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  1. 5 years after, incredible pain, please help!

    Deb, what happened with your issue? What did the Dr find when they did this procedure? I had my gallbladder removed and also my remnant stomach and have right side pains. My dr says its scar tissue. Would love to figure it out. Thanks!
  2. Removal of remnant stomach

    thank you
  3. Removal of remnant stomach

    Dr Callery, I had RNY October 20, 2010. I have lost 115 lbs and am very happy. I went from a size 20 to a size 4. I have had a few complications, my pouch has been stretched twice and i had my gallbladder removed. I still cant eat very solid foods so getting my protein in is always a challenge. Last year i was diagnosed with Lynch syndrome. This is a cancer gene that affects your colon, uterus/overies and stomach. I didnt know i had this when I had my RNY surgery. I was very concerned with my stomach and have been bugging the doctors to be able to go in an check it out. I had a double balloon procedure but the dr couldnt get into my old stomach that way so 3 weeks ago I went in and Dr Jawad cut a hole in my old stomach and went in to check things out. Well, it turns out there were many polyps in there so he ended up taking out my old stomach. My question is what now? Do I need to do anything different since its gone? It makes me very nervous that this has been removed. What happens if my pouch gets polyps? or an ulcer? Should I be doing anything different now? Please advise. Thank you. ~Robin
  4. Not sure what to do...

    let us know how it goes for you. i know i would have gotten the sleeve instead of the RNY if i'd have known. I go in Wednesday the 26th and he is going to go into my old stomach and check things out. hopefully he wont find anything...
  5. Not sure what to do...

    thank you!
  6. Not sure what to do...

    well I talked to Dr Jawad yesterday. he is going to go into my old stomach and another doctor will check for polyps. he said if there are polyps, he recommends removing the old stomach. if there arent any, then i will probably just have him do this every two years to check. i do feel better about this option then the thought of a revision and then the sleeve. what a journey...
  7. ok, i am so confused and frustrated and scared... I had RNY in October 2010. I love it. I am down to 130 lbs and size 4 from 243 lbs and size 20. The problem is last year i was diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome. this is a cancer gene that affects your colon, uterus/ovaries and stomach. I have been getting colonoscopies for years because of all the cancer in my family but just finally took the test and have this syndrome. I didnt realize it before my RNY surgery. If i had, i would have gotten the sleeve. So last Tuesday, i had the double balloon procedure, which they go down your throat and try to go backwards into my old stomach. This is all just to check and make sure i dont have stomach cancer. But he couldnt get into my old stomach. It was blocked. I am so upset because I was hoping this would be the answer and now i dont know what to do. I go back to Dr Jawad next Friday for some answers and decisions. Has anyone heard of going from RNY to the sleeve? and I doubt insurance will pay for this to be done... he can maybe remove my old stomach but i dont know??? I just dont know what my options are. any suggestions???
  8. Revision To Sleeve 7 Yrs Post Rny

    did you get this done?
  9. gallbladder out

    thanks Angela!
  10. gallbladder out

    well, its been a ride for me. i am so happy i had my rny but its been different. had the pouch stretched twice and now my gallbladder out on thursday. Just glad its all over. I am still very weak but thats to be expected. I am down 114 lbs, from size 20 to a loose size 4. i never thought i would say this but i dont want to lose anymore! I feel great (other than the recent surgery) and would recommend this to everyone. just ready for everything to even out and no more surgery, stretching, etc...
  11. Supplements: What All Do You Take?

    this is what I take also. I hope I am not missing something. Just had blood work done and came back perfect.
  12. Question On Malnutrition

    How are you doing??? Better??? do you need anything? I am here in orlando if you need anything. let me know.
  13. 6 Months Before And After Pics

    awesome!!! you look great!
  14. *~* October 2010 Staplers *~*

    Hi There! I am doing great. Down 100 lbs and dont want to lose anymore. Everyone is telling me to stop. so now the dilema is how to do this. I am eating about 900 calories a day and still losing. very slow but still losing. so now I am incorporating smoothies with protein into my day. still cant eat too much meat, mostly beans and soup. I have learned what i can and cant eat. this is still a very strange process but I am very happy I did it. I went from a size 20 to a size 4 and I feel great. My husband wishes I would stop shopping!! hahaha How's everyone else doing?
  15. Thinner Times - Gathering?

    count me in. I am in Orlando! It would be great to meet everyone!