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  1. I have an answer....and mine works. I have asthma and the primary side effect of my emergency inhaler is leg cramps. Drinking water does help, but I still get them. I also have bum knees and they seem to cause cramps too. The thing I have found that works like a charm is pickle juice. Take a spoonful or two of pickle juice and within five minutes the cramps are gone! I was told apple cider vinegar works too, but I haven't tried it.
  2. Hi Marty, Thanks and nice to meet you too!!
  3. Dara, Thanks. I will definitely let you all know when we know. I haven't even told my mom yet!
  4. Dara, Awwwwww, darn. Okay, 7 years ago I split with the hubby, an abusive sort I am glad to be away from. I put my resume online and got a job offer here. GULP. Big move for this Tennessee gal who had no family here and only one friend, an ex-sailor I had been pen pals with for a few years. Well, I leaped feet first and moved out here (drove actually....that is a story in and of itself) and finally met my pen pal. Love at first sight? No, but it wasn't hate either. We were just really great friends. He helped me a lot and I helped him too. He was my buddy through the surgery and has been my staunchest supporter. Well, over a month ago his sister took him to lunch and well, took him to task. She told him that the only two who didn't know we were meant to be together was us and to get over it and marry me before I found someone else (okay I wasn't looking). Well, he and I talked, and talked and talked and talked some more. She did manage to open his eyes to his true feelings and that is a good thing.....I think. I already knew my feelings, but hid them. Now to get him over the Catholic "once you are divorced that is it" mentality the Catholics drilled into him as a boy. No, he is not Catholic now. He is trying to quit smoking (January 2nd is the goal date) as he wants to be smoke free before he marries me. Awwwww. Then we are supposed to do pre-marital counseling for 2-3 months. So, maybe in April when my son comes home before he deploys for Iraq? I want him to give me away.
  5. Dara!! Congrats on the goal gal!! You look great! The wedding? Mine! No date set yet.
  6. Yes, yes, it is me, back again. Don't faint Bridget! Before surgery I drank 1-2 diet Mountain Dews per day (down from only the Lord knows how many). The rest of the time I drank water. After surgery I did pretty good, no desire for the cokes.....till I was about 9 months out. That is when I went home for a short visit. I took a bottle of water for the airplane, but it only lasted as far as the stopover in Denver....and I still had to get to Nashville. Ended up getting a diet coke, only because I still can't drink plain water and they had no Propel. Handled it well, but then, I let the fizz go flat before drinking much of it. Since then I will have a few sips of soda if I am eating out somewhere, but I am trying to be good. Okay, so I don't drink coffee, don't smoke, don't drink........I guess I have to have one bad habit! Lol! Ouch!!! That tomato hurt!!! Okay, okay, I will give up my sips of cokes before the wedding. There, that oughta buy me a few months.....or years. <grin> OOO, on another note, I got accused of stealing someone else's ID today. Got asked for ID on a purchase I was making and the cashier could not believe that the person in the picture was me a year ago! Good thing my pastor was in the store and picked that moment to come up to say hello to me!
  7. Thanks Nancy! It felt so good too, I didn't think it would feel that great, but it did!
  8. Good grief, I am supposed to know if I am coming or going?? Why didn't anyone tell me this before???? Rats!!!
  9. Lisa, Oh, hon, that made my YEAR!!! I loved making him squirm! Dara, Yep, doing great, sorry to have gotten lost like that! I have missed all of you!
  10. Kim, So sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it was the best ever!!
  11. Hi Snubby, If you weren't feeling apprehensive we would worry about you. We all went through it. Just think how much better you will feel 3 months down the road. I was so ready to cancel my surgery about 5 times before I went in, but I didn't do it. Mine was 1 year, 2 weeks and 150 pounds ago. Do I regret it? NO WAY!
  12. Umm, a little birdie (named Bridget) said that ya'll were freaking out over where I was. I am soooooooo sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth like that! I been a tad bit busy. The company I work for sold back the end of June, so I have new bosses. With the job I have the brunt of the work of closing out the old company and starting up the new company fell to me. Joy, Joy. So, for July and August I don't think that there were very many weeks (if any) that I worked less than 60 hours. Eeks! The last two months I have been busy trying to get all the web work I do on the side caught up after I let it slide in June, July and August. Other than that, I have been doing great! I got to go back to Tennessee to see my son graduate boot camp in June. On the plane I was able to sit in the seat and use the regular seat extender!! Too cool! I got to Nashville, picked up my rental and then went and checked into my hotel. Freshened up some and then off I went to find the extended care facility my mom was in (recuperating from knee replacement surgery). Found it, found her room and walked in. She was sitting on the side of the bed and she gave me a weird look. I said "Hey you" and my mom GASPED! "Is that YOU, oh my I didn't recognize you!!" Yes, that felt good. She kept telling me how good I looked. The next day off I went to the ex-mother-in-law's. She and the ex-uncle were going with me up to Fort Knox for my son's graduation. I get to her house and she too told me that she didn't recognize me. We sat and talked for a bit, then the ex got there with his girlfriend (my son invited them too, but I wouldn't let them ride with me). I was in another room when he got there and waited about five minutes before I came into the room he was in. He stopped in mid-sentence of the story he was telling, his eyes bugged out and his mouth bounced off the floor about 10 times. Oh yeah, he kept looking me up and down too! NOW THAT felt GOOD!! At Fort Knox my son told me that if I hadn't been with the rest of the family he would not have recognized me and then told me that one of his battle buddies wanted to take me out on a date. No, I didn't go, wayyyyyy too young for me! Anyhow, I am doing good, in the middle of making a gazillion cookies for a Harvest Festival my church is having in San Marcos this Sunday! So, I get to bake cookies that someone else will eat. I love it!!!
  13. DFoster, The commercials were the worst. But I will tell you what worked for me. It was a two-step solution, but it continues to work. First as I was getting ready to take a shower I looked at myself in the full-length mirror and said "if food has gotten me to be this way, then it is NOT MY FRIEND". Second, when a commercial would come on for food on the tv, I would ask myself, "Does it EVER taste as good as the commercials make it look??" The answer was always a resounding "NO". Within a week the commercials did nothing to me. Like I said, this worked for me. It may work for you, it may not, but it is worth a try. Good luck, glad to see you here!
  14. Okay, that could cause it, but I am not diabetic. Blood sugar levels, hmm, mine are usually on the low side. Something to keep in mind though!
  15. Pam, Yep, I is really stubborn when I wanna be. Thanks for the prayers!