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  1. Hi See I had my JIB reversed in Sep 2009 and did the GBS in March 2010. The GBS is a much better op and it was worth all the money in the world. Its not easy but so worth it. You can mail me if you need any advice.

  2. Carte Blanche

    Sure. It is called a JIB as far as I know. Dr de Beer in South Africa did it for many years. I learned last week that what he told me and many other people was not the whole truth... He told me that only 3% of his patients got complications, the truth is that about 30% of his patients died because of liver and kidney failure! DIED!!! There are still people out there who doesnt know this, this is the scary part! As far as I understand the small bowel is shortened to less than 30cm! That is why I lost more than I ever should have and more! I wat 48km and my 10year old daughter is 45kg now! Goes to show! After Carte Blanhce aired the programme om tv about people who died there was an enquiery and now Dr de Beer is not allowes to do the operation anymore. I also heard that there is 3 cases of man slaughter pending against him at the moment. I never knew the truth, and I did do my homework, I spoke to more than 5 people who had the operation. IT WAS NOT ENOUGH? But back then I did not have the internet to help, now I do.
  3. Carte Blanche

    I lived that nightmare... Dr De Beer has been stopped, so at least no more people will die. To those who died: my deepest sympathy to all the family members who went through hel with them.
  4. Where are the south africans ?

    Hi all the SA people!! It is nice to see our country competing internationally on this field!
  5. Hi Joedy! I see that you had the jib with dr. de beer and it was reversed? I had the same and also reversed, I almost died. I'm also now looking into having gastric bypass, do you have any concerns or advice for me. I'm very very scared!

  6. Second gastric bypass

    I have seen Prof. Tessa and the surgion and now I have to decide witch operation I want. Apparently I qualify for 2 different surgeries... A normal gatric bypass and something that sounds like the sleeve-thing(dual something). I guess all I can do is to chat to people on this forum and google as much as possible about people's personal experiences? I must say I haven't found any negative stuff yet, so I suppose its good then. All I know for certain is that I'm gonna do my research until I'm an expert ready to give a lecture at a university!!! The only thing that bothers me a bit is that Prof. Tessa said she was sending me to the best surgion in the country and when I saw him I realized he was her husband! She just could have said that he is her husband and that he is the best, don't you think? I guess I'm so scared because of what happened to me that I will suspect anyone!!
  7. Second gastric bypass

    Thanks Twiggy for your support! Its wonderfull that our operation was so successfull, I also considered Prof Heine and maybe I should consult with him for a second opinion. My operation was reversed as an emergency and by chance there was another lady that was released that day. I did not have a chance to speak to her, but he nursing staff told me she had her reversal the previous week, but that it was too late. She looked terrible, very yellow and weak, the nurse acctually told me that there was nothing they could do for her and that she was going to die. So if you ask me why I want to do this AGAIN, well I am 1.5m tall and I weigh 130km. I would rather die than live like this. I think all of you would understand. To DEE145: I spoke to my GP about the rapid loss and she looked it up. It has something to do with the lining of the stomach that is giving off something because it is not getting any vitamin B12. The simptoms are burning in your mouth when you eat certain foods aspecially spicy, by this I mean severe burning! Also diaree and weight loss. It is easily treated by vitamin B12 injections daily for a period. I suggest you see your doctor and ask them to look into it. But you must remember that if you reverse you operation, you will gain the weight back no matter what. I was monitored by a dietrician and followed a diabetic type diet and it didn't work. Even when I stopped eating, I gained. I was bulimic and still gained. Think long and hard and speak to various proffessionals. Good luck !
  8. Second gastric bypass

    Thank you for your reply! I also wonder what she is going to say, but I would go for the gastric bypass again. The one I had was banned and I think that says alot!!! As far as I understand dr De Beer shortened my small bowel to about 30cm and that is too dangerous. But what I can't understand is that my friend had the same operation with me and she never lost all the weight she wanted and even gained some after a year, the only difference between us is that she is 12 years older than me. And also she ate alot where I could not even stand the smell of food, I only french fries, and that upset my tummy. So I guess diet also has alot to do about it. Oh how I HATE that word!!!
  9. Is there anyone who has had a second gastric bypass? I am thinking about it and would like to find out more before i do it. I had the operation in 2002 done by dr. De Beer in Pretoria. As you all know, the operation was banned in SA and he was subjected to disiplinary action. I was one of the unfortunate few for whom the surgery didn't work or acctually it worked too well because I lost too much weight, at the end my liver was failling and I had to reverse the operation. Needles to say, I have gained it all back plus 20kg more. I am going to see prof Tessa vd Merwe in November, but i would like to find out if there is anyone else like me. If the same has happened to you or if you know of anyone, please let me know. I am scared and unsure and would realy apreciate some advise.