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  1. Dilation went well - iv fluids were also very welcome! Now drinking fluids with no problem and just finished 10 oz protein shake! Cautiously optimistic. F/u barium swallow Saturday and will need subsequent dilations .... but now hopeful!! Thanks for all the support!
  2. 2 weeks postop tomorrow but returned to work today. Very weak - ok fluids but poor protein intake. Started vomiting even small volumes of fluid so had to leave work. Surgeon thinks my new pouch outlet is too tight or starting to scar/stricture... so endoscopy and dilation tomorrow am! Hoping to finally be able to take fluids and soft stuff tomorrow afternoon or Friday. Really need to get my energy up - and prob need protein for that!
  3. Finished a 32 oz Poweraid drink last night and some warm tea. The warm tea really felt the best of all! So fluid intake still on the low side but maybe improving and feeling better and I’m still voiding. Starting over today - warm tea now then maybe some more Poweraid and I have to try a protein drink sometime today!!
  4. Really struggling to drink fluids today - 2nd postop day. Drink just a little and feel uncomfortable! It’s been 7 years since I did this ..... should I force the volume or let my comfort level guide me?? Only got down about 8 oz over the last 24 hours.
  5. Surgery went well but no specific abnormalities found, except a few holes in the omentum which could catch up on a loop of bowel. So he closed the holes and redid my original anastamosis. F/u barium study this am looks good. I’ve been walking and am ready to go when the surgeon comes by. Swallowing barium filled up pouch quick and my first clear liquids — 1/2 oz was filling!! I’ve forgotten how to do initial diet -drinking 1-2 oz an hour!!!! Gotta go back and read some “beginner” diet threads!! Dang.... starting over after 7 years!!!
  6. Thanks. Good advice. I do trust my surgeon, just spooked by uncertainty!!
  7. Thanks! Will do! PreOp visit this Wednesday and hoping the surgeon will have a idea of the strictures location or I may bail!!
  8. Thank you both!! Not looking forward to mostly protein shakes before and after surgery. I have lost so much muscle mass from my low protein intake that I am looking forward to eating real protein again and maybe get back to some muscle-building exercise. While my weight is stable my body shape has changed back to “dumpy” from my current carb-laden diet! Cannot wait to grill again and workout with some good protein intake!!
  9. Lost 100 lbs in first year; keeping it off but mostly because of intermittent severe abdominal pain that limits my intake- which has changed dramatically from protein (which now gets “stuck” - hence the belly pain!!) - now eating small meals of primarily carbs that digest easily and do not get stuck!! Surgeon feels there is a significant stricture that obstructs me intermittently, especially with solid proteins. I have surgery scheduled for 11/16/17. He will only remove the narrowed area of intestine and do a new “hookup” (once he finds it!! - studies are vague) and make sure the pouch is the correct size and open - no revision of RNY loops, etc .... Hope this will eventually allow me to eat solid protein again - I miss grilling!!
  10. I have noticed the size of my breasts more since my extended abdominalplasty - not huge but definitely out of proportion since the surgery. Not crazy about another surgery but will follow this thread closely. Good luck to Mickwagon and tomincolorado-any pictures? Thanks.
  11. PS felt my wound opened up b/c: large seroma, post GBS thin skin and bad luck!! I seem to be mostly healed-light workouts, working full time 24+hr shifts, limited full-court basketball and playing some golf (so my life is lots better)!! PS says one more month til serious weights and interval training but I am just so happy my wound is healing! Just back from a Panama Canal cruise-great trip, good rest/rehab and food! Best of all ... no weight gain!!! Pics: Before; postoperative initial surgery; wound opened; postoperative wound repair; current!!
  12. LOL!! I have never had the problem of too little drive but with my new more sleek lower body I feel I am much better "equipped" to provide pleasure. I do think that the new angle I now have is advantageous physically for all the right anatomical reasons (that's the anatomy class they made us take in med school and my OB rotation talking!!). I am excited about these changes as they seem "bolder" than the more subtle differences I experienced post GBS. I am trying to be cautious with a healing surgical wound -- rather limiting but ..... time will heal all ... patience!! Perhaps my surgery will also "do a nice thing for a lady"!! LOL!!
  13. I think that after GBS surgery the weght loss "reveals" the length previously hidden and perhaps "trapped" by the fat around your genital area. Increased endurance and "drive" I think is enhanced by the weight loss, hormonal changes and general health improvement (type II diabetes, hypertension gone). The enhancement after this abdominalplasty surgery, I think, is a combination of removed extra skin and a repositioning and "isolation" of the shaft (perhaps only appearing bigger by being more prominent - moved to the "front of the class"!!) ..... only my ideas though!
  14. I do count my blessings, believe me!! Since my wound had to be "reclosed" surgically i have only recently been "cleared" for the physicality of love-making. The sensations are hightened, and as I and others noted after GBS - "useable/effective" size increased - it appears that after this surgery the same thing has happened! The devil will be in the detail as our angles/positioning were way off ..... so there will be some fun experimenting to come!!
  15. UDude ... yes, it makes a wonderful compass - just need to look and see which side has the moss!! Bigdaddy ... yes the surgery has made a big difference (see my before and after pics on the Plastic Surgery forum) ..... I still run full court basketball and do serious interval training and expect a much easier time of it after this surgery! Pain was not bad at all .. just make sure your surgeon puts in drains and you do not push his time/physical effort limitations! I tried to be a really good patient, and was mostly, but still had a 3 week complication - a portion of the incision opened and I had to go back and get it surgically reclosed .... but a month out since then and I am well healed, just extra cautious!!! A procedure well worth the time and money!! Any questions feel free to PM me and I'll give you my cell number.