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  1. So obviously I'm not around much any more, they say it happens... Deployment, kids, nursing school and at goal.. I do struggle with vitamins and nutrition and not a lot of people get that but don't know where the right people to just vent to are lol... This being said I think it's time to find someone to take over this particular group someone who's here regularly and for the group to be renewed ... So nominate and vote away I'll check back later this week ... While I'm on I'll see if the mobile version lets me update prof heart you guys!
  2. What a horrible mod I am!!! I have not gotten ANY emails to notify me of posts, and I got completely caught up in school stuff...I got accepted for an RN program and start MONDAY!! I am at 140 now not sure where the body will go lol... I will attempt to add new members this weekend
  3. Sending birthday wishes to you for tomorrow.

    1. armywife&mommy


      THANK YOU!! I haven't gotten any notes via email from TT I completely spaced out... Hope all is well!

  4. I hope your shoulder is healing up well... looks like you're on the downward slope again ... I have healed up pretty well it looks good, I don't care about any scars the lower line is pretty low which is nice ... I wish I could respond to everyone's posts all doing awesome Nice I bet it feels great!!! So So SOOOO close! I am surprised that you were wearing an 8 lol, I'm 5'6" and I've been in a size 5 since I was just under 160 and I am now in a 3/4 ish, Old Navy "Sweetheart" Jeans I am a size 2 tall... but they don't carry it in store so oh well lol... I have long legs so its a pain in the butt to find stuff now --- Oh and my CRAZY MOM whom I didn't tell about my surgery because she thinks shes some doctor and a politician and activist all because she watches daytime TV... has been telling my sister she thinks I'm on meth and that's why I lost weight... OH JEEZ... Of course I will add you check the first page
  5. Been MIA deployment definitely makes it necessary to grow 8 more hands lol... Doing good though just worn out from all the extra stuff...

    1. noychoy


      my bradley is getting deployed =(

  6. awesome thats so great!!! you made it you made it!!! exciting! now whats next? do you have a vision or is this goal? look at that... It WORKS doesn't it... how does it feel? sure thing check the first page for #
  7. What? WHERE ARE YOU STOMPERS???? I came to check in and let yall know I am alive but nobody's here lol... <3 time for a STOMPER CHECK IN!!!
  8. just a quick check in really busy with school/kids/work/spin I will add new stompers in a few days feel free to post in the mean time... I have a herniated disc, had my 1 year post op yesterday every thing looks great
  9. great job keeping track of your eating I think everyone should track their vitamins and eating daily, use this forum it will be a huge help! BITES VITES AND EXERCITES! WOOOOOP Isn't that an amazing feeeling?!??!?!! I couldn't agree MORE....and such a WONDERFUL analogy!!! You NEED to add calories if you're working out that much your body will suffer and you will eventually give up on the exercise... You WILL notice inches... I keep getting told I am looking thinner and thinner but I have maintained for a few weeks... Its all about toning... It will take a bit... but I can attest to the fact that my regular protein, vitamins and diet along with exercise accelerated all of my loss sooo much.... Your journey has just begun you will look back and wonder why you were so frustrated I have adjusted my goal as well... I think if I had a LBL I might have less concerns I have literally lifted myself up and thought "that would look normal" lol... But I am comfortable with where I am and rarely weigh in any more... I do have to remember to focus on keeping up on protein and vitamins with busy life I forget.... But spin is still going strong 3+ times a week I have subbed for my fav instructor several times lol...
  10. DEFINITELY just take it at your own pace to start out with, I have knee issues, be sure you guard your joints by NOT straightening them all the way/locking them a slight bend will help them cushion ... don't push yourself too hard and increase your intensity as you can to challenge yourself... You will be amazed at how great you feel! I tried on a few different pair, went with a higher rise 7 tall, they're a little loose too I think too much stretch in them since I tried on a few 7's, the 5's almost fit too but since I was shopping sales racks I couldn't find a high rise tall with a stretch so I didn't try more than 1 pair on lol Goodness yes! I have mostly hand me downs and clearance but salvation army or goodwill is where I shop... sometimes I find stuff on clearance places that is much cheaper than 2nd hand stores though... Annette I suggest you go to the JR section.. I know it sounds silly and probably too "young" for your age... But you can go to a plain style without embellishments and and look for the right rise and length with a little bit of stretch and then go a size down and the jeans should stretch around your "flatter" parts
  11. 1 pair in each size was more than enough to get me by, I had friends pass along stuff, I did bypass 14s as well, I went from 16-11/12 in a span of like 2 weeks right about the time I started cycling matter-of-fact
  12. My best friend is wearing a size 7 now and she said that the 9's and 7's fit her exactly the same and the saleswoman told her they are the same, except 9's are longer... silliness... I asked some "regular" skinny girls today and they said I should try different styles and different height rises to find the right fit... They said jeans are always hard to find even for them lol... and this girl was 5'10" and we found out I have longer legs than her haha
  13. Check the first page for your stomper #'s , WELCOME & Happy STOMPING!!!
  14. I have a couple questions for people who have experience with these things if anyone knows... First, as far as size goes a 9 is loose and falling off... But the only pair of 7s I have poke into my hip bones (though they still gap a bit) will a different rise help this? Anyone else experience this ore weight gain or post weight loss? Also I am unsure if I can get my reduction covered by insurance as the ps was aloof, if I have to look into other options does anyone know where there is a low cost/discounted ps services that are reliable? I am sure you are all thinking that these are not really problems but I was thinking with all the wisdom out there you might know Happy stomping!
  15. Gonna go ahead and revive this post in hopes that someone knows a good surgeon that does lift + augmentation low cost? Please let me know asap I'd like to do this while hubs is deployed he's a little bummed about the girls new look...