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  1. Thank you! I'm still looking for a Mr. Active Fabulous to sponsor so if there are any Post Op Males around here over 40 that would like to enter the Flab to Fabulous Pageant let me know. I'm sponsoring the entry free for one person in each category and that's the only one I haven't found someone to compete for
  2. But I was reminded to day by a Thinner Times Member that I should drop in and say hello now and then. After all this is the Support Group Forum that got me through my early post op days. I'm terrible about remembering to take the time to sign into another website these days, I get so lost in Facebook and Twitter that I hardly think to go anywhere else and for this I apologize. I do have some big news that I want to share with you all though. 2013 has started off an amazing year for me. And somehow I have been gifted with the opportunity to serve as the Flab to Fabulous Pageants 2012 Ms. Fabulous Honoree. Since this news came in things sort of have spiraled for me, propelling me into this direction... Me coming to the WLS Community and asking them to stand with me as I follow my own dreams, attempt to meet my hero, and attempt to raise money for one of my favorite organizations, the WLSFA, through the Flab to Fabulous Pageant. Additionally I have seized this opportunity to write a letter to my Hero Chris Powell, asking him to attend these events I am about to embark on, support the WLS community and help us take a stand against the WLS Biased that exists in the Weight Loss and Fitness Community. You can read all about my latest adventure in my weight loss journey and how YOU can join me here: Please be sure to follow the link at the end of my blog and leave your comments on Chris Powell's facebook page where he answered my letter.
  3. I'm gonna IM you my cell number. You can text me if you need any support!
  4. You just have a couple more days to go till surgery! How you holding up?
  5. Sounds like you did SUPER with your first time out. It's always hard eating out when you are so new to life as a Post Op.
  6. I'm definitely a transfer addiction person. I've had to make sure I am very careful with what I am allowing myself to do because of it. I've already had some pretty serious transfer addictions early out, going back to smoking was one of them for me. Soon as I gave up food and got stressed out and couldn't emotionally eat I went right back to smoking. Then had to quit again to have my Plastic Surgeries. I admire your being honest about it, Transfer Addictions aren't something that people talk about enough. ^5
  7. I use PB2 ALL THE TIME! I use it in Protein Shakes, I use it on Toast, I even make Peanut Butter and SF Jelly Sandwiches with it on Whole Wheat Bread. I use it for apple dipping sauces with Torani Carmel Syrup mixed with it. I've mashed it up with bananas. It's Delicious! Now I want some
  8. Thanks PoodleMumma, Karen and Christina! Ziggy, one of my girlfriends just moved here this year from Pittsburgh, I was out there for a month last January helping her pack and move to Oregon. It was beautiful, and my first REAL experience with serious snow! Maybe we can do Coffee or something when I am out your way
  9. Pandora

    Xeniak's Surgery aniversary!

    Happy Surgiversary Babe! You know how much I adore you! You have done an AMAZING Job. You LOOK AMAZING! I wish I could hug you so bad today. Pandora
  10. Okay alot of people really frown on these long term liquid diets. Nobody thought the 6 week milk only diet that I had to do pre-op was healthy or a good idea either and I whined ALOT during the entire experience, it was torture, and I cheated a couple of times and allowed myself to have non fat Greek Yogurt when I thought I would die if I didn't have something in me more than milk, I did this for 6 weeks, nothing but nonfat milk, 8-10 glasses a day. hindsight 20/2o I am a huge fan of these pre-op diets I think they seriously break your relationship with food and prepare you more for live after surgery. Also, I started at a weight very similar to yours, I started at 420, and putting someone on the operating table wit a BMI over 60 is a really high operative risk, so doing a pre-surgery diet to require your BMI drop under what they consider a serious risk, to me is 17 days well spent. I even managed to exercise right up until the day before my Gastric Bypass. ( I was walking about 2-3 miles a day at that point ) You're very close to the finish line now so hang in there and just keep doing what your Surgeon tells you too. You'll be on the losers bench in no time and be grateful that you're not missing the food post op
  11. Okay I had to come share my exciting news! I got a call this morning from the Plastic Surgeons Office and I've now gotten the official approval on Excess Skin Removal Surgery #3 - This is my third Skin Removal Surgery that I've gotten my Insurance Approval on and the last "Big" one that I have to do. I will likely end up doing an arm revision at some point, just not really happy with how my arms came out, but other than that and a couple little nip/tucks to fix some pleats on my scar line or a little dog eared incision I'll be all done. I'm so excited! So amazingly grateful and just pretty much feeling like a rock-star today and needing to share!
  12. Cinwa as always has the most amazing advice. I too was wondering what your calorie intake was because I was afraid you weren't getting enough. Getting calories in so early post Op is hard! I was about about 9-1200 calories a day during most of my honeymoon phase and since I'm still chasing my goal weight I've never really kicked into maintenance yet. Getting more calories in is important and I REALLY doubt that with 5-600 calories in protein you might want to make sure you are actually getting enough protein too. Like Cinwa said though, you're height and weight aren't in a category where you need to worry about looking anorexic just remember that when people start telling you you look to thin, they are use to a much bigger you. I get told daily I look so thin I will blow away in the wind and guess what... I am STILL technically "Overweight" by BMI standards.
  13. I have noticed that there seem to be more Men in attendance at in person Support Group meetings than there are noticeably participating online.
  14. Hi Discover! It's very common for Bariatric Surgery patients to sort of topple down to a low and then as they stable out sort of find that happy place. It looks like you are not quite a year out of surgery yet so I'd expect that this might be the case for you. Adding grains and breads back is a good idea, you want to make sure that you are adding whole grains though, you want the carbs you put in your body to be healthy complex carbs that are going to provide your body with energy and at least a little bit of protein. If you don't mind me asking what sort of calorie intake do you have each day and are you exercising and burning off some of that on a regular basis? Just trying to get an idea what you might add in to be the most beneficial to what you are doing