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  1. i dont know what i would have done without this forum when i was where you were at.. no one could understand what i was going through. My husband was freaking out more than me and kept trying to talk me out of it.. Hang in there!!!!! It will all get a lot worst before it starts to get better.. think of this momment as the start to the storm thats going to clean out all the bad things in your life! (or most!) This will be the best thing that has ever happened to you (ok maybe second best after your son but you know what i mean).
  2. maybe they were talking about something very naughty and had to stop because you came by and then laughed out if you heard them and how bad they were... if it had anything to do with how you look they are just jealous
  3. agree with you 100% (except the daughter part because i will give everything up never to loose her - she's only 10 months now and triving and she was my biggest motivation to loose weight!!!!!) I am so happy i did this and i dont care what anyones thinks
  4. what was your starting weight? I mean 35 might not sound much if you started at 600 lbs but if you started at 200 thats 1/5th of your body weight! Try to think possitive and focus on what works for you not on what doesnt work.. try to make each day about a discovery of things you like to do and like to eat.. focus on what you would like to do when you loose the weight, what you want to accomplish.. Keep yourself going foward...
  5. OP wants to save the donuts life I have to admit - as soon as i got prego (2½ years after my operation) I let myself have a damn donut - and i hated it lol
  6. for me its always yogurt - never get tired of it
  7. best part of this whole thing for me was my nutritionist - she was... she IS wonderful, with great advice and guides - helped me to look at food differently and to learn new ways of eating that was balanced and healthy! I guess she made up for having a surgeon that did not care or bothered about anything to do with me as a person...? I hear people talking about their talks with their surgeons and their follow-ups with them and get very jealous. For me there was no relationship between me and the surgeon, all i did, learned, practiced is because i learned from my NUT.
  8. Happy new years from my baby and I in Denmark http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/gallery/image/23341-new-years-eve-2014/
  9. Xeniak

    my baby and me

    my biggest dream come true- i had a baby
  10. I started b12 shots 2 weeks after surgery because i was doing so bad with my energy - after i had my shot and with puree i started getting some energy back. I say the first two weeks are the worst
  11. Well its been 3 years now.. now after a baby and 20-25lbs gained since reaching my goal weight about 2 years ago.. and it seems like i always have an excuse as to why i am not back on eating the way i did while loosing or why i am not going to the gym. I am trying to hype myself up that after xmas i can start the gym (the baby is not BF anymore and my mom is coming over so she can babysit while i go to the gym). I know that once i get back in the gym and struggle to burn the calories i ate i will be more motivated.. I miss the gym most of all. I still buy healthy but sometimes i slip or my husband and we buy something we shouldnt. Its not every day but sometimes (specially now that its xmas time) it feels like its just too often we have something we shouldnt. We dont binge or anything but he gained a lot during my pregnancy... I know what i need to do, and I know how i need to do it... but its getting myself in that mentality and that motivation to stay on it...... thats what i'm missing. Before you couldnt pay me enough money to eat anything unhealthy...... but with the baby and the no dieting while BF here i am any advice on motivation? merry xmas from our family to all of you out there (see attached)
  12. i wish my follow-ups went this nicely! When i go, no one knows me, of me, or gives me any status on test results.. they just ask me the same questions and send me to get more blood work. Everytime ask about the old blood work they say that it must have been ok because "no red flags" from the lab report... long story there.. sorry dont mean to hi-jack congratulations! I am jealous
  13. i was like this the first two weeks... everything was bad, nothing was good and i regreted the surgery.. it got better after i got my b-12 shot and started getting more food in
  14. hi Kim - do you come home to an empty house? do you live with anyone?
  15. have you not updated your status? because you do NOT look like you are 320lbs! You look so great!! congratulations!
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