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  1. April, I had surgery 4-28-2010 and have not had any problems since surgery. I am a lazy person and have never had much energy or wanted to go out much and I am still that way. I do have a pain every once in a while when I bend over will have a pulling sensation in my tummy but am not sure that it is surgery related. I would not trade this surgery and the life it has given me for anything. I would do it again tomorrow. I have always had poor self esteem and felt worthless and since the weight loss I finally feel comfortable with who I am. Best of luck on your decision with whatever you decide.
  2. Hopefully the heart racing will not affect your heart people with anxiety having their heart racing all the time and it does not shorten their life span. Just a thought I really hate you have been dealing with this for so long.
  3. Not taking vitamins daily is not good but should not cause weight gain. Also it may be possible you over ate on vacation and it is just not catching up with you. I would suggest you should write down everything you eat for the next 7 days and make sure you stick to your plan your surgeon gave you and see if the gain comes back off. Sometimes we are not eating a larger amount of food but it may have more calories. Hope this helps good luck
  4. I agree when I was first out of surgery the hunger was real not head hunger. I would just sip a tablespoon of soup when I felt hungry and that would be enough to fill me up. Everyone else said it was head hungry but I could feel my stomach growling and almost felt sick because I felt so hungry. I am now 7 almost 8 years out and have been a success so I would not let it worry you just sip something warm it will help.
  5. Jodi, You are a success after 7 years only a regain of 10 pounds is better than normal. As long as you watch what you eat and only treat yourself every once in a while and keep a watch on the scale you will be fine.
  6. Hit up the goodwill you can find really good bargains there and you want have to waste a lot of money on stuff you will soon out grow. Congrats on your success
  7. C I was the same way I could not think of anything else but the surgery for a few months prior to having it. I was co consumed with the thought that maybe I could fit in and not think of self as a not worthy of a happy life due to my weight. I was married to a wonderful husband and still am but no matter how many times he told me he loved me I did not believe it. I feel like I always thought I needed to lose weight before I could start enjoying my life. I was 44 when I had my surgery and after I lost all of my weight is the first time I ever felt like I was as important and as good as everyone else. I would suggest you choose your surgery with your surgeon and not just let him decide. I went with the gastric bypass because it had been around a lot longer than the sleeve. I also can dump even at 8 years out but I sort of know how much I can eat of sweets before it will make me feel bad. Best of luck on your up coming surgery.
  8. People have their own reasons for having this surgery just like some have their own reasons for not having it. It is an individual decision I also told everyone I was having it and did not have any one say negative things to my face about it bit I am sure some did behind my back. I sort of felt like you describe I feel like I was always sitting on the side lines of my life watching everyone else have fun or do things and I was to awkward and embarrassed to try anything due to my weight. I knew at age 44 if I had been over weight since age 8 and not been able to loose the weight that I would never be able to. I made the decision when my husband's doctor suggested it to him due to his diabetes. I had my surgery April 2010 and my husband had his May 2010. This was the best thing we have ever done for ourselves. I still tell people even now after knowing them a short amount of time. I want evertone to know this option is out there and is a great option for some people to finally be given a chance to enjoy their life.
  9. I had my surgery 4-28-2010. I normally eat a peanut butter sandwich in the mornings and then around 11:00 I will eat a yogurt or apple sauce or jello to hold me over. I normally go to mcdonald's and get just a piece of grilled chicken or a grilled chicken salad with no cheese and bring my own low cal dressing. I eat Chicken almost everyday at lunch. I am lucky eating the same thing does not bother me. At dinner I eat about 2 to 4 ozs of chicken or pork chop and a side vegetable and every other day 1/2 biscuit. I had gotten a little out of control with sweets so now I am back to just natural sugars and sugar free jello.
  10. I am sorry to hear about all of your loss. I will be wishing you a quick recovery on your surgery and fresh start on your weight loss.
  11. For me at least there are days I want to eat all day but I never do not feel restriction. I may want to eat all day but a few bites still feel me up thank goodness. I am 7 years out and have just now cut out my coffee cold turkey because I was drinking 40 plus ounces a day and it was causing me to bloat and hurt real day bad everyday. I stopped it cold turkey and now feel a lot better. I also went to the dentist that same week and had 4 new cavities because I was allowing myself to eat to many sweets only a few bites at a time but it caught up with me so I have went off all sugar as well and am proud to say i have lost 6 pounds in a a little over 2 weeks. Hang in there and know that you are strong enough to over come your urges it is so worth it.
  12. The first step is to go back to your surgeon and let them look at you to make sure everything internally is working how it should be. Then ask for guidance on what they suggest or if you know what to do then go back to basics. I would thing you should have lost more than 57 pounds from the sleeve if there is a problem they may want to turn your sleve into the gastric bypass. I know a lot of people who go from the sleeve to bypass. Reach out to their office and let us know how it turns out. Best of luck to you.
  13. Post am old picture of yourself on the refrigerator so you can see the old you when you get ready to eat when you are not truly hungry. I was told to do this and it really does help. I see that person who was so miserable and I never want to become her again so it helps to to go find something to do besides eat.
  14. I agree you hear a lot more people tell you bad things that have happened than good. I am with you I am 7 years out and I would do it all over again tomorrow if I needed to. I don't want to down play the risk or the pain you have for a few days afterwards but it is so worth the life I have now compared to the life I had then. Best of luck to your on your journey.
  15. I agree Jodi I had no problems until year 6 so I hope for their sake they can figure out how to manage things now and realize you have to still be careful and try to watch what you eat like you would if you were trying to diet. The great thing is a we only need a little food now so our tool does make it much easier than before.