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  1. Excited to check back in with TTF! I've lost 141 pounds so far and feel much healthier!

    1. Mirtl


      Wow, amazing!!! Impressive!

    2. Lori88


      hello and welcome back! You have done awesome!

  2. SerenaSlimmer

    After pics

    So far I've lost 141pounds and am feeling so much better!
  3. They aren't loaded the way I thought they'd be, but you get the idea!
  5. It's been a long time since I've been on TT, but it's nice to drop in and see how things are going with my ole' buddies!

    1. Lori88


      Nice to "see" you! Hope all is well!

  6. I thought my husband was going to be jealous of all the looks I now receive, but he's actually one proud daddy!! He smiles at men when they look at me and hangs on to my arm all proud. Sounds funny to see myself writing this, but it's true. I just keep reminding my husband that if he's good to me he has nothing to worry about.
  7. And there are those like myself who had a horrible experience with gastric bypass but would do it over again in a heartbeat, yet it's never really announced. I don't like how the first several months were for me, but I'd go through it all over again to feel this healthy. I feel much better about myself and I'm much happier now. I wouldn't ever want my experience to deter others from the happiness I have now. If you are confident with your surgeon and have the support you need, I say go for it! You can do it!
  8. I love pork chops and my family would probably like this, as well. Thanks for the recipe!
  9. I feel that way when I sit in a booth at a restaurant or when bathing the the tub with all the extra room around me now. It feels great, doesn't it?!
  10. I look forward to getting involved with more exercising. Wow, Pirata, you're still such an inspiration! I just finished my first 5k and felt so proud of just that... but I'd love to do so much more! Keep up the great work!
  11. Ok, where is everyone? I know I have no room to talk since I'm not around much anymore, but we can still motivate one another with our losses So far I have lost a little over 130 pounds and hope to continue to lose more as I exercise more. I've been at 215 for several months, but the sizes keep going down so I'm happy about that. If I can do it, anyone can!
  12. Thanks, everyone! I just got several things from and ended up with free shipping I'm good for a couple more months!
  13. 18 months out today! Ran my first 5k in celebration of it!

    1. NewLife4Me11


      You go girl! Tomorrow I will be out 18 months also! Hasnt it been such a great 18 months??!!

    2. Lori88


      Wow that is GREAT!

    3. SerenaSlimmer


      I was proud of myself for doing it! Looking forward to training for another one really soon!