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  1. I bought them and left the package laying in my fruit basket, trying to work up the nerve to try them. I finally opened them, and just NO WAY. NONE. Not happening. I threw them away. YUCK. lol Sounds too like from some of the comments above they're not worth us as WLS patients messing with.
  2. By day 3, you won't be ABLE to eat much more than your selected protein. I was totally afraid I'd completely BROKEN my pouch, due to the larger volumes of food I could eat.....But doing the 5 day pouch test diet, by the morning of day 3, I made 2 scrambled eggs and could only eat 1.25 of them. If you go to www.5daypouchtest.com (there is also a facebook page) it will give you all of the recipes for free. I highly recommend the tuna parmesan patties (I make mine with canned chicken, since I'm allergic to tuna...but they DO have eggs in them, not sure if you are able to eat eggs IN something....
  3. I do have my gallbladder still, at over 5 years out. I can eat fried stuff, salad dressings, cake, cheese of all types (although I've NOT eaten Velveeta again since TWO MONTHS POST SURGERY LOL IT was terrible!!!) as well as other high fat, high sugar foods with no issues.
  4. Yes yes, I cannot even chew sugarless gum (with very little sugar alcohols) without getting SICK. I can eat a protein bar with sugar alcohol ONLY if it's around 2-3 grams or less. I can withstand actual SUGAR soooooo much better than the sugar alcohols! The Quest bars that have 5 or 6 grams of it, are a BIG NO NO for me. Yet, I could eat a huge slab of birthday cake with buttercream icing. Go figure.
  5. I don't dump....In fact, rarely since a couple years out have I had dumping. And dumping is NOT always caused by something with sugars or artificial sweeteners in it. The first time I EVER dumped was on Velveeta cheese! NO ONE should have this surgery thinking they'll get a lifetime 'shock collar' to keep them on track. You have to work on the reasons WHY you eat the wrong foods.......It's not a sure thing that you'll always dump.
  6. I read something about NO PEPTO but I cannot remember now what it was.....But I remember several having problems with Pepto and others chiming in about why it's a big ole no no.....It might have been on a FB group, and not in here, I can't remember. I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for all the issues and discomforts I have, with great success!!!! I've replaced all OTC's and all RX's in my family's life (with the exception of my bariatric supplements, of course!) Let me know if you'd like to learn more about the oils....They've been an amazing blessing in our lives.
  7. I had a period of time where I had this SEVERELY (around 4 years post op).....The symptoms would come on suddenly, and MOST of the time, drinking milk would help them subside. I used to be a late breakfast eater....I had to start eating something very shortly after getting up to eliminate those issues. Sometimes my issues were so severe I'd feel like I was going to black out while driving. It was TERRIBLE!!! Since I've been more mindful of what I eat, I have been doing much better. About bananas though.....I STILL cannot eat those (1-2 bites are okay, but a half a banana, no way!!) because the
  8. I had great luck 'resetting' my pouch and breaking the slider food/carb addiction I had developed with the 5 day pouch test diet. It's literally FIVE DAYS....and it WORKS if you follow it!!! Day one can be PRETTY hard, but if you set yourself up for success, you can get through it. Day 2-5 is MUCH easier. When I was on it, and come day 3 when allowed to add soft foods back in (day 1&2 were liquids only....as much as you want) I made 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast.....could only eat 1.25 of them!!!!! I was SHOCKED that my pouch didn't seem broken after all!!!! Check out the plan at www.5day
  9. Oh my gosh, it was the WORST. A horrible feeling and forty hours seemed like FOREVER. I was utterly miserable!! So glad you got some Papaya...and YES, the chicken salad is much easier, due to the moisture. But hey, do what works....Early out my nutritionist recommended I moisten chicken with mayo, mustard, even some liquids (broth, or whatever). And she suggested I put a TBSP of water in my scrambled eggs for the same reason!
  10. I MAY have just figured it out....not sure.....Let me see if this works!!
  11. I tried to do a search of the forum, as I'd LOVE to read some of my old posts from just after my surgery.....Kind of a timeline of those early days. however, my search results (searching for my screen name, and "All Content") only brings up a few current posts and a few posts from Pre-surgery, and a few posts and replies from a few months out........Can you direct me to somewhere that will tell me how to utilize the search feature and find what I'm looking for?? Thank you!!
  12. HI THERE ALL!!!! I found this thread doing a search of the board!!! Who all is still 'around'!??? I'd LOVE to catch up with some of you October 2010 surgery peeps! (We are trying to get more activity on the Long Term Post Op - 5 years and Beyond board as well!!! COME VISIT!!!!
  13. I second the 'keep trying' comment. You are still early out Heddi, and meat is so harsh on the pouch. Remember, it takes SIX MONTHS to fully heal.....and meat is tough to take MANY times before it finally sits well. Not all meat, but some. Chicken for sure! Also, I second, third and fourth the Papaya Enzyme tablets. OH MY GOSH WHAT A LIFESAVER!!!!! I had some chicken stuck for OVER FORTY HOURS once. My nutritionist recommended meat tenderizer....It didn't work AT ALL. On THIS board, I found out about the Papaya Enzymes. I started feeling some better almost immediately after taking them. If an
  14. Yes, I agree with what EVERYONE here said! I'm 5 years out now, but after my surgery, I was at a COMPLETE STALL for FIVE WEEKS!!!!! I was quite freaked out!! But, once my body figured out I wasn't dying and stopped hanging onto every bite and sip that went in my mouth, I began losing again. My weight on 10/3/10 was 357. My surgery was 10/21/10. By the end of 2010 I had lost 78 lbs! It WILL happen.....just follow your plan and DO try to stay off the scale....Easier said than done I know, but if you don't stay off, then at least don't let it rule you!!!!! Your weight WILL come off!!!!
  15. YES IT DOES!!!!! I had alot of those same issues.....But I will say this. Even though we may feel good after a couple months post op, your insides still have VERY MUCH HEALING LEFT TO DO..... Try not to get discouraged!! Just keep doing what you're doing.....and I agree with Julie....Enjoy this time when food is just fuel to you and use it to your advantage to create excellent habits and a good solid program, so that a couple years out you don't find yourself in my situation, which is with a huge regain!
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