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  1. idblfanatic

    weight loss in the first 6 weeks?

    Yes, every one is different, I was losing 3-4 LBS/day
  2. idblfanatic

    Cheated on liquid diet

    Depends on when your surgery date is. You posted this yesterday, and your date is the 15th, your system should be cleared out by then. I ate something 2 days prior, and I was fine.
  3. idblfanatic

    Day 2 of pre op diet

    Same here, TWO weeks liquid only, and then 48 before surgery, clear liquids only
  4. idblfanatic

    help 1st day of pre op diet

    You should be fine to add seasoning
  5. idblfanatic

    Smoking sounds so good right now! :(

    ^^^ This, plus I will be the first to tell you don't even bother with them anymore, I used to smoke, and at age 34 I had a stroke, the day before my stroke was my LAST cigarette, cigar, etc.
  6. idblfanatic

    Peanut Butter my weakness

    My weakness as well
  7. idblfanatic

    Mints, Altoids, Tic Tacs, Ice Breakers

    Also, sugar free stuff usually has a laxative effect if you eat too much
  8. idblfanatic

    What was this?!

    Well, my guess would be that since the surgery, your body handles insulin much better, however, your body doesn't know what is too much, and when you went to bed, your body took over and started producing it, and didn't stop when it should (low blood sugar) In short, I wouldn't do that again if I were you
  9. idblfanatic

    Pain in chest/throat and nausea

    Did they check your Gall bladder?
  10. idblfanatic

    5 Day Pouch Test

    Not really, however my wife says she feels different, but she is only 6 mos out. I am over a year
  11. idblfanatic

    5 Day Pouch Test There is a link for it, however it didn't seem to help me start losing again.
  12. idblfanatic

    June 2011 losers

    June 2011
  13. idblfanatic

    Swimming after Surgery?

    Yeah that sounds about right, ask your Dr
  14. idblfanatic

    Full Liquid Diet

    No oat meal, it's too thick
  15. idblfanatic

    June 2011 losers

    How is every one doing??