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  1. hi u look great! Congrats on your loss

  2. Post Op

  3. Im doing well. 12 pounds from my goal. :)

  4. oh wow i only saw your post here just now! It picked up again after Christmas but i'm stalling again.

    How is the weightloss going for you? I see that your more than half way to your goal :) big congratulations :)

  5. We're not invited

    I dont get it. If she is your friend why does she have a problem saying... I dont know what to cook for you? Seems to me she probably has her own opinion / judgement about your surgery. Yes, I think you may need to find new friends or distance yourself. Who needs it? She can blow it out of her ear. I'm probably wrong it just the way i feel about it. It shouldnt be an issue if she is your "Girlfriend"
  6. oh geez, pardon my typos please

  7. i know about the stress of being uneployed. My husband lost his job in mid 2008, right when I returned to work after having the baby. I can tell you,from experiance. DO NOT LET IT STEAL YOUR JOY!!!! God will make away. He has came through for us again and again. It's true, it may sound silly but put it in his hands girl, it will drive u crazy if you dont. 80-90 pounds is so awesome, you look like a differnt person. all in all im doing pretty good.

  8. since my pre-op dieting started i've lost like 80-90 lbs but it slowed down drasticly about a month ago. I can go on and name a list of excuses that my doctors give me but i wont list them to you cuz it always makes me feel the way i would when i made excuses when i gained weight and got to my biggest! Lol if you are having problems getting your liquids and proteins in, i think its hard to start working out cuz energy levels etc but if you can find energy with all that go for it *hugs* I am also trying so hard to work out every day but.. every day is a struggle.. I dont sleep well.. i am worried about my future (i'm unemployed) and i'm stressing about not losing weight like i was expecting .. I am trying to do everything but lately i feel disillusioned and depressed. I hope it passes. How are you feeling in general aside from the physical restrictions?

  9. Hey Girlie, Things are going well. I am down about 35 lbs. Struggling to get all my fluid and protein in. Now that I am using the crystal lite and the Issopure powder it seems to be gettting easier. I MUST find the time to work out. GUILT. TONIGHT I WILL. Baby likes to do it with me, she gets in the way but its fun. Look at you, you look fantastic. How are you feeling? how much have you lost?

  10. How is it going? how are you doing? I havent heard from you in so so long!! I wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. Hi I saw your post in the LA thread. I'm in Monrovia. We are neighbors :)

  12. Hey you, surgery went well. I'm feeling pretty good. Right now. I will keep you posted

  13. surgery went well

    Surgery was yesterday. It went well. I'm feeling pretty good.
  14. Sorry I missed you. I know your surgery is today and I hope everything goes/went well. You probably won’t get this for a while but welcome to the Loser Bench.

  15. I looked. You was thick girl. LOL :) but not CRAZY HUGE!!! My surgery is in the morning. GULP!!!