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  1. Pre Op apt today AHHHH

    Hi mama! I just read the other post! It is a small world! I take it you are not in Colorado anymore? I love it here. It will be great to have someone right there along side of me the whole time. It will be really interesting to see what similarities we have with the surgery and what differences! You should add me as a friend on here (still new, don't know how to do that?) So I had my preop yesterday and was surprised that he wants me on a liquid diet only one day before the surgery! I was pretty happy with that, lol. I can't wait. So nervous, yet excited. I had to fill out my 5 wishes form yesterday and I tell ya, that was a very emotional thing to do. Brought me right back down to reality. I can't wait to wake up from the surgery because then I know everything went fine and my new life begins!
  2. Temporary Blonde

    Yes, I will post some pictures soon. I'm 5'1" I'm a shorty and I weight 264 My surgery is Sept 14 and I can't wait. It's good to hear the thighs and hiney are going down! Have you had any huge issues with loose skin or is it all shrinking pretty well? I go to my preop today and I'm really starting to get nervous
  3. ~* September 2010 Staplers *~

    So you do have it scheduled My hand is up!!!!
  4. Pre Op apt today AHHHH

    LOL - I agree on the purple binder! Do you know when your surgery will be? I just have this fear there is something important I don't know and I'll do something wrong or hurt myself in some way or something, I don't know. LOL. You would think watching my mom, aunts, cousins all go through it I would be more reassured. I was but not anymore! LOl
  5. Ok, today is my pre-op apt. I have surgery Sept 14. I'm private pay, so this all happened very quickly and I'm a little on the scared side. Every woman on my mom's side has had this surgery, so I know what to expect, but I'm still scared. I have had an upset stomach for like 5 days now, and I'm wondering if it's nerves, but at the same time, I'm like "what if there is something wrong and I can't have the surgery" Agh! I'm so nervous. And what is the doc going to do today for the post op. I wonder if I will be put on a liquid diet soon? I can't believe.....less than 3 weeks away. OMG. freakin out a litte
  6. ~* September 2010 Staplers *~

    Sept 14th here! So nervous and excited!
  7. Temporary Blonde

    If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? I'm having surgery Sept 14 and I'm shaped a lot like you. You look amazing! I can't wait to look like you do! lol. Keep up the great work!
  8. Private Pay Gastric Bypass

    sweet, well I guess maybe it is this easy....
  9. Private Pay Gastric Bypass

    @ mjune. I don't have to have stress tests, etc. Maybe it's because of my age and that I am in fairly good health? I don't know, but even my pcp and endocrinologist don't think I need to go through all those tests. And thankfully, the hospital I'm having it at will set up payment arrangements, so I don't have to pay any interest, etc. You have to put $5000 down toward the hospital portion of the bill (plus pay the $5000 for the surgeon, $1300 for anastegiologist, $500 for surgical assist all up front) and then they set it up for you to make the remaining $10,000 in payments. You have 18 months to pay it off, if it takes longer, then they start charging interest. I am very fortunate for this. I will just be dirt broke for 18 more months.
  10. Private Pay Gastric Bypass

    WOW, three months is not long! Mine took longer, but because of me. I had to save some more money to be able to do this (and it's going to be tight because of that for a long time) I met with my surgeon in Janurary, but knew i couldn't get the money until August. He just tole me to meet with the nutritionalist when I was ready, so I called and made an apt for the end of July with her and then scheduled my surgery for Sept 14 (only because that works best for my job.) So I guess mine wasn't as quick as I thought, it just seemed so easy......... I'm so nervous and excited all in one. I wish it was tomorrow.
  11. Messinger's Diary

    I have to agree with Deb! I spend the morning reading your adventures and spent my lunch talking about you! LOL. You are a very good writer and have so much to offer so many people!
  12. Private Pay Gastric Bypass

    I am Private Pay and it is a lot different then I thought it would be. I don't have to take all the steps insurance patients do. I met with the Surgeon, then the Nutritionalist and now I'm scheduled. I have 1 pre-op apt and then it's surgery time. I know all the basics, what to expect, etc. But I feel like there is something missing - something I need to know. I'm not worried, or think it's something that would prevent this surgery, I just feel like "wow, that was fast." Has anyone else out there been private pay and it was this easy?? Thanks! Amanda
  13. New...scared and excited! :)

    wow phatlady, i did not know that about Italy!! And yea, it's a constant go, but they are such good kids and I just want to be able to keep up with them! If my husband wasn't so helpful, I don't think I could physically do it! How long after, do any of you know, do you start feeling more energetic??
  14. New...scared and excited! :)

    That's amazing! I just want so bad to feel normal. I want energy. I want that more than anything. To be off all these meds so quickly is an added bonus!
  15. I have been reading all these posts for months, but now I'm ready to be a part of you. My name is Amanda. I am 30 years old. I am married and have 4 children who are very active. I work full time. I am having gastric bypass September 14 (I am private pay and that is when I will have the money.) It is already scheduled. I have my pre-op on August 25th. Almost every single woman on my mom's side has had this surgery. I am diabetic and have very mild thyroid issues. I am sooo scared of the mental part of this surgery (only after I read what kind of things I will go through mentally on here), but look forward to being able to play with my kids and be active with them. I was told by my nutritionalist that I will be off my diabetic meds before I leave the hospital?!?!?! I am on insulin and 3 different pills. I found this hard to belive, but this was her response when I asked about the dangers of going into ketosis (happens after this surgery) and being diabetic. Is there any diabetics on here, who are no longer diabetic, and did it truly get you off the meds before leaving the hospital?? Anyway, thank you all for being here! I look foward to sharing and being a part of this community! Amanda