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  1. Alcohol

    i have to say if i am going to have a drink it is either wine or a bloody mary...but ur tolerance will be lower so watch out. Glad u had a good time.
  2. Weight loss post op is so up and down and can be frustrating. I stalled (and still do) all of the time. When looking at your post I think I would suggest increasing your calories if you can get them in. 600 calories if awfully low and then if you add in excercise your body may be trying to hang onto what it can. I would try to increase the calories to at least 800 and set o goal of 1000. See if this will jar your body into losing weight. You should be able to add these in by increasing your dairy (if your able to eat it) or by adding a protein shake. Hang in there, you will be able to get past the stalls...it just takes time.
  3. Syntrax Nectar - Apple

    I didn't like the syntrax either. I found that I liked vanilla protein powder mixed with either cappuccino soy milk or vanilla protein powder mixed with sugar free chai latte tea and vanilla soy milk...both are yummy. I have a friend that is making blended shakes with pumkin puree and spice and she says they are yummy but they may be too thick early out...haven't tried them yet so can't verify the yummy factor on the pumpkin shake but my friend is usually right on in the recipe department. Good luck...it's hard to find shakes you like early out.
  4. I've Been Extended!

    I have keratin extensions and while I love having long hair, I have lost about 9 extensions. I had my stylist check the bonds and they are ok so I am not sure if I have lost them due to breakage or because of natural hair loss. While I think they are fun they do cause some anxiety and I am wondering if I will go from long hair to cutting it all off like Pink to cover the hair mange...Hoping I don't have to resort to that. I have had them in for about a month.
  5. Back On Track

    This is such a timely post for me. I feel like it is a constant battle and my weight loss has come to a screeching halt...I am constantly having to right myself after veering off course. It is a life long journey and each of us are worth it. I guess instead of viewing it as something we have to do we should view it as something we deserve to do for ourselves. I always feel the same way...like how did I get off course and why do I fight this when there are so many healthy delicious options...good luck to you and all of us that are in the same boat.
  6. This last week I went on a family vacation to Yosemite. I have lost 80 lbs and have to say I am amazed at how much I was able to do. Every day was full of activities like hiking, biking, rafting, more hiking (LOL)! One of the hikes was listed as strenuous (misty trails for anyone who has maybe done it). These activities were definately challenges but I was able to keep up with everyone and finish all of the activities. Just wanted to share my non-scale victory. I was so motivated that I bought myself a 7 speed beach cruiser while in Ventura and brought it back to Phoenix with me. On the down side I felt like I looked fat in the pictures. I was shocked at the pictures of me in my swim suite. I could really see the loose skin. For whatever reason I don't see it as much when I look in the mirror. I also felt like I had a bigger tummy in those pictures than I normally do in other pictures. Some is due to clothes that you wear when camping. I decided not to focus on this, however. I am going to focus on the fact that I am so much more physically fit than I have been in the past and this is actually what motivated me to have surgery in the first place. The extra weight will eventually take care of itself and if there is extra skin the there is always surgery! Anyway...just wanted to share my positive experience. I hope you all are experiencing your own. Have a great day!
  7. Black Bean Sugar Free Brownies.

    I made these and they are very good and easy...I was wondering if they would be ok since my can of beans included onion and jalapeno in the ingredience but you couldn't really see them in the beans there were so few and it turned out great. Thanks for the recipe.
  8. Anyone Eat Quest Protein Bars?

    Can't wait to try these. I don't do bars often but have used the mini "oh yeah" bars but they are so rich they make me feel sick if I eat more than 1/2 at a time. I'm hoping these are more tolerable. Thanks for the find.
  9. 9 Months And 200 Pounds

    That's truely amazing! You look great!
  10. I did have a severe contact dermatitis right after surgery that I had to go into an urgent care for. I have, however had this severe reaction before...just have no idea what it is too....have had no problems since though so can't really say my experience has been the same as yours. Be careful...every time you have an encounter with something your allergic to the reaction is worse than the time before due to a build up of antibodies...maybe this is what you are experiencing.
  11. Constapition Really Bad

    I have this problem too. Some weeks more than others...I don't know when you can add fruit/veggies to your diet but for me this was helpful. I also had to use Miralax early out (in addition to some laxative tea and MOM). Some days I thought I would never go and it was very painful...I think it's a pretty common experience around here...gonna take some trial and error to figure out what works best and for me it improved as my diet expanded. I have also heard good things about the probiotics and always meant to try them but never have.
  12. Food Obsessed And Intake Questions...

    I know, I don't want my pouch to grow either and it freaks me out a bit that I can eat more than previously...think I'm gonna just not let myself eat more than 1/2-3/4 cup instead of the cup. I think that part of this is head hunger or a desire to emotionally feed myself...wish my head would stop wanting food...guess the head/emotional hunger comes in waves. Thanks for all of the input and support.
  13. Feeling Really Bad

    I'm glad that you went in to get seen because being this sick is not normal. I hope you are feeling better and they are able to figure out what is going on. Perhaps a stricture? Keep us posted.
  14. Hello all, I hope you are doing well. I haven't been posting much lately but I have been lurking off and on. I have been a little food obsessed lately. Old mental habits die hard I guess. I find myself wishing I wasn't full after I am done with my measured amount of food because I want to eat...binge maybe? I don't know...it seems crazy to me but I am sure it's not completely abnormal. I can eat between 3/4 to a cup of food at a time and was wondering if this seems normal to anyone else at 6-7 months out. Today I made some thai soup with shrimp, veggies, light coconut milk and soup base with a few wontons and I ate a whole cup. I know soup we can eat more and it's not the best choice. I also have to admit I felt very full after that cup (it set in at about 5-10 minutes after the meal). I worry about stretching out my pouch so I don't usually eat till discomfort...I read that at 6 months the pouch grows and many patients think they have stretched out their pouch because this is when they are able to start eating a little more...I guess I want to know what ya'll think on volume that I should be consuming...I am hoping this mental hold that food has on me will lift...I think it's the desire to emotionally eat and while I can't do the traditional binge I could have done preop, I am having to be very cautious not to snack because I find myself thinking about what the next thing I can put in my mouth is. I am so greatful for this surgery and would do it again 100 times over. I am also greatful that I don't have issues with vomiting and only have a few food intolerances etc...but people just don't understand that while the surgery does make this whole thing easier (obviously...we are losing weight now while in the past we have obviously failed) it is still mentally hard at times....thanks for listening.
  15. Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Quiche

    I am so excited to try this. I just bought the ingredients and am making it for dinner. It sounds very yummy.