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  1. Yeah this is maddening. I'm not a low as you, I've lost 80 pounds and been stuck in the 280's. In fact the last 3 or 4 mornings I've actually *gained* weight (less than 1.5 pounds overall, but it's still disheartening).
  2. Heck I was working while I was in the hospital! But then again it was just tapping emails on the BlackBerry I work at a desk, managing a computer network. I worked half days at home the week after surgery, and went back the next Monday (two weeks off). However, I still tire easily, so I had to take a day off last week. Hopefully the holiday tomorrow will give me the extra rest I need to make it through the week. I contribute my ability to go back so quickly to a "textbook" surgery. In fact, the only time I even had any pain was when they stripped my drain in the hospital (I *despised* that little drain...). I didn't even have to take any Lortab when I was at home during the day, just the first couple of nights I was at home.
  3. Whew...glad to hear I'm normal. For some values of "normal" I guess Tomorrow is three weeks post op and I've been holding at 342 for 5 days. Hopefully it will start coming off again soon...
  4. Well I suppose I should have put all this up top: According to their web site: "*DECAF 5-HOUR ENERGY contains 6mg of caffeine * about as much as a half cup of decaffeinated coffee." They also make a point to say there's low or no sugar in it - in fact the label lists "Sucralose" as the sweetener, which is an artificial sweetener. I know those cause their own issues, however...
  5. So, I figure Red Bull is out now... Darn it, I really liked those... Has anyone tried 5 Hour Energy? I know it's basically a huge shot of B Vitamins, but I guess it's the psychological effect of drinking an "energy drink" that does it.
  6. I can second the gurgles...freaked me out the first time it happened in the hospital. I actually called the nurse in to check me out Man, I was gassy before because of my horrible diet... but it's twice as bad now
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Honestly I've been alternating between working at home (being a computer network professional has it's perks) and sleeping, so I've just now made it back over here.

  8. Had surgery Monday, and I'm getting ready to go home today. I can't wait to get this stupid drain out - every time they empty it I have to lie down for 15-20 minutes. Now, to get a scale...
  9. Never officially welcomed you to T-T sweetheart. You've got just about a week left before your WLS. Hope you're hanging in there sweetheart - it's an emotional experience for sure. You're going to love life on the thinner side.

  10. Most pre-op diets are only a week or two from the actual surgery date.
  11. So leave it to me to be a downer... I live my life with the attitude "Hope for the best, plan for the worst". Given that, can anyone give me the heads-up on Living Wills? I'm going to go to LegalZoom to make a will sometime this week (God forbid the worst should happen) but do I have to do the same with a living will? Can I just have it typed up and notarized?
  12. God, this is one of my pet peeves. Clothes that are of inferior quality and 3 times the price. I got so irritated...we went to McMillan's B&T here in Birmingham and got me a new dress shirt. I got it home, and it would fit around the neck but I couldn't button around the belly. I also hate how most manufacturers create "big mens" clothing... by doubling all the dimensions, so when I wear short sleeve shirts they come halfway down my forearms. GAAH!!
  13. "Think of the company"? Does the company think about you before they decide to lay you off because they don't have enough money?
  14. Well I only have a third class medical but my AME said it should be no issue. So long as you're off the painkillers and the doc says you're fit to fly, from what my AME says you shouldn't even have to get re-certified, unless it's time to.
  15. And I'm morbidly obese. ("Hi, Greg") I'm currently 10 days away from RNY gastric bypass, and a current member told me about this site (Hi, CSquared!). I'm still coming to grips with what I'm about to do, but I've already found a good number of resources here to help with that. Good to meet you all