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  1. Tammy's B4 & After

    this is me now and then
  2. Eating Birthday Cake

    You should not feel bad about an occasional treat at all. The amount is whats important. I have a couple bites of cake every month at my office birthday celibration and I continue to lose weight. We cannot beat ourselves up cause we enjoy a few good things in life.
  3. Sharp Chest Pains

    I am going to go see my Family Dr. and get the skinny on the chest pains. I am thinking it has alot to do with Stress or dehydration. It doesn' t seem that chest pains would be related to gastric bypass surgery, although I thought I would ask the group. The good news is i had an EKG and everything looked good there. Thanks for the support people. Tammy
  4. Sharp Chest Pains

    ANYONE at all
  5. Sharp Pain???

    I have the same pain and was wanting to know what your Dr.'s said. I have a history of kidney stones about every three months so my dr wrote it off as that. I know in my heart its not kidney stones its the same thing your are all describeing
  6. Sharp Chest Pains

    Does anyone else experiance SHARP PAINS in chest. I have been having them quite often. I went to urgent care the other night and the Dr. gave me a GI cocktail (mylanta and lidocane) didn't do a thing for me. yet he said he felt it was related to my surgery. I was wondering if it could be related to dehydration or stress. ANYONE ? PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Tammy 254/163/130
  7. Karen Wright's album

    Karen hi there It's me Tammy remember me? Man your looking great girlfriend... I am proud of you. you had surgery a week before me ... you look way better than me .. i will put some pics up when i figure out how to do it on this damn thing !
  8. Christmas Party

    OK i may want to come to the party.... when and where ... How's everyone doing /???
  9. Picnic Flyer

    I will be there too. I am going to bring some sort of dish? I will also bring my Buddy who helped me through the whole ordeal..
  10. Let's have a picnic!

    sounds like a great idea.. Count me in!
  11. Clothing exchange

    I need some size 18's to go back to work in... Karen I have some size 22 to give up. If anyone can help that would be great. Buying things every 2 months is getting exspensive.. Thanks, Tammy
  12. Im not losing weight???

    Thanks everyone for the replys. It means alot to have a place we can go and ask questions. I feel like thinking about it less now. That means more time for fun now. Good Luck Dale on your surgery.
  13. I am 11 weeks out. I have lost 50lbs, and in the last 2 1/2 weeks and I haven't lost any weight. Is this normal at times? I am eating protein and veggies, drinking lots of water. So what's the problem? I haven't been able to do a lot of exercising due to another surgery I had 4 weeks ago. Could this be why, any feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Tammy
  14. Starbucks Soy Warning

    I was at a coffee shop in Yuma last week much like starbucks. This place actully had sugarfree mocha flavor and I ordered a frozen mocha frap type drink from there and had no problem what so ever. It tasted the same as if there were sugar in it. If anyone finds this sugarfree mocha flavor please let us know.
  15. 8 weeks out today!!!

    I am happy for you Karen, I have lost 48 lbs as well. but its been 9 weeks for me. So you have me beat. I also had that hysterectomy 2 weeks ago and got pretty sick. I havnt been able to excersise at all , but when i can i will work my butt off. Congrats again and keep up the good work! Tammy