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  1. I had a tt and breast lift done in 2009 and had the T incision. So glad I did it! I had 16 pounds of extra skin removed. At that point, I still had my lapband (just had it removed in Oct due to complications and revised to a bypass.) I had lost 100 lbs with the band and been at a stable weight, though still higher than I wanted to be, for about a year at that point. I'll be brutally honest, it was rough. The first few days are still a blur of pain. Make sure you stay on top of the pain meds. Have lots of ice packs ready and a heating pad for your back. That surprised me, how much my back ached just because I was walking so hunched over. Get a GOOD compression garment if your plastic surgeon doesn't provide one. I ordered one from after trying a bunch from JcPennys, Macys, etc. I should have just shelled out the money for a good one from the start, it made a huge difference. Get lots of cheap, loose nightgowns that you won't care about bleeding, leaking fluids on for the first few days. I had bought a bunch of pj pants thinking that's what I'd wear but it was too much of a hassle the first couple weeks and I just wore nightgowns the whole time. I had one pair of super loose pants for the few times I left the house and a big sweatshirt to hide the drains under! And a recliner is a must. I couldn't lie down flat for weeks, I think it was a month before I could even consider sleeping in bed or on the couch. If you don't have a recliner, either buy one or borrow one. We wound up borrowing one from my mom and I lived in it for the first 3 weeks. As rough as it was, it was totally, totally worth it though. I'm thrilled with the results. I've lost 55 pounds since I had the conversion to bypass and my stomach still looks great, no loose flabby skn. Now it's just the flabby thighs and butt that bother me. If you got any questions, feel free to ask! Good luck!
  2. I need your last name too! Send it in a message, PM, or email and I'll get them out this week.
  3. Yep, I got your replies! Message me your address and I will try and get them out to you in the next week or so.
  4. I have 2 compression garments from when I had my tt and breast life. One is the full garment that goes from mid-thigh to just under the bra line. It has a racerback and straps that go over the shoulder (way better that the ones I tried from JcPenny with no straps, those just rolled down). The other one is the same design for the straps and hitting just under the bra line. But, there's no legs, it fits like a bathing suit. The first one has an open crotch for easy peeing the second one has a snap crotch. They are both size XXL, I was about a size 18 when I wore them. They are in very good condition, I didn't bleed on them or anything. But, they cost a ton of money and the thought of just throwing them out depresses me! So, if anyone needs them, I'm willing to ship to anywhere in the U.S. No cost for the garments, just put them to good use! First come, first serve. Let me know if you're interested.
  5. Sorry, I'm sure this is going to be TMI! I had my lapband removed and converted to bypass on Oct 19. I've never had problems with constipation, just the opposite. I frequently get stomach cramps and loose stools. It's not dumping, I have found no connection to anything I"m eating, besides it usually starts in the morning before I've even eaten anything. I've tried cutting out dairy, that makes no difference. Usually each bout lasts about 3 days, starts in the morning with cramping and loose BMs shortly after I wake up. By afternoon, I still have the cramping but no more BMs. Occasionally I will take 1 imodium and that clears it up for a few days but then it starts all over again. Any ideas? I told my surgeon about it at my 6 week visit and he said it could just be my system regulating and he wasn't worried. But, It's still happening 3 months later. I go back to him on Wednesday and will certainly mention it, but wondered if anyone here had the same problem and found a way to deal with it. I do take probiotics and have since I had the surgery. Any ideas?
  6. I need to get my head out of my butt too! I weighed the exact same as you the day of surgery (10/19) and as of this morning weigh 196. Which is great! But, I still find myself getting ticked the weight isn't coming off faster. I literally lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, then lose nothing for 2-3 weeks. It is driving me nuts. But, yesterday I had a total "DUH" moment when I realized I can't compare myself to the people who are consistently losing 3-5 pounds or more a week. I had a lapband since 2006. I was already eating limited calories compared to most bypass patients. Really, my diet now isn't much different than what I was eating the year before I had to have the band taken out. (I was having problems with the band so it needed to be taken out. I had a revision to a bypass instead of going from the band to a regular stomach!) So the malabsorption is really all that's helping me lose weight right now I think. I'd already been on limited calories before the surgery, probably around 1200-1400. So my body doesn't have the major shock of cutting a ton of calories out after the surgery. I don't know why I didn't realize this before! So, now I'm just going to be happy with what I am losing and not freak out when the scale doesn't move for a while.
