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  1. Please everyone don't ignore getting your annual mammograms and checking out things like lumps and gland in the arms that are swollen. I am glad it wasn't cancer for you! Sometimes it is Cancer in my case it was and it was caught in time and I am cancer free. I didn't feel a lump or anything. It was found in on a mammogram. This all happened a year after I had got my sleeve.
  2. I am 18 months out and have almost made my goal weight. Right now I am struggling to keep from eating to much. I was told this might happen, but am not happy about it. I don't want to gain my weight back. A little background on why I have been gone. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2011 and have been going through Cancer treatments. Surgery, chemo and radiation all done and have just had a pet scan that says I am Cancer free! Now the thing is and one of the reason I think I am having a problem with controlling my eating is I am taking a medicine that couid be causing the desire to overeat. I have to take it for 5 years. I will continue to fight the urge to want to eat everything in the house! One way i am doing this is to make sure there isn't anything that i can binge on like chips, cookies and ice cream. I know if it's not here i can't eat it. Any good advice would be appreciated.
  3. 11 months after my surgery I found out through a routine mammogram I had breast cancer. I am going to tell you it totally devastated me. I thought, I lost all this weight and now I am gonna die. How cruel is that. Of course after a few weeks and lots of test and a lumpectomy my spirits have risen to a level of tolerance. Knowing now, I am most likely going to live through all this. Just a little crook on the road of my journey. Going to start the chemo on the 27th and then do radiation and 5 years of meds. I can do this!
  4. It has been amazing 1st year. I have lost a whooping 159 lbs. I am so happy and have to say this has been the best decision I have ever made in my life! Here are Before and Now pictures.
  5. How long should I wait after losing weight to have the excess skin removed off my arms and to get a tummy tuck?
  6. I can hardly believe the difference in the sizes I am wearing. Started off wearing a size 32. I still weight 190 and I am buying 14 and 16 clothing. It feels so good to be able to go to the misses side of the store instead of the plus side! I have become a clothes hog, that's for sure. Most of my things are coming from consignment or resale shops. Since I am losing so fast, I don't want to put a lot of money into clothing until I know what size I will end up at. I am thinking a 10 is a good place to be for me. Just had to share with everyone! It just keeps getting better and better!
  7. You will not regret your decision. I wish my BCBS of Texas would have paid for mine. i am happy for you. Tell us when you are going to have it and keep us informed of your progress.
  8. I am such an emotional person and my surgery sent me into a tailspin of emotional upheaval. It was not easy 8 days of liquid and then liquid after surgery, but I made it through. I feel your pain, as I also know where your comfort comes from. Trust God and believe he will see you through. Pray, pray, pray! You know you can receive peace that passeth all understanding. My best to you and keep coming to this forum and read all the comments and gain strength that you are doing what is right for you. I admire you for your missionary work and losing weight will make it so much easier for you to work for the glory of God!
  9. You will never regret it! Hurray for your good insurance! Keep us informed with your journey.
  10. Oh you are doing fabulous! You list is right on...exactly what I remember happened to me at first. Mostly now I just deal with the head hunger. Especially since food taste better now.
  11. I am almost 8 months out and no complications for me as far as the surgery went. I am dealing with appetite problems...not hunger. I have had some set backs from eating the wrong kind of food, too often. Especially since food began to taste better (It didn't up till about a month ago). I give myself a good kick in the pants and start anew. It was rough on me at first only because I missed food so much. I didn't have any vomiting. Just one minor little dehydration spell. You learn fast to not let that happen. VSG is an amazing tool.
  12. I have lost 132 lbs. in 7 months. Stated at 327 now 205. Went form a size 32 to size 16. It's an amazing journey! I love my sleeve!
  13. I was just reading one of your posts about your weight loss. I have lost 113 and have about 60 lbs more to lose. I see you reached your goal weight and have kept it off. Are you having any struggles since you are at goal?

