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  1. Yes! I got it too. They treated me with flagyl, a hard core antibiotic. Thankfully it went away. Get thee to a doctor! Xo
  2. Thanks, y'all. I appreciate it. I've gone back to eating clean and training dirty and back down 5 of 7 since my last whinging. I think most of it has been water weight (and those darn jelly beans!) This row is a long one to hoe, to be certain. glad I can come on and whine. xo
  3. "I'm cold." "Babe, it's 72 degrees." "shush... I'm cold" ::teeth chatters::: I don't have a layer of fluff to keep me warm anymore. I'm okay with wearing size medium layers!
  4. Mine was diet cherry dr pepper.. oh the burn.. oh the sweet, sweet coldness. Now, oh the bloat.. the evil, evil creeping back up the esophagus and the feel of being violet beauregarde being rolled away to the juicer. Alas, I don't miss it anymore.
  5. Not quite, actually. May 18th was my surgery date and I'm inching closer to it. I've also noticed in the last few weeks I'm backsliding. Not into unhealthy food choices, but my weight is creeping back up. I'm happiest around 163-165 and I'm currently at 171. (( insert rage face here )) Yes, 7 whole pounds off my feel-good range. That shouldn't be a big deal, right? right? Well it IS. I'm finding myself really struggling to get these back off. I'm really annoyed. I also deal with anxiety/panic disorder so when I can't get out and run off the 'fight or flight' feeling, I'm finding myself with my head in the fridge. YES, it's 100 cal popcorn or grapes or cheese cubes, but STILL. I'm turning my face to food again! No!! Staaaahp! And now that I've noticed it, I have a huge headcold and can't get out and walk it off. I can't exercise to burn it off. I was up to walking 3-5 miles a day on breaks and I'm scheduled to RUN (yes run!) a 5k in August. All my training is shot. I'm super stressed. I can't deal. I see myself as a whale again. I'm getting fluffy. I'm failing. Help. Thanks for letting me whine. sad nerd
  6. Hiya from Georgia! I decided because i have a history of Crohn's and anemia. It was a no brainer for me.
  7. Depression is difficult because it is our very minds who betray us and trick us into thinking it's okay. I live with panic and anxiety disorder. And now that I can't "eat my stress" so to speak, I find my anxiety off the charts. This winter has been a real tough one - lack of sun, lack of ability to get out an exercise the 'fight or flight' response, the holidays, and several deaths have happened to us this winter. I know how you feel. You're not alone. I hope it gets better for you and you're able to find relief!
  8. I called it "buyer's remorse." Once you adjust to the new-normal and see the results, the regrets will probably fade.
  9. I'm so sorry that happened to you. It amazes me how people can throw words on a screen and think it doesn't affect the person on the other side. I think we've all been there at some point in time or another with our decision. Friends, family, strangers on the internet. Some are overly worried, and others are just uneducated. Sometimes both. *hugs*
  10. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2004. The doc put me on a regimen of Asacol - 4 pills, three times a day. Within three weeks it had cleared up a CONSIDERABLE amount. I had my gallbladder removed in 2007 and *knocks on wood* I haven't had any problem since. I'm not on medication anymore. I've been very lucky. Good luck to you! Invest in lots of imodium!
  11. omg! poor girl! I hope you can get back up soon. That sounds like a special level of dante's hell. lol
  12. Thank you. This has been missseraaabbllleee.. I want and need to DO stuff. I'm not used to sitting on my rear anymore! I hate being knocked down.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. I actually took that advice and went back to sugar free carnation instant. I blend it with ice, skim milk and some cinnamon & decaf instant coffee for a frappe flavor. Totally calming on my stomach.
  14. "I walk 3-5 miles a day. I stay active on the weekends. I eat high protein. I drink no soda. I stay around 1k-1500k cals a day. I stay away from carbs as much as I can. I watch my portions - and I had a brilliant surgeon in the beginning." my standard answer. They hear the stuff first, then the kicker. Then I back up to it if they figure it out before I walk off or change the subject.
  15. I guess I'm so focused on protein and calories now it's really weird surviving on Gatorade, water and crackers. Had an egg. Terrible choice. Had some plain rice. Feel like a bird flying over a wedding -- about to explode. I've been awake for four whole hours, first time since Wednesday. I feel horrible again. Bloated, nauseous and want to cry. thanks everyone. I guess I'll just keep away from food in general for a bit longer and focus on fluid.
  16. So, I've had the norovirus for three days. Boooo.. (though I have gotten rid of that five pound spread!! ha! grrrrrrrr...) I've only consumed crackers and gatorade for three days. How do I re-introduce foods now? Should I just take it easy and do what seems right? I don't have much energy, much interest in foods. I have a sad
  17. This is wonderful advice. Also, I'm confused as to why you weren't already in the know about things to come, too. This isn't something you sign up for and then ignore for 6 months before the date to come. Hate to be harsh, but you're in control of this. You knew what would be expected of you. Ignoring it does not make it go away. You can either be miserable about it or you can accept things you can't change and deal with it like an adult who made this decision. I would also consider a support group or therapist who is specific with the topic. As to the Original question -- I *can't* eat and drink at the same time anymore. It feels like it's coming up my throat if I do. It was difficult, pre-surgery, and I thought I'd have an issue afterward, but honestly it's been a no brainer. I eat. I wait 30 mins. I drink. I ask for my drink in a to go cup if it's something I want to keep and drink later - and I may have a sip during the meal, but in no way can I physically do it. Your mileage of course will vary.
  18. It was my experience that after the first woooooooosh of weight loss my body stalled around 220ish too. This forum (I LOVE YOU GUYS) showed me it was totally normal to stall out a little. Your body finally realizes 'what the what!?' and holds on for a bit. Keep doing what you're doing! It'll start again!
  19. I had serious heartburn issues pre surgery but never had it classified as GERD, so your mileage on my response may vary. Post surgery has been fine - I do take a zantac twice a day because of some minor heartburn issues (12+ months out) but I believe it's MY eating/drinking habits that are causing the problem and not the surgery. ie: I need a gum intervention. (orbitz bubblemint in specific.) I'm a coffee drinker. Black. Two splenda. Repeat often. I also have found myself eating faster and that causes some 'errrrp' too. In conclusion - given my anecdotal evidence, it's STILL far better than it ever was pre-VSG, and a zantac twice a day does the trick.
  20. Thank you. i wish I could boogie my way out of the 160s into the 150s but I don't see it happening. I'm just going to keep cruisin' and see what happens
  21. it's so weird -- the paperwork I got from my surgeon said tums could be used. hope I haven't been messing myself up.
  22. it's so weird -- the paperwork I got from my surgeon said tums could be used. hope I haven't been messing myself up.
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