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  1. I'm sorry to have caused a ruckus. I'm over it, I just wanted info about veggie post surgery. Special thanks to Swizzly and Cinwa.
  2. Thanks for your responses, if only I could drink milk or eat yogurt my life would be simpler. The medication that is keeping me alive makes it hard, I boiled a dozen eggs today and will probaby be eating that for the next 4 or 5 days. This forum has been one of my largest places for support since my surgery. And I hope I have helped people in their journey as well. I have posed recipes and advice from my own experience over the last 2 years. Today however I got 3 private messages from different people who told me to take my cancer issues to another site that houses cancer forums. I will not name anyone, I have more important issues to worry about right now. I just asked for nutritional advice from my fellow WLS folks. WLS is not a cosmetic surgery, especially for me, it saved my life. The long timers here have helped save my life as well and I will be back as I can. I started another round of chemo this week and I don't feel well right now.
  3. Syntrax has always been my brand but right now not so much. Last month I spent over $700 trying them all out, my doc thinks it's the whey. I do not recommend getting cancer;) I can't even eat olives anymore... Lol
  4. Hey everybody, Due to my inability to eat meats since my chemo started I was hoping for some protein rich veggie recipes. I can't hold down much so basically right now it's veggies, eggs and cheese. Milk doesn't really like me these days so therefore my protein shakes don't like me either. I can eat edamame but not tofu, seems very strange to me. Open to all suggestions.
  5. I'm sorry for that. I have been recieving treatment for cervical cancer. I have under gone chemotherapy and radiation and while all this is happening my husband deployed again. He tried to get out of it and is scared something may happen to me while he is gone. Kind of ironic, I get this life saving surgery only to get cancer a year and a half later. And the frosting on the cake is that I am alone in a foreign country and have no family support right now. As far as eating, I can barely keep down egg beaters and protein shakes. But the anti nausea meds have cause me to gain a little, which they told me it would, but it's better than being constantly sick. I feel so lost.
  6. HI everybody! How are you all doing? I'm ok, still plateau'd at 251 lost, but really, I can't complain about that as I feel 1000 times healtheir. My total cholestorol was 139, my vitamin levels and blood pressure are all great as of my last check up. I have some new recipes that I will post in a bit. I started college classes again and have a thriving dog walking/pet sitting business, very small but it's fun. The only hiccup is that my husband deployed on Friday, this part stinks. I should be here more, but life has been nuts and I have even neglected my friends on Facebook in the last few months and I know them personally. LOL.
  7. Hellllooooo...where are you?? Having too much fun in Ye Olde Deutschland to post here now? :-) Hope you're doing great!! xx

  8. Finally have internet back! 247 lost so far. 53 lbs left to go!

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      I was just popping by because I was wondering how you were doing -- and come to find you so near to goal!!! You have really done an amazing job of this. Seriously.

  9. Thanks Corrine, once again you are a fountain of knowledge. I made this last night, and it turned out wonderfully, I didn't put the powdered milk and cinnamon in until this morning when I ate it, but next time I will add it when I cook it. It turned out nice and creamy, and the oats were still a tiny bit chewy, and it was a great warm breakfast. I used the Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut oats because that's what they had at the commissary and I stuck with the 1 c of oats to 4 c of water that the package recommended, next time I will probably cut it in half. It stuck to the inside of my crock pot a little, but when I stirred it this morning it scraped off pretty easily and wasn't burned.
  10. I have started my own dog walking/pet sitting service and always on the go now. Who would have thought I would be WALKING for a living? It's been tons of fun.
  11. My new German friend bought a slow cooker in the Netherlands a few weeks ago. 220v and everything, she didn't remember the store name as she did a lot of shopping that weekend. Kenwood Slow Cooker CP658 Maybe try
  12. Also, once the oatmeal is cooked does it refrigerate well? if it is just me eating it, it will take me at least a week to eat 4 cups of this, if I cook 1/2 cup would I then use 2 cups of water?
  13. I get light headed if I don't eat within 30 minutes of waking up, I find my blood sugar seems to drop about 3 hrs post meal if I don't eat something so it hits me first thing in the AM, I would love to have the oats ready when I get up. I have a 1.5 qt crock pot that I intend to use, should I still use a bowl for a double boiler situation? It seems to cook ok, but I haven't used it often since I use my 4qt cooker to cook meals for hubby and myself. I have powdered non fat milk, splenda and cinnamon ready to add, just need to know how to cook the oats, it is way too chilly here to do protein shakes in the AM and I am getting tired of eggs...
  14. Any advice on cooking these in the crock pot? I have searched the web and found varying recipes and even some that advise against it. I have a 1.5 oz crock pot...
  15. 3 lbs gone last week, yay me! :-)