  14. I can eat 6 to 8 ounces now 6 months out. That is stuffing it!
  15. Hi Swizzly, I am 7 months out and have lost 114. I love my sleeve! I feel like i am the most blessed person in the world to have been given another chance at a healthier life. These are some things I have found in my experience that might help: 1. rumbly tummy was gas for me and after 3 months I could tell when I was truly hungry 2. the pain or discomfort was my signal I was full also and still is 3. protein is a must, my hair is falling out for not eating the required amount 4. if you get light headed you probably are not getting enough water, remember to drink! 5. very important take your vitamins 6. you will get use to doing without food, it became unimportant to me, sometimes it is a bother to take time to eat 7. move, walking and lots of it, it gets easier, too and now I enjoy exercise I am sure others have had similar or more experiences they will share with you. You will be delighted with your new self in just a few short months. It will be worth the first few months of struggle. My best to you.
  16. It's amazing feeling isn't it! I can hardly wait till I am under 200 I have 14 lbs to go!
  17. My body has begun to be able to tell me what I need. I can tell when I need protein or carbs. I do occasionally crave salty things like chips. I try to limit it but sometimes it wins out. I buy the 100 calorie bags of baked chips to minimize the amount. Now for the sugar crave I use fruit to help with that one. i love the big fat blackberries and strawberries we are getting in the stores right now. I sprinkle on some Splenda and it is soooooo delicious! I have a few times when my husband buys a candy bar I will take a tiny bite. It is so sweet it satisfies me and I don't want any more of it.
  18. Hi everyone it has been awhile since I have posted. Been to busy having fun and moving. I mean by that, I can move and have been doing plenty, shopping, bike riding, treadmill, exercise! Wow did I say that! And actually enjoying it. Well I am past the 100 lb. mark and have lost a total of 113 lbs. in 7 months. I feel marvelous. Still have at least 50 lbs. to go. I don't see a problem with making my goal. Just wanted to encourage everyone that has had the sleeve. It will happen too you to if you follow the guidelines and use this wonderful gift we have all been given correctly. Here is an updated picture of me. Showing the before and now.
  19. You 2 will do amazing! Once you make the decision it is up hill all the way. Hope to hear how everything goes for you both.
  20. All I have to say. Is it isn't easy. Even though I haven't had any problems from the surgery itself. The rest is all a mind game. Rather you do it with surgery or do it with just dieting. It isn't easy either way. Reducing the stomach intake is a tool and you will still have to make good food choices. My best to you.
  21. I buy the Pure Protein Bars, they can be found at Walmart. Each has 19 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar. You get 6 for under $7. I like the S'mores flavor.
  22. Fluid intake is so vitally important. You can become dehydrated so fast. Watch your urine color if it gets yellow drink some water as soon as you can. If you are feeling weak or dizzy it could be a sign you are dehydrated, too. I have been there and done it more times then i want to admit. keep up the good work. You are doing simply marvelous!
  23. The only regrets is I didn't have this forum before I had my surgery and didn't go to support group before surgery. I was not prepared for it all. I did have a bumpy fist few weeks, adjusting to the different way I had to eat. I have adjusted and love having the sleeve done now.
  24. I agree with Holly that is what happens to me. Not enough protein and I will stall. Drink your water it flushes the fat cells out of your system, too. Remember to walk...a lot. If you are eating the calories you should, the weight will come off. No grazing or tasting while cooking. A chip here a cracker there and you will be over your calories without even realizing it. Keep going you are doing great!
  25. I had my first son at 17 and he married and started having kids at 18 and then his daughters started having kids at 18. So I have a great granddaughter that is the same age as one of my grandsons. We have 3 sons and 13 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. We are loaded with kids, that's for sure! Fondant is a clown diva, if such a thing is possible. We continually laugh at her antics. Your P.D. Is precious and I can see the Persian in her little short nose. Your grandson is adorable! You will have a good time with a bulldog and a cat!