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  1. 2nd chance?

    Thank you so much ardita and Jeanie hugggggggggggggs It is only a tool and I hope I have a 2nd chance but if not- I will work hard to get to onederland! I will update everyone as soon as I know something- have a beautiful day! huggggggggggs
  2. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2006 and did really well initially- I stopped losing weight about a year and a half ago. I did have a hysterectomy but I do not blame that for my issues. I know that I am in fact able to eat more, and I know I have developed some of my bad habits back. I feel like a total gastric bypass failure and am frustrated because I have gained 30lbs back. I sought out help in August and after doing an upper GI, then an endoscopy, it was determined that my pouch was not stretched but there was an opening too large where the food empties into my stomach. I was told I qualify for revision. I have some health issues now such as high blood pressure (Again) Also due to me stressing I have migraines and now vertigo. I did everything the new gastric bypass Doctor has told me to do including a month of iron infusions. Now the only thing is I am waiting on my insurance and terrified. I have United Healthcare and I think they are pretty good but I am still considered morbidly obese, I had gotten to the obese point but now back up to morbid and never have made it to onederland The Bariatric Doctor stated that the "route" my former gastric bypass doctor took was not a prefered method and that there is a "patch" of his patients with issues like myself. - I DO take ACCOUNTABILITY for not doing this right though and grazing as well as again drinking with meals but I do not pork out eating all the time. I am very depressed and I was told that my new Doctor put the insurance request for authorization in September 18th. It is sitting still pending and I am so scared it will be denied. Does anyone have any similar situation or insight. Thank you hugggggggggs
  3. Thank you and I think many of us on this forum have been through similar experiences and I am so happy that I joined and can look to others for support as well as be a support to others too! xoxoxo
  4. Huggggggs Jeanette thank you and welcome to this wonderful forum of support and friendship.
  5. huggggggggggggggs Duckie , i did and now have to get a restraining order but I am working on perhaps moving also:) You look Awesome! Thanks for everything
  6. Updated Before & Afters

    How are you doing? Thanks for all your support huggs
  7. (((( soft huggggs)))) thank you Cynthia and I hope one day to have somebody to love me unconditionally as well. I am so happy for you and I think you have a positive and kind spirit!
  8. Hi Missy xoxoox thank you again for encouragement and being so supportive. I will start seeing a therapist soon as I do struggle with the after effects and of course still have more weight to go. I hope you are well and I am glad I checked in xoxoox Thank you
  9. Hugggggggs Miss Kitty thank you so much for your uplifting words and support. I am not sure why I am just getting these messages now but I am soooooooo glad I logged in and must remind myself to keep logging in to help support others as well. xoxoxo
  10. Thank you so mucn (((Tender hugs)))) for some reason I did not get this message until now but I will check in more often and I want to thank you for your support and being such a living angel xoxoxo
  11. huggggggs Starla , thanks so much for the encouragement and for understanding. I still have more weight to lose but just feel like a total freak. i think if I have the courage to get the help, lose the mean spirited man and work on me then I will be okay. I want to thank you and everyone on here as today and this weekend has been a very dark and lonely day and this is helping me a little bit. xoxoxo
  12. Thank you Jen- you are so right. He has always insulted my looks even before the surgery and when I think he is not a real man. I definately do not want to keep the skin but I have to see what can be done. Thanks so much for making me feel a lil better hugggggs
  13. Barb xoxoxo thank you for your support- I do not understand why I am so emotional or depressed.
  14. thank you so much Marie, that is so true. I just hope the pain for me is softened soon. Talking with sweet caring people like you truly helps. xoxoxo
  15. Rain huggggggggg thank you so much. I know that I need to really seek help because I really feel so down. I have had this man in and out of my life for 2 years, he knew me when I was at my heaviest but always found ways to make me feel ugly. My low self esteem keeps me returning to him and this weekend it really got to a low point. He even said I had elephantitus of the legs which the doctor never called it that but used another medical word. I really am not sure why my body transformed the way it did. My waist went down nice and my upper body but the arms and legs did not turn out so well and my breast are sagging now. I hate to whine but I just feel so scared that I will be alone the rest of my life and never be able to enjoy being on the beach without worrying who is staring. I truly appreciate your kind words and venting here is really helpful You are a true angel sweet rain. xoxoxo Thank you so much xoxoxo