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  1. Just making my pouch much smaller and making sure it's closed I guess lol
  2. I don't haha I don't take nsaids. I guess it's just a rare thing that can happen. Haha I know I still h pylori they did a biopsy on my stomach when they scoped me.
  3. I've been a member for 6 years here, I come and go depending on how busy life is. Last year I reported I had a 30 lbs I could not lose after post baby #2. I was put on diet meds and my diet looked at like a fine tooth comb. In August they did a EGD on my pouch and found ulcers and I developed a fistula in my staple line. I am having a revision on Oct 10th. Wish me luck haha hopefully my weight will go down again!♡
  4. I had rny 5.5 years ago and cannot lose weight for nothing. I think my pcos is to blame, My lowest weight was 165. I am sitting at 208. I had my first son in 2013 and lost most of my baby weight after it. I had my 2nd son in 2014 and am fighting to lose the weight. The only thing anyone can think of is its my pcos. I am so sad because I keep trying to lose and all I do is gain a few lbs. I have a good diet, I workout 6 days a week, I drink over 100 oz of water daily, I do not eat yummy treats like Id like to and stay away from carbs. I try to eat a low carb diet. I generally stay under 50 but
  5. This is my 2nd transformation taking place, lol had 2 kids and gained a few lbs
  6. This is me at the gym today compared to October.
  7. Not exactly. It's for only 2 days a week the rest if the week is regular food. I tried the pouch test.
  8. Well it has been about 2 years since I have last talked to surgeon. I live states away... Anyways after having my 2 kids it just seemed like the weight was fighting me no matter what I did. I have been to doctors and dieticians. Some helped some acted like I was crazy. I wrote him a letter with pics of my before loss, after my kids , and pics of my kids. I also expressed my disappointment in how it seemed like no matter what I did nothing worked. Well he called me, I was very excited! He asked me several questions about things, expressed to me how important it is not to graze on food, etc. The
  9. We went to the Olive garden lol Could not find a baby sitter!
  10. This is me today ( 150 lbs less than back then!) not my lowest but I am working on it again!
  11. I lost all the weight. and then I gained about 45 lbs back due to pretty much back to back pregnancies. Back to the basics and exercise. I am headed back down ladies and gentlemen, No excuses!
  12. Gained 5 and now back to 205. Crazyiness! Pretty much had a period for 8 weeks straight and noone could tell me why haha

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