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  1. First Pics

  2. 2.5 years out My BEFORE and AFTER...

    you look amazing.... I've been thinking of having plastic's when it's all over, but i've heard a lot of people say it's really really makes me scared
  3. finally hit onderland...woohoo!!!!!

  4. finally hit onderland...woohoo!!!!!

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  5. thanks for this I've been scared myself...i'm only 2 months out but you know i'm scared it will be too much going into my pouch all at once...even though it probably isn't that much in reality

    so jealous, way to go!!!! I'm hoping for 100lbs in six months. I'd really like to see 118 to meet my goal weight but I know it won't be that easy. So trying to be realilistic I'm going for 90 lbs.... and by 1 year i guess i can hope for meeting my goal weight.
  7. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I know we all know that stalls are part of this journey but seriously now that' i'm on one I'm totally feeling like everyone else. This surgery isn't going to work for me. this is it. this is all i'm gonna lose. Seriously it is really mind blowing to watch scale go down so drasticaly and then just stop. I've lost 4 lbs in 3 weeks. And I had every intention of loosing the same amount of weight the second month as the first and that is a big fat no. I've read about so many other people this has happened to and i've tried to stay strong and be positive. That is too shall pass, but I'm really starting to worry that it won't. That my body has adjusted to what i'm able to eat and will keep me fat forever. There are people this surgery doesn't work for, and i'm probably one of them....It so hard not to sprial into a depression over it even though i know there are plateau's and then big drops in weight after. But after day of not being able to eat the foods you love and getting off your rear end to excercise and seeing no results. I can't take it. sorry for the venting but I'm seriously fustrated....oh and by the way...i've been measuring myself so that maybe lost inches would help me out, but NO no inches lost in 2 weeks..
  8. Im so discouraged

    omg serious I think you've done great and I'm sure you will be under 200 in no time.. I get discouraged as well and I just stuck it up for a week or 2 and then magicly I'm where I had hoped to be. I mean you have another 3 months of great weightloss ahead of it. Just make the most of your new pouch while it's working so well. Excercise and sip your water and eat your protein. And you will be amazed how much your life can change in 6 to 7 months
  9. What do you eat for breakfast?

    protein bar almonds and fruit suger free carnation instant breakfast hard boiled eggs-prep over weekend and keep stash in fridge morning star maple sausage patties- 10 g of protein a piece smart ones- ham and egg and cheese scramble -have a friend that eats egg beaters -she microwaves it at work and swears by it
  10. Wishing I hadnt done this

    it sounds to me as if you are like me. you aren't really upset you had the are upset you can't eat the things you like. Well let me tell you honey! That's why you were never successful in attempts to loose weight before. The dependancy you have on that high fat/sugar easy food. You can tell me if I'm wrong...but you would diet for a week or 2 and then give it up for your old loves. The diet wasn't really working anyway so why deprive yourself, right? Well this life change is working for you. You've lost 22 lbs in 2 weeks!!! I know it isn't as fast as we need it to be emotionally to make all the crap worth while but I'm sure in 6 months it will be. Just stay on track...and look forward to the things you can eat. That first piece of fresh fruit is sooooo good. Hunt for reciepes. I'm unlucky too with the protein shakes. I can't tolerate them at all. I haven't figured out a way to supplement protein but if I ever to find it, I'll let everyone know. I'm just hoping my pouch will stop hating and let me drink shakes eventually. And oh my gosh I hate eating.. I hate meat...and i really miss my take out. But I'm so so so thankful I don't have to eat a lb of food to feel full anymore. I'm so thankful that come this summer I'll have the energy to play at the park with my daughter. And I'm hoping by her second birthday (I'll be almost 5 months out) I'll be smaller than I was in high school. And yes I'm vain too...cause when I have to go to my family reunion in August...I hope to hear everyone raving about how good I look. Best of luck to you...Make some goals...and look forward to when you reach them!!!
  11. always freezing...brrrrr

    i'm on that band wagon too. I'm always cold, and my husband always wants the fan on. I can't wait for summer...i want warm sunshine all over my body i use to dread 100 degree i'm looking forward to
  12. ~*February 2011 Staplers*~

    had my one month appt with NUT today and I've lost 25 lbs since surgery.... I'm so freaking happy. Just noticed it in my jeans today...Finally I can see it my clothes. Hoping for another great month for month 2. Goal is 23 lbs..don't know if it's possible but i'm going to do the excerise and keep on the plan.
  13. What a difference 11 months makes...

    you look awesome...what an inspiration
  14. Sitting here in tears..

    Don't beat yourself up over it. Seriously, at my meeting with the surgeon before surgery she sat me down and discussed the bad things that can happen after surgery and the precentage that it happened. And ulcers were right up there as one of the most frequent (although rare) things that could happen. Just stay strong and positive and my prayers are with you.
  15. There is no glory in remaining obese soley to avoid surgery. It is absurd. that is like the best thing i've read....thank you so much for that no one says anything to my face about the fact I chose to have surgery but they all do lots of talking behind my back. Everyone is entiled to their opinion- wether it's correct or not is another thing.