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  1. 6Months Post Op Down 100 Lbs

    sad thing is i dont see the loss untill i look at these photos thank goodness i have them =)
  2. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    i joined in this challenge a month ago and i wont weigh in until i go to the gym in the morning when i joined i was at 197 last time i weighed ( a week ago ) i was at 185 im hoping some more has fallin off somewhere but if not i can deal with a 12lb loss
  3. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    i know im starting just a little later than everyone else but i would love to join your challenge im at 197 right now and actually want to be at least 170 by july 4th i work out alot and am eating right but my weight just doesnt seem to want to move so im up for anything that will help!
  4. Odd Question

    I know this may sound bad to some but my hubby went to a furniture rental place and got the best recliner they had when i didnt need it anymore (about 2 wks in) we sent it back just a suggestion ask ur mom to see about picking one up for u while u are still in the hospital since i see ur surgery was today
  5. Nose Rings

    I have my nose and my lip pierced and i had to take them out for surgery and then my husband accidently took my jewlery home with him so i was without them for a few days and they didnt close up i had no problems at all getting em back in if ur nose has been pierced for that long u should be just fine i dont think it will close
  6. Surgery March 23 and so SCARED!!!!!

    I was so worried about death and complications and also worried about my husband and my kids up until i pulled into the hospital parking lot and something switched everyone in the hospital has dealt with the same concerns from other patients so they no just how to treat you. The staff at the hospital i was in was awesome they talked me through everything calmed me down made jokes whatever they could to make sure i didnt spaz out lol . The anesthesiologist came in and talked with me a few times and gave me something to calm me while i waited for my surgeon to arrive and all i remember after the last visit from him was waking up to my handsome husband and my beautiful mother standing over me and then i was out again till the next morning and i swear the pain for me was almost nonexistent i stopped pain meds as soon as they took me out of icu and i really didnt even have gas pains if it wasnt for me not being able to eat anything cuz my pouch is so small i wouldnt think i ever had anything done and the scars from my incisions dont look bad at all i thought they would be terrible but they pretty much blend with my strech marks. You will be just fine and in a year you will look in the mirror and giggle about how happy u are and how silly it was to over worry
  7. Any slow loosers out there?

    I too have been losing slow i had surgery on 2/22 and since then have lost only 10lbs and in between losing i have gained also i dont understand how that is possible ive called the dr office and they WILL NOT give me a straight answer then the nurse was reading someone elses chart while talking to me she didnt have a clue what she was talking about they told me dont eat just drink water and take my vitamins but if im not eating wont i go into starvation mode im so confused at this point im frustrated and feel like i have failed already im depressed and they also told me not to exercise wth i though u were supposed to exercise so right now im concerned as to why my dr office is telling me dont eat and dont exercise anyways thanx for listening
  8. How does this happen???

    I had surgery 2/22 so its been 2 wks i have gained weight ?? can anyone explain that to me i walk im only on liquids i dont know what to do at this point im regretting having done this to my body because it feels like it was for nothing is it possible that the surgery would not work im so mad and sad and confused and frustrated i wanna kill everyone in my path im hating myself because i figure it must be something im doing i just cant figure it out can someone please talk me down im seriously on the edge right now. everyone kept telling me the weight will just fall off u wont even notice they said but its not moving i gained 2 lbs ahhhhhh
  9. ~*February 2011 Staplers*~

    So I had surgery on tuesday the 22nd everything went wonderful i was in icu for a day and then was moved to a private room the dr's kept telling me they were very amazed at how fast i was recovering i was off pain meds on day 2 and am doing very well i was released last night (friday) i weighed before i went in on tuesday and it said 229 and weighed again last nightt when i got home it said 232 so not that bad. i am on full liquids but i have to say im a little dissapointed in the dr office they really should have had someone come in and talk to patients about what they will be eating and how much. the nurse made me over eat and i got very sick. so now im at home clueless lol im doing everything i can think of to get what i need but im not hungry and have to force down the 1-2 oz i do get in at meal time but over all everything went great and im glad that the rest of u that had surgery this past week is doing fine if anyone could please give me any advice on what the hell to do until my next appointment that would be great
  10. ~*February 2011 Staplers*~

    omg i just wanna say that the bowel prep part of this journey sucks!!! im in so much pain and i know TMI but its comming from both ends this is terrible
  11. ~*February 2011 Staplers*~

    Well.. tomorrow is my day i really havent been to nervous until now and i just hope everything goes ok on a plus side though my husband and my kids have been hiding the fact that my mom was flying in to suprise me so she can be here for me thru this all i love my family so much well anyways just wanted to post real quick im off to pick up my bowl prep.. blek!! not gonna be fun i hear lol i get back with u u all after surgery and let u know how it went
  12. Pre-Op Diet

    I started my liquid diet on the 8th of feb and so far ive lost 7lbs maybe 8. just a little warning every single food commercial will make u mad and u will very soon realize why so many americans r over weight lol.. it was kind of easy for my the first few days and i still know ill make it through this alive but i tell ya i got so mad today i came home from work and the hubby and kids decided to bbq really??? u couldnt do that 2 weeks ago so i could join the party i just went inside and enjoyed another optifast shake and sf jello my surgery is on the 22nd and i cant wait but i will say this past week has gone by pretty fast good luck
  13. protein questions?

    Thanks so much for all the suggestions im still shopping around i checked the links everyone posted and i think i might just get the unflavored that way i can mix it in anything i eat or drink also right now im on optifast for my liquid pre op diet and its very very expensive and i dont thin i am going to use them all before surgery can i drink those after they have alot of sugar in them well it seems like a lot to me one drink has 17grams im sure i wont finish a whole drink in one sitting so do u think those will be ok cuz i cant return them lol and it was $230 for 3 boxes
  14. 2 week pre op liquid diet

    my surgery is on 2/22 and im on day 4 of my liquid diet im on optifast and sf jello and sf Popsicles and i bought the low sodium boullion cubes and i do just fine while im at work and when im at home with the family but when im at home by myself it seems like im starving i think its just all in my head but its kind of annoying lol is anyone working out while on the liquid diet cuz i am a little but not alot and im feeling like im not doing enough
  15. ~*February 2011 Staplers*~

    I know I dont post enough on here but i do read everyones posts they are so helpful. Im now on day 3 of my all liquid diet and im doing much better than I thought I would considering I do all the shopping and cooking im hungry but I can manage 2 weeks of this is a very long time though so just pray for me please lol.. I just wanted to say Im very blessed right now I have the most supportive family they are all so excited for me as they all know ive wanted this for so long and my husband I can not say enough how happy he makes me he has stood by me through thick and thin and has loved both sides of me. He has been so suppotive through this whole thing he attends all my appt. and even stays on me about what i can and can not eat the one thing im having an issue with right now is we have talked alot about the surgery but the other night i asked him if he had any concerns that maybe we should talk about and he said yes i have a few but i dont want to talk about them because he says im not the easiest person to talk to ( I sometimes get a bit of an attitude) so should i ask him again or just leave it alone I dont want him worrying about things he shouldnt and if he needs more info on somethings maybe i could get it from the surgeon to ease his mind any suggestions??