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  1. Reactive Hypoglycemia

    Thank you BugdocMom!
  2. Reactive Hypoglycemia

    Cxc422 ~ crashed in Target last night. Praise The Lord, I could get my hands on glucose tablets and OJ fast. Ate some cheese sticks as soon as I got home. I now know that I must keep my meter and tablets along with peanut crackers with me at all times. Thank you ALL so very much!
  3. Reactive Hypoglycemia

    Thanks Cinwa ~ I haven't visited in a long time! I remember you so well. You were so important to me at the beginning of my journey in 2011. So excited that you are here to help me now! Much Love!!
  4. Reactive Hypoglycemia

    Has anyone developed Reactive Hypoglycemia this far out? I have recently been diagnosed. My blood sugar will DROP to scary levels if I eat sugars. I have maintained my weight loss for almost 3 yrs. Have been at a steady size 6 for 2 years. Lost to a size 2, but wasn't healthy at all. Now I feel good, and am a runner. Never have really went crazy with my diet, but have ate sweets occasionally. But now if I eat sugar, you can bet two hours later I am falling out with blood sugar levels in the 40's and 50's. So scary. Does anyone have any insight into this new journery I'm on. Thanks so very much!
  5. Didn't dump AT FIRST.....

    Was just simply told that, yes, it could happen this far out! I am maintaining a 110% loss of my excess weight so my habits are not changing. I was told by my Dr. that my body was just changing and that I was in fact just starting to "dump", even at this point.
  6. Not Updated for more than 80 days....

    I am getting a box with a message in it that says....Not updated for more than 80 days. Please update. What does this mean? Where do I go to update? What am I updating? Thanks so very much for the help!! Have a blessed day!
  7. Didn't dump AT FIRST.....

    I spoke with my Dr. this morning, he said that "yes" I could be dumping. This makes me feel much better!
  8. Skinny-fat....this is what I was told that I was today in the gym. And I believe that they are correct. I am thin, but I have lost so much muscle that my lean body mass isn't as much as it should be, and my fat body mass is more than it should be! I have a crossfit trainer and am trying to change this!
  9. Loving my journey...Crossfit is my new passion!

    1. chacotaco120


      badass girl, go you!!! i want to start crossfitting as well.. my surgery is scheduled for Monday...

  10. Didn't dump AT FIRST.....

    Thank you!!
  11. Didn't dump AT FIRST.....

    Well, I didn't dump on sugars at first....and here I sit 13months out from surgery and I am dumping. Feels really bad and I don't eat much (sugars), but I am really surprised that I am dumping now. Has this happened to anyone else?
  12. Divorce....after Drastic Weight Loss

    Thanks Heather!!
  13. One Month Until I Hit The One Yr Mark....

    One year, one month from yesterday....yikes!! Thanks for all the kind words!!
  14. A Nerd Walks Into A Victoria Secret's...

    Love it! Been there did that also!!
  15. Divorce....after Drastic Weight Loss

    Well....getting ready to look for an attorney. I am filing for divorce. :/