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  1. Does anyone have any good advice for thinning hair? I have always had pretty great hair and now that I have lost over 70 lbs it is falling out LIKE CRAZY. I swear I only have half my normal hair on my head. I went to the doctor to get blood work and he told me that my body is in shock from the rapid weight loss and does not know if the weight came off so fast because it is fighting a disease or what so it stops producing the hair to focus on survival. He said that in about a month I should start seeing new hair growth and that my hair will be fine. But, I am not seeing any new hair growth and am really really freaked out. I have been trying to make sure I get my vitamins in and get more protein and drinking the shakes (even though I HATE them) but I am really worried. Anyone else been through this and have any words of encouragement that my hair will come back? Thanks!
  2. Anthem Blue Cross - California

    I asked my primary care physician about the surgery and he gave me a referral to a Center of Excellence. I went to the first seminar at Cedars Sinai in May and had the surgery in November. It was a long process for me and I am now trying to deal with all the changes. It is a lot of work and it can be really hard to get through the eating changes in the beginning and knowing that you just physically are not able to eat normally anymore. I was not prepared for the psychological part of it and how much I miss my favorite foods. I am starting to adjust but it is not easy. I am happy I did it though. Good luck to you!!
  3. 8 days post-op and feeling down

    Hello, I feel your pain. I have been having a lot of sadness over the food loss. I had the surgery 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and the holidays have been really really hard. I just want to be able to eat some normal food even if just a small portion. Chicken, lettuce, rice- All of it makes me throw up still. I am not sure about the 6 month thing. I pray that I can have small portions of real meals in 6 months. The only food I can still eat is driving me insane. I am sick of shakes and they make me nauseous now. Constantly on the lookout for new ideas on how to eat things I like in teeny portions. One thing I have been able to get down are beans...I read that on here actually. Someone else mentioned they were eating a lot of them so I tried. They were a godsend. I just crave that hot warm meal type of food so badly. I have good days and bad days. But, I am starting to adjust more. You will too. You will find some things you like that will help you with the loss, even in very small portions. I already feel lighter and have more energy so that makes it all worth it. You will get through it.
  4. Food stuck and foamies

    I noticed that you also had a hiatal hernia repaired. I am having a lot of trouble 4 weeks out keeping food down. Did your surgeon tell you anything about how this repair would complicate things for you? You are the first person I have seen who also had this done at the same time. I have been wondering about what additional issues this would cause on top of the surgery...any advice would be greatly appreaciated. I am having the "foamies" a lot and not able to keep much of anything down accept liquids and super mush food and only a couple bites normally.
  5. Does your taste change daily

    Does anyone know how long it takes to be able to eat at least a little bit of chicken or regular food? I get sick every time I even take just a couple of bites. Had my bypass November 12th and am miserable with food....I am sick of shakes and having cravings for beans and chicken SO BAD that it is making me sad. I am just wondering how long it takes to be able to eat small portions of normal food? I can't imagine living like this for the rest of my life, getting sick on everything....not being able to go out with friends for lunch or dinner and at least be able to eat SOMETHING SMALL. Any advice from anyone? It is making me really frustrated. When were you able to start eating some food and keeping it down?
  6. I had the surgery on Nov. 12th and have not lost more than about 2 lbs since I checked in to the hospital. I am terrified that this surgery is not working for me. I am not having more than 500 calories a day and am SO upset. I am 2 weeks out and just not seeing anything happening even though I am not even eating. Trying to drink the required water and protein shakes as well as the vitamins. I am just so frustrated. I cannot believe it. My doctor said that the body is going through all kinds of water retension etc from the IV's in the hospital putting so much fluid in you. I am just worried. Any advice? I lost more than this on Jenny Craig!!!
  7. Anthem Blue Cross - California

