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  1. Hey!! i hope every body is enjoying their day ♥ its closed to a month since my lap band, and i can eat with out feeling full fast YES!! that means i can EAT!! which i thought i wasnt going to be able to do as much! i drink my protein shakes for breakfast and 1 hour later im hungry!! is their something wrong?!!

  2. I'm so bummed out!!! i have no motivation to start working out, i dont know what to do! I hope the motivation comes sooooon. I bought a Goldsgym treadmill and its just picking up dust!!

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    2. Wandaly


      I am going to do that, lets see if i fine some one motivated to come along. thanx!

    3. joropa


      There is a thread the exercise section of folks working on the couch to 5K. Come join in and share the joy or missery, which ever is best for you! :)

    4. Jeannie Schulze

      Jeannie Schulze

      You WILL get there!! I am just a few days post op and have NO energy what so ever!!! Nor strength for that matter! Go to the mall and walk around window shopping at all the cute clothes you will be able to buy in just a short time. :) It's a start!

  3. Had my Surgery April 6th!! and only have los 13lbs what am i doing wrong!! someone please help!! :( ( Lap Band )

    1. Lazy Daisy

      Lazy Daisy

      you are probably doing nothing wrong. the band needs a fill before there will be any resistance. be patient, i know it is hard but eventually it will start to happen

    2. Triple D

      Triple D

      Another thing you have to consider is the days you were in the hospital. The IV you are on keeps you from losing weight while in there. I had eaten hardly anything for the four days I was in the hospital and gained 1 pound. I have a female friend that gained four. So your weight loss really did not begin till your IV was taken out. You are only really 17 days out and that is almost 1 pound a day. You are killing it.

  4. I just had my LAP-Band done on April 6th!! Yay. i have been waiting for close to a year. I still have a problem I am always hungry? more like my stomach is always rumbling. I dont know what to do. so i just eat. What should i be doing.

  5. Upsetting

    Yup that is exactly what tested positive the second time (breath test) its upsetting how i think i am doing things corectly and it comes back
  6. Upsetting

    I am new to this site . I have a question does anybody know how to prevent h-pylori, i was going to get the Laproscoptic Bypass on Nov 15,2010 but for the second time my H-pylori test came back positive. Now surgery is cancelled ( what a bummer ) i am on heavy antibiotics for the next two weeks (ending 10/22) and i just dont want this to happen again...... Any advice? any of you tested positive for h-pylori?