  7. I went through so many of the cheap girdles and whatnot from Kohls or JcPenny after my tt/breast lift it was ridiculous! Seemed impossible to find one that didn't ride up or roll down or cut in. I didn't want to shell out a ton of money for one but finally caved and bought one from and it was soooo worth it! I should have just bought one from there from the start. I got one that hooked at the crotch, came up to just under my bra line in front and had a racer-back style with straps that went over my shoulders. That thing was so comfortable and really helped keep my swelling down. I wore it for months and it held up beautifully.
  8. I had a tt and breast lift in 2009. The dr removed 16 lbs of extra skin/flab from my abdomen. The pain from the abdomen was a 9. I had the breast lift done at the same time and I never even felt those! Compared to the stomach, those were a piece of cake. The most painful part was a few weeks after surgery when the nerves started to "wake up" and would send little zaps through my breasts at the weirdest times! Felt like little bee stings. And as a warning, you will look like you're always cold for a couple months. Thank god for padded bras because the high beams always seemed to be on and it was rather embarrassing at times! Sorry, can't help with the arms though.
  9. I had surgery the day after you and my surgeon just told me the same thing yesterday! Said I needed to up my calories. Sure enough, ate more yesterday than usual and was down two pounds this morning. We'll see if it keeps up!
  10. I'm having the same problem. Have gained and lost the same 2 pounds for 2 weeks now and I"m only 6 weeks out! It is so frustrating. And, I'm going to my surgeon tomorrow for my 6 week check and am paranoid he's going to tell me I suck and my weight loss makes me a failure. Which isn't true, I've still lost 15 pounds since the last time I saw him at one week post op! I keep telling myself I will lose weight eventually. But I still get mad every time I get on the scale in the morning.
  11. I'm heading back to work tomorrow and need to find something quick I can eat first thing in the morning before I go. I can't just do a protein shake in the morning, I get jittery, I need something solid. Well, something non-liquid! I'll be bringing my protein shake to have once I'm at work, just need something for first thing. I'm on soft foods now but can go to regulars in a couple weeks, so I'll take any suggestions. Any ideas? I usually don't have time to scramble an egg or anything. I'd love to find something I can grab as I head out the door or only has to be microwaved for a couple seconds. Thanks!
  12. I love my scrambled eggs! Haven't tried sunny side yet, maybe this weekend. For the scrambled eggs, I mix in a little ff sour cream to lube them up and help them go down better.
  13. Sorry you were so sick. That stinks! My dr and nutritionist said taking occassional sips during a meal is fine. Just no gulping or going through a whole glass of liquids during the meal. So I think you'll be fine taking the pills with a sip or two of water. Hope you recover fast.
  14. The low grade fever isn't good. I'm sure you're dr did this, but if you push on your lower right side, does it feel better while you're pressing on it? And my dr told me the test they use a lot in office is to jump straight up. If the pain becomes excruciating on landing (not while up in the air, but on impact) it points towards the appendix. Obviously, I'm not a dr, but I figured I'd share anyway. I'm sorry you're going through this. I can't believe your dr isn't being more proactive. I hope you feel better soon.
  15. I know it's not the best form of protein, I think it's only 9 grams on it's own, but my surgeon said adding the dry milk adds another 10 grams, plus the 8 oz milk, and it's as good as some of the protein supplements. It's just a good option for people who can't tolerate any of the powdered proteins. Just make sure it's the no-sugar added one in the blue box!
  16. I had a breast life and a full tummy tuck with an anchor incision, which allowed him to take extra skin from my upper and lower abs, last year February. I was about 225 when I had the surgery. I'd lost 100 lbs since getting the band in 2006 and was having lots of problems with my apron of skin. It was huge, hung over my pubic area, caused rashes, and was constantly tearing. It was horrible. I wasn't at my ideal weight, but my weight had been stable for about a year. My ps had no problems doing it at that weight and was awesome! I'm very pleased with the results and it made a huge difference. The recovery was hell, but totally worth it. I just had my band removed and a revision to bypass on Oct 19. I have no regrets doing the plastic surgery first though. When I did the surgery, I had no idea that I'd have to get my band out and be getting a bypass, which is going to cause me to lose a lot more weight. But, I don't really care! I know I risk having more flabby skin, but I hope it won't be too bad. It was funny, my scars have faded so much you can't even see them unless you're looking. When I went into the office to have the staples and drain from the bypass removed a couple weeks ago, the nurse made a comment about how lucky I was to have such a flat stomach! She was so surprised when I told her about the surgery! I'd gained about 20 pounds between the plastic surgery and the bypass and I gained it all in weird places, like my thighs, back, and upper arms. Luckily, that's where most of the weight came off immediately post-op! Make sure yoou chose a surgeon with bariatric experience. THere is definately specific concerns and needs for people who have lost a lot of weight. My surgeon said I was one of his most difficult cases due to all the scar tissue from my previous surgeries and the fact that he took off close to 16 pounds of extra skin and tissue. Said he felt like he'd delivered twins!