    Hi there, It was a bit of a process for me. I spoke to my primary care physician about the surgery and he referred me to Cedars to get started because they are a Center Of Excellence which is required by Anthem. I went to the first seminar and then they set me up with an appointment and a doctor. From then on it was a roller coaster of appointments non stop. I started the process in May and I just had the surgery last Friday. Good luck with all this! I am happy to help if you need it!
  8. Anthem Blue Cross - California

    Hi there, I am sure you will get it. Your BMI will do that for you. I am 6'1 so am very tall. That is why my BMI is lower. You will get approved by this week!!! They usually take up to 5 business days! Your BMI should push it through quickly. I called BC every single day to check the status of the pre-auth. I could not stand to wait for a letter!!! NO WAY!
  9. Anthem Blue Cross - California

    Hi there, Yes, I have the PPO. It took about a week and a half to get an answer and I was on pins and needles. I am so excited now. I really just cannot believe it is all happening! You will be fine. When do you submit to insurance? What co-morbidities do you have? I ended up having moderate sleep apnea which is what pushed my approval through.
  10. Anthem Blue Cross - California

    I am SO EXCITED!!!! I just got the call that Anthem Blue Cross of California has approved my surgery! I am scheduled for November 15th!!! I am filled with so much emotion. I am so excited....I just cannot even begin to express my joy. Now, I have to do more blood work for pre-op and get another electrocardiogram. This is going to be a great holiday season! Such a gift! Getting my life back! I am so tired of this!
  11. Anthem Blue Cross - California

    I am so frustrated and scared. My insurance is Blue Cross Anthem and It has been a week and a half since the paperwork was submitted. I have a 35.6 BMI with several medical issues including swollen legs and feet, incontinence, severe back problems and a family history of early heart attacks and diabetes. The major co-morbidity I have recently discovered is moderate sleep apnea. I also have asthma. The nurse at BC has finished her review and has now sent it to physician approval. Apparently, the nurse was not able to approve it themselves so they have had to send it on. The woman I spoke with at Anthem was VERY RUDE. She just said, it means the nurse could not approve it so had to send on. She would not tell me anything. I am so frustrated. My hospital is calling them now to find out what is happening. I am so scared and so frustrated. I am absolutely terrified. Any info on why the nurse had to send to the physician? Do nurses usually do the approving?? ANY INFO OR HELP WOULD BE SOOOO APPRECIATED.
  12. Anthem Blue Cross - California

    This has been such a LONG and emotional process. I have a 35.6 BMI but am 106 lbs over healthy weight (I am tall). I was recently tested for sleep apnea and the test came back positive for MODERATE sleep apnea (apparently there is a difference for insurance if it is MILD). Anyhow, I have many many other problems with my health regarding weight but sleep apnea is the only issue that I have that seems to be an insurance requirement. My insurance information was submitted about a week ago. I have called them every single day to check the status. Friday the woman told me that the nurse had completed her review and submitted the information to the doctor and she mentioned something about approving a 2 night hospital stay??? WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF THIS? Should I be glad that the nurse has completed her review? Is this the way it works? I am so nervous. I am supposed to hear by Tuesday at the LATEST. Today is Sunday! I am SOOOOO NERVOUS!!! SO SCARED!!! ANY INFO WOULD BE GREAT!
  13. Anthem Blue Cross - California

    I know what you mean! I am waiting for approval! My info was submitted about a weeek ago. I called BC Friday and they said that the nurse had completed her review and had forwarded it to the doctor to approve a 2 night stay?? I am supposed to hear the final decission by no later than Tuesday! I am a NERVOUS WRECK!!! It is all I think about.... Good luck to you!
  14. Anthem Blue Cross - California

    Thanks Amy! That was such a nice message! I really appreciate it! I am so scared!!
  15. Anthem Blue Cross - California

    Hi there, my sleep study test came back today and it is positive for mild sleep apnea. Do you think I have a better chance now? Paperwork is being submitted to Blue Cross tomorrow! Thanks for your advice! Trish