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  1. I am hoping I am not alone on this one. I have been experiencing pain in my ribs (on the left side) for months now. It hurts when I'm laying down on my left side (which is the side I tend to sleep on most) Is it possible that my rib cage expanded during all those years I was morbidly obese and now that I've lost over 100 pounds, they are stuck there and causing this discomfort? I'm really frustrated here. It is very uncomfortable to sleep most nights. I try to sleep on my right side where there is no pain, but apparently I move a lot in my sleep and I usually wake up on my left side - in pain. When I sit up or stand up, the pain is just a dull ache. Any ideas?
  2. I stayed for two days (Monday a.m. thru Wednesday mid day)
  3. I'm glad to hear that Sue made it through surgery okay. Sorry to hear about the transfusion, but if it makes her blood pressure get stabilized, all the better. Now, about that 5.9 earthquake, you California earthquake vets! *LOL* My pictures shook quite a bit the other day. I thought they were going to fall down. They didn't....but still. I must say, it was a pretty freaky feeling that earthquake. I'm not near the epicenter - in Central New York - but still felt it. If I was standing, I'm sure I would have lost balance....*thinking*....Ummm...yeah, I'm sure of it. *LOL*
  4. We've been watching it since surgery date in October. When I met with my PCP in December and he kept me on both BP meds. The end of January, I was getting lightheaded when standing up and he took me off the lower dose, second med. At February recheck, I continued with the one pill. I stayed on the one pill until May recheck when I reported more lightheadedness when standing They lowered the dose then but I remained on the one pill. At my recheck earlier this month (July) and with reports of more lightheadedness, they lowered that to half a pill I was to take the half a pill for a couple of weeks and continue to monitor my BP at Rite Aid / Walmart If after two weeks the BP stayed stable, I could get rid of the 1/2 a pill That was last Thursday and so far everything is stable still. I go back in mid August to a recheck to make sure all is still good.
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!! I also remember your pre-op pics. You look great!!
  6. I am thrilled! I am now free of blood pressure medicine! I was taken off my last half a pill last Thursday and everything is great so far. I go back to the PCP in a couple of weeks to make sure it's remaining stable, but at this point, all signs are pointing to NO MORE BP MEDS!! WooHoo! I am so happy to have reached this goal in my weight loss adventure. This was my main reason for starting the path to surgery - to get off all the extra meds. And to now have it come's almost surreal. YAY!!
  7. I like and will use some of these comments! They're great. I was asked about my weight loss recently by a friend who hadn't seen me in quite a few months I told her that I have finally taken control of my life. It's not a lie so I didn't feel bad at all for saying that. I also find that when I mention I was on too many meds that I had to get off, they typically don't continue the conversation. *hehe* I also use what 'bambinari' posted - deflect back to them. Many times it's much easier to do that. I have told next to nobody about my surgery so these comments will come in pretty handy
  8. I was out for two weeks. I have a desk job so coming back at two weeks worked fine for me.
  9. ^^This is my goal as well. I'm currently at 210 and want to be well into Onederland (perhaps in the 180's) by my birthday (Aug 22) I haven't been in Onederland since I was 19 years old. It's time!!
  10. I went back to my bariatric surgeon's office at three weeks, then again at three months, six months and will go back at a year. It's yearly after that. They do checks of levels - vitamins like iron, B1, B12, potassium, etc. to make sure things are where they should be and make adjustments where needed. They also do a weight checks, of course.
  11. Being prescribed a second blood pressure medicine because the first just wasn't doing it. That was my 'a-ha' moment or last straw. At that point, I didn't want my life to be dependent on pills to survive. I had to get control and this was the tool I needed. I am now, under doctor guidance, weaning myself from blood pressure meds altogether. My second was eliminated a couple of months ago and the dosage of the first is slowly being decreased. Soon I will be off all the meds I was on pre-surgery (with the exception of my thyroid med and of course my vitamins, but I don't look at vitamins as 'meds' per se) Great thread idea - I enjoy reading everyone's 'a-ha' moments.
  12. Keep us posted on what happens at the doc today I hope they figure out what's going on
  13. I completely agree with a previous poster -- for all the grief you had to go through prior to surgery, you deserve no complications!! I'm so happy for you and wish you a very speedy recovery. Sounds like you're well on your way. Congratulations and WELCOME to the loser's bench