  17. My surgeon told me that if I can't handle the protein shakes, to get no sugar added Carnation Instant Breakfast (powder, not ready-made) and mix it with 3 tablespoons of dry milk (find it in the baking section) and 8 oz of milk. I love it! It's not so sickeningly sweet as the protein shakes and it's about 22 grams of protein per 8 oz serving. I warm it up like hot chocolate and it tastes wonderful and goes down way easier than the protein shakes. Maybe that would work better for you? Hope you find a way to avoid the IV and get all cleared out.
  18. In order for your insurance to even consider covering it, you need to have medical documentation of problems. So, if you get rashes or skin tears, go to your dr to document it in your medical chart. If you've got a long history of it, you have a much better chance of getting it covered. Same thing for getting a breast lift covered. You need to have the documentation of back, shoulder or neck pain. The more you can back up the claim that it causes problem, the likelier it would be approved.
  19. No, I haven't vomitted at all and I'm able to hold my liquids and food (well, mushies!) with no problem. It's just a constant upset stomach. Kind of like when I had morning sickness with my kids!
  20. I had surgery Oct 19 (lapband removed and converted to bypass). Since then I have been almost constantly nauseous. No matter what I eat or drink, it's always at least a little queasy. I have zofran for when it gets really bad, like it did today. But how long until it settles down and starts to feel normal? My surgeon knows and says it happens to some people. Please tell me it is not going to be like this forever?!
  21. Do the bypass! I did the band 4 years ago and while I did lose close to 100 pounds, it was a miserable battle. The constant fills and unfills looking for perfect restriction, lots of puking after meals if something didn't agree with me, and finally severe reflux and waking up at night choking on my stomach contents. It was not fun. I just had the band removed and a revision to bypass on the 19th and the difference is remarkable. No more reflux, no more pain from the port, no hunger. My surgeon said the long term studies on the band that are coming out aren't good. More than 25% of bands need to be removed due to problems.
  22. I had a lapband done in 2006. I lost almost 100 pounds with it. Aside from the port flipping immediately after surgery and having to go under again to get it fixed, I really didn't have too many problems, although I lost slowly. The quest to find that perfect restriction was a total pain. Fills, unfills, weeks of liquids because nothing else would get by the band. Looking back, it was a huge hassle and makes me wish I had done the bypass from the start. Thiss summer I started having problems with severe reflux, pain by my port, waking up choking on my stomach contents. And my restriction was all over the place. Some days I could eat anything, some I could barely swollow my own spit. I had the band taken out on Oct 19 and a revision to bypass. Surgery was complication free and the recovery hasn't been too bad. I'm glad I did they bypass. Wish I'd have done it from the start, but at the time, the band seemed like the right choice. My surgeon said the rate of bands that need reoperation at 5 or more years after surgery is about 25% and is still climbing. He is not hesitant to do bands because the long term stats just aren't that great. The failure rate is higher than the other bariatric surgeries. Now that I've done the bypass, it seems so simple compared to the band. Hopefully I've made the right choice now! It's a tough decision to make. I was scared of bypass to start, which is one of the reasons I originally went with the band. But everyone needs to make the best choice for them. Hopefully my story will help someone though!
  23. My legs used to do the same thing, only it started just under the knees and down to the calves. My vitamin B12 and D levels were very low. SInce starting B12 shots and D supplements it has pretty much gone away. Go get your blood checked!
  24. For those who are recent post-ops, are you able to sleep in bed or do you find you need to sleep in a recliner? When I had my abdominoplasty last year (yes, doing this kind of backwards, got 16 pounds of extra skin from the lapband weight loss removed in Feb 09) I couldn't sleep in bed for about 3 weeks. The band was so long ago I can't remember if I was sleeping in bed or out in the recliner for a few days.
  25. That's great! I'm getting my band OUT and revision to bypass on Tuesday. I'm a little nervous, but can't wait to not wake up choking on my stomach contents every night, get rid of the reflux, and be able to eat somewhat normally again.