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  1. I'm doing ok...lot of changes =) I am 37 lbs away from my goal. I'm 167 and feel great!!

  2. I emailed you at your work address...not sure if you got it.

  3. hey buddy...just seeing how you are doing.

  4. Oh that's awesome! I'm doing great...how are you doing? How much have you lost so far?

  5. ugh...back to work tomorrow :(

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    2. Ossan


      How long did you have off? Seems quick.

    3. DragonsDustt


      I took 3 weeks off; my last day of work was April 29th...I took the 2nd of May off because that was the day I had to drink the magnesium citrate...eew lol

    4. Tresey1034


      How are you feeling now? Are you doing good on your vitamins & protein? Do you have a good exercising schedule? I was off for 6 weeks and I was well rested and healed. Take care of yourself!

  6. Good luck tomorrow!! You are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you the BEST of luck with everything!! This is your time to shine...and you're going to do fantastic :) :)

  7. hanging out with the little one today...back to work Monday :(

  8. Aww!! Love this pic!!
  9. DragonsDustt

    New Hair :)

    Ooh I love it!! You're gorgeous!
  10. Hi hun! Congrats on your surgery! You and are about the same height/weight ;) Just looked at your pics...you are beautiful! Can't wait to see the "after" pics :)

  11. DragonsDustt


    You are beautiful!
  12. Are you getting excited about the big day...it's coming up fast!!

  13. just bought some Unjury protein mix...praying this doesn't hurt my tummy too!!

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    2. KimmieA


      Im still not getting my protein in..:( Im trying different ways and but working...

    3. DragonsDustt


      Cami - the nectar stuff is what was hurting my stomach. Unjury works great! No problems :)

    4. Tresey1034


      Unjury is good, but I need to find a good blender to make my shakes. The ready made shakes are expensive. So sometime days, I don't get my full amount of protein in and that affects your process. I am sort of glad my weight is not dropping off too fast, because I don't have to worry about that skin issue as much. I am doing pretty good, could be doing better, but not complaining, I am looking sexier by the day. Still so excited, almost out of the 200s.

  14. protein drinks are making sick...don't know what to do :(

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    2. 50 is the New 40!

      50 is the New 40!

      I made protien jello. Use very cold Isopure strawberry or the red one, and strawberry bananna jello...it is so yummy...egg drop soup is sold in powder form you an egg to it and it makes something very much like what you get in resturants. Tomato soup with skim milk and add powdered milk...it is lumpy at first, just mix it good with a little milk. this will give you added protien. I like knorrs bullion cube with some hot sauce in it for some kick. I hope that helps. I will keep you posted w...

    3. DragonsDustt


      I'm drinking Syntrax Nectar with Silk and it is now giving me such a belly ache. I can't have soup yet, broth yes, but not tomato soup or anything.

    4. ComicBookGuy


      That's what my wife swore by. I just got some wal-mart cheapy chocolate. I mix a batch up for the day. 12oz of water. 4oz of milk. 1oz of sugar free hazelnut. A dash of banana flavoring, and then like 2 and 1/3 scoops of the chocolate. I've never had an issue. I hope it works out for you!

  15. Good luck to you...hope everything went well!!

  16. Good luck tomorrow!!

  17. DragonsDustt

    2011 (276 lbs)

    You are very beautiful!
  18. OMG you and your hair are gorgeous!!!
  19. I can't believe I'm already 7 days post-op!! That week flew by!!

    1. Goddessfit4life
    2. cherubgal


      So happy for you! Best of luck with continued success!...I'm getting anxious for my surgery June 27th..

    3. DragonsDustt


      That is fantastic! You won't believe how quickly June 27th will sneak up on you!! I remember finding out my date and thinking "5 weeks...that's so far away!" and now I'm 9 days post op! Amazing! :)

  20. I'm doing pretty good actually...healing nicely, just have swollen feet...which I think is due to the fluids from the surgery and surgery itself. Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good :)

    Have fun in Vegas...I'd LOVE to go some time!

  21. getting cabin fever...been stuck in the house since Thursday :'(

    1. 50 is the New 40!

      50 is the New 40!

      I know today is my first venture out. To a support group. But it's out for a couple of hours. I miss working. Lol.

  22. Thank you...I am feeling better and better each day :)

  23. Thank you...I am feeling better and better each day :)

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