lol another thing that happened was when i got there they thought they were doing the tummy and a breast lift. unfortunately i wasnt able to get a loan for 10g so could only do the tummy.. they asked me and all i wanted to do was say yes. but knew once they figured it out that i would need to pay the extra 4g so i said not .. maybe next year . cant wait to see the finished product and now just realizing i never took a befoer pic.. sad!!
  5. super excited I am going to have my TT done today in two hours. IT is not covered by my insurance but that was personal thing. I was approved for an panni but realized it really is a horrible procedure so opted to just go on my own. for 6000. I am young so i was not able to get a loan to pay for the breast lift/implants yet but plan on doing that in the next 2 years. super excited and will give you updates. I only have a week off of work so hopefully i wont be too bad going back
  6. I am 22 years old and almost 18 months out of the gastric bypass. I have extra skin mainly in my stomach and love handles. I plan on doing a panni and have a breast augmentation/lift not sure but will be talking to a doctor about my options. I do plan on having children in 2-3 years. if I get this done now when i get pregnant will it just reverse the surgery or will I need a touch up. But if I wait i wont be able to get it covered by my insurance for the panni.
  7. racheyrach

    Change in Libido

    None wat so ever creating problems. got off the depo shot and hoping thats the reason
  8. this is exactly what I want. With insurance covering the panni how much are you paying. Although you live on the other side of the country it wont be the same here but a rough idea would be nice.
  9. I know I was bad since my surgery I never exercised before. I hate it from the depth of my soul! Last night I got my Jillian Michaels no trouble zones 40 min work out... IT KICKED MY BUTT but I am going to keep at it I am sick of being so small and still feeling like a bowl of jello. Swimsuit season here i come!
  10. racheyrach

    What Is Your Protein Powder Of Choice?

    I love isopure zero.. I like the vanilla but the chocolates is good to. to make it even tastier add some powdered sugar free jello to your drink or even coffee creamer.
  11. racheyrach

    Omg Spanx

    I know how u feel I wore some for my works christmas party with out the loose skin a can see how i would look cant wait to have my plastics my surgeon has us wait 18 month so our weight stabalizes. but this skin is killing me, I cant fit in to jeans because my loose skin falls over the edge so i but pants a couple sizes bigger but it gives it a saggy butt look its horrible but i have no rashes but will be giving myself some so its easier to get it covered!
  12. racheyrach

    Ladies Only...

    first get a pap smear. make sure nothing is wrong down there chlamydia has that symptom of painful sex guys usually show no symptoms. second go doggy style and rub ur self u will concentrate on that rather than the pain.
  13. I got this too alot I got my surgery done when I was 20. People just don't understand and its not about age. and After i got the surgery done the nurse looked at me and said are you serious? ur not that big... no im only about the weight of 2 people but yea im not that big and its "easy to lose when your young". people are idiots and i eventually told people too keep their opinions to there self. they don't have to worry about dying young or getting diabetes in a couple years. dont let anything bring you down its not about them its about you!
  14. racheyrach

    I Dumped Today On A Cookie

    ugghhh i know your pain but wow 45 mins later. when i do its like instantly or no more than 10 mins!! i had 1 bite of ice cream too much one time and had to stop a walgreens and throw up foam for about 30 min cuz i couldnt make it home.. that taught me! i get really dizzy, start sweating and feel like a cant swallow when i dump but it does help me stay away!
  15. racheyrach

    Is Everyone Okay?

    I felt it in ct I actually thought it was a coworker playing a joke on me but it wasnt very big and if my monitors werent moving i wouldnt have known!