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  1. I Val, I had lap band surgery in April 2008. You inspire me with the weight you have lost. I requested that you be my friend and give me some insight. I have lost some weight but it seems that I am in a period where it is kind of slow.

  2. Switch from Lapband to Gastric??

    Lala I agree, I have been told the same, and I do that too. (wait 2 days that is, that is pretty normal after care, I think! LOL) Berry- I would try and really practice to eat slowly, and chew well. Count chews if you have too before you swallow. Yes it very well could happen more often after another fill. Good luck
  3. Switch from Lapband to Gastric??

    Nope no dig. I felt that there was some info that should be cleared up and that was the post I made. First I want to start with the "Personally i couldnt eat the things you eat Val, once i tried pizza after an 8hour flight and I actually vomited, not PB'd...and have never eaten it since, because of the damage you can do to your stomach if you do vomit when you have a band." After a flight my Dr has told me that a band can tighten up. Some people I know IRL have had their band get so tight after a flight that they couldn't even swallow spit, sorry that happened to you. Yep vomiting is bad for the band, and shouldn't be done. May I ask what you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? I am not trying to be rude I am just wondering...(I don't want to thinking I am coming off as flip or snippy I am just curious) I too lived on liquids/full liquids/mushies/then softs after the band was placed. It was a 6 week baby step program. After a good fill you should stay on liquids for 48 hours, then slowly ease back into your diet. As far as harm you aren't consuming enough calories with 3 protein drinks a day. You might cause your body to go into a storing mode and not loose a thing..That isnt what the band is meant to do either, the band has no affects on liquids, only real food. So you wont stay full, and then the fluid will run threw the band and the person is hungry again. Now if the person had good restriction, and was eating the 1/4-1 cup per serving of food, they should stay full till the next meal. Another reason you dont want to be to tight is it could cause a slip. That I hear is really painful, and not fun. I know there are diet out there that have someone stay on a protein shake for 3 meals a day to lose the weight, but if that really worked and the weight stayed off then we wouldn't need WLS to help us. And ya I guess I did misunderstand you because I thought you were suggesting that they stayed on the liquid diet indefinitely.
  4. Switch from Lapband to Gastric??

    I am sorry you are having trouble with the band. You really need a fill, as of right now its doing nothing for you, because there isnt enough saline in it to do anything. The first few fills with a 10cc band are big ones. (At least that is what I have read) Like 2cc each. Then after that most Drs like to do a little at a time. Its really hard to control your hunger and eating if you arent getting any help. now as far as eating with the band I eat 3 meals a day. I do have a snack in the evening that is normally SF popcicle, SF pudding, or once in a while a slurge of popcorn, FF normally 100cal packs) For breakfast I eat cereal, or eggs, or oatmeal. Lunch salads, tuna and crackers, 1/2 a sandwich (roll ups, not bread). Dinner is meat of some sort, veggies, then if I have room a carb. I can eat in the am and I have good restriction. YOU DO NOT WANT TO STAY TO TIGHT OR YOU COULD DAMAGE YOUR STOMACH...lIQUIDS ONLY IS NOT THE WAY TO GO!!!! YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO EAT, JUST MUCH SMALLER AMOUNTS!!!! YOU SHOULD NOT GET STUCK~~ You should feel full fast not a hurt stuck feeling... Sorry for "yelling" but I wanted to get that out there. And you have not failed your Dr should be nothing but supportive, bacause without a fill everything you have done (even maintaining) is all you! So I would make sure if he starts by saying something negative by reminding him of that!!! As far as pizza use it as a slurge, not a reg thing. I have eaten pizza since I have been banded, I dont make it a reg thing. Its a treat. We are having pizza tomorrow and it will one peice (if I am lucky, most likely the topping only) DD b-day and she got to pick her meal of choice! I will eat salad though... Its not easy but you can do it! No matter what surgery to get your food choices have to change... Good Luck
  5. My Before/After Pics

    You look great!!!
  6. Beach Bunny

    WOW you look wonderful! I hope I look 1/2 as good as you do when I am done!
  7. From 433lbs. to 215lbs.

    You look great! You should be very proud of yourself, you have done a awesome job! I shared your story and pictures with my DH who started off about where you started weight wise (plus about 16 years! LOL) and you were very inspriring to him! Congrats again!
  8. update

    I am glad to hear everything is going in the right direction for you. I too hear you on the heart meds, they can be pricey!
  9. Sure I be open to a interview!

  10. Adjusting

    what would you like to know?
  11. reached your goal?

    How far out are you? I am 18m out now. How much have you lost? I have lost 123-125 depending on the day! LOL Have you reached goal? If not yet, how much more would you like to lose? No I havent reached my WL goal. I have about 25-30 more LBS to lose. But I have reached my major goal in improving my health. Before the band, my heart was in bad shape. I was told I needed a new one, but I was to heavy to get one. Now my heart has improved and all transplant talk is gone. So in a way I feel like I have reached a major goal! Now I just need to get the scale to follow suit!
  12. find a doctor in southern california

    Does Dr Quilici, not except your insurence? My DH had him, and has done very well. (He has the RNY in Jan) I had Dr Paya for the band...
  13. Although it is silly...

    A thinner me I can eat pretty much anything. But bread type things are a no go. tortillas, bread, pretzels, and the like. Some dried fruit, that is to chewy doesnt work either for me. the last thing I can think of is Mango. I tried fresh mango about a year ago and stuck city! I have no idea why? Everyone seems to have something that they cant eat, and you will know once you find it!
  14. Val, You responded to a post of mine a couple months ago when I was looking for people to interview for my website. I wound up working on a different computer and lost track of logs in and passwords, etc. and didn't catch your response. Anyway, my website is coming along quite well. Would you still be amenable to an interview? Lori

  15. Questions on the Lap Band

    Congrats on your date! Glad to hear you are feeling better Jen! Welcome to the BAND! LOL