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  1. 5 Day Pouch Test - Tigergal71

    Tigergal, I started today... My first time. Any suggestions? It was a rough day (work drama, family drama) but I'm staying strong. How are you doing? I'm cheering for you!
  2. Best blender

    I just got the magic bullet at wal mart for $22. We love it too! And can't beat the price!
  3. Finally reached the next lower level!

    Congrats! What a huge step! Keep up the good work!
  4. Calories...

    I am just 3 months out and saw the doctor and got a huge lecture because I'm not hitting the 1000 cal. mark. I always get 60g protein but he was very unhappy that I was only getting around 650 cal. But I know each doc is different.
  5. My son has been having this happen to him for the last 3 years. He is now 15 and they have run every test known to man (most twice) He stood up after taking a his PSSA tests and hit the floor, stands up from playing xbox and runs to get a snack, he hits the floor... well you get the point. He can now tell when it's going to happen and get himself down before it happens. He is very athletic and has a normally low blood pressure so when he changes position it drops lower. They didn't want to medicate because he plays football, basketball, track and they don't want to raise it and then have to worry about it going to high. Hope this helps, Good luck!
  6. Counting Calories

    I went to the surgeon for my 2 1/2 month follow up. He was very happy with my weight loss, said everything looked great but told me I needed to be at 1000 calories. I've been averaging 450-650 depending on the day but hadn't really been "counting" I journal to make sure I get my protein in and it tracks my calories too. Just wondered where everyone else was falling. I'm having trouble getting there!
  7. Hiccups

    Thank goodness someone else is in the same boat. I probably have them 15-20 times a day, not for long but all the time! My surgeon didn't have any advice at all!
  8. I'm in need of advice from the wiser post-opers. I am 11 days post op and my pouch gets very grumpy at any water (warm, cold) I can do broth, SF pudding, hot tea but protein shakes, water, jello, etc... all causes me pain. I've tried SOBE 0, crystal lite, it's all the same I take a little sip I get pain. Thanks for your help!
  9. ~*February 2011 Staplers*~

    I made it though surgery great...and had no pain. There were no rooms so I had to go to ICU the first night until midnight when they decided they would move me. I had the biggest goofball nurse. She didn't usually work this floor yadda yadda yadda and I explained over and over how nausaus I was (and had been since 5pm I couldn't even open my eyes) and she still stood me up tried to walk me to the new room and that's when my good experience turned bad. Once I started throwing up I couldn't stop. Luckily the nurses on the new floor called right away and got me something better for the nausea and took the pain pump out since I wasn"t using it anyway. We are from a little town and I had met with my dr. several times great guy... at the hospital I had this whole staff that I didn't even know existed catering to my every whim. 4 residents stopping by to check on me, chat, tell me that we were getting pummled with snow. It was nice and funny how quickly you get over showing strangers your tummy. The rest of the staff was incredible, had a great roommate, couldn't have asked for anything to go smoother really. Now as soon as I can get rid of the gurgles I'll be excited. Tried to go for a car ride yesterday (home friday) but got about 5 miles and had them bring me home. Today I'm heading to church and going to try to drive myself. Heading back to work in the am ~ half days only tho. My boss it awesome as is my superintendent. You really count your blessing with everything after going thru a life change like this. My college daughter even came home for a quick visit (laundry & a grocery list too LOL) Thoughts and prayers to everyone !!
  10. ~*February 2011 Staplers*~

    Hi everyone... My original surgery date was changed due to the surgeon's father passing away. So my new date is finally here and I get to go first... gotta love that. I have to be at the hospital by 5:30AM and since I'm a morning person that is great for me. My DH is not a morning person lol. Keep that info coming for those of us just getting through!
  11. Samples of protein

    Hello, Just wanted to update a thread I found. I googled the Syntrax Nectar Proteins in search of samples, I have so much protein powder that I don't like and don't want to purchase more without trying it, and someone had posted in 2009 that you could purchase samples of each of their flavors for around $9.99. I called today and they still offer this service. It is now 13 flavors for $13 free shipping. Just wanted to share
  12. Sandiv, I'm so sorry to hear about your surgery being postponed. I think you need to talk with the office again and explain your predicament. I think it's very unfair that you would have to suffer due to something that is totally out of your hands. Perhaps they can switch your surgery to an earlier date if you explain your personal family situation. Best of luck to you. Annette

  13. ~*February 2011 Staplers*~

    So after following everything to a "T" and was on the final days... only to have the surgeon's office call today and tell me they have to reschedule my date. His father died and I feel very bad for him and his family. And very frustrated for mine. I have to start all over and this gives me 1 day that my pre-op testing will be good. After the 30 day mark I have to have all of them redone too. Everyone else who was set to have surgery on the same date was able to get earlier dates in the month... I am pushed back to the 28th. To make matters worse, my DH leaves to go one a mission trip to Haiti on 3/3 for 2 weeks. We thought it would be perfect timing UGH! I have to start the whole pre op diet over. This is so hard! Thanks for letting me vent.
  14. ~*February 2011 Staplers*~

    Nettie, Thanks for the update. It really helps with all of us playing the waiting game. Anyone else who has surgery coming up please give us your updates and pointers when you can! I'm trying to be patient... but the waiting is soooo hard. I've had all my pre-op testing and I'm just waiting for the big day!
  15. YEAH!!! Great job! Good for you for doing this for yourself! Thoughts & prayers are with you.