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  1. Jodi ~ I completely understand where you are at with your feelings on many levels. I too am having a "fat" day or set of days and hate the way I feel when this happens. I think it sometimes has to do with hormones because every few months I have that feeling. I understand the whole self soothing solution. I have had decades of that and even though I have conquered the weight loss I have not conquered the weight of growing up in a dysfunctional family. I am now dealing with family drama and wish I could just not think about it but it does affect everything in your life including your self image. Sometimes I feel like I am 10 again and have done something terribly wrong. We are so hard on ourselves! Find people that make you feel good about yourself to be around and avoid the people that make you feel bad. I know it is easier said then done especially since sometimes its our own family that creates the bad feelings. That I will never understand! Do you go to any support groups in the area? We are close by in proximity and my support group is closing down any suggestions?
  2. I just had my breast lift and lower body lift on Friday 11/30 and my panni, hospital and anesthesia was covered by the insurance. I paid for the full lbl and mastopexy. I am happy its done!
  3. Usually they say it is discouraged and I was concerned last weekend when I ran my first 1/2 marathon because I NEED music to keep me going. Almost every person there ran with music. I think it is only the larger very competitive marathons that forbid music. So no worries take your music and rock on!
  4. Will do you can call or text sometime today to let me know.

  5. Christina, I want to come and I plan on coming. I have one issue that may prevent this. I was supposed to have a "closing" last week which has been postponed and I'm just not sure when I'm actually closing. It could be tomorrow afternoon or possibly Thursday. If tomorrow, I'm hoping it's early enough in the afternoon that I can meet you at 5:30 either at your home or in the Home Depot parking lot. I can text you tomorrow when I find out.

  6. Hi Annette I wanted to see if you wanted to join me tomorrow evening for the support group. It starts at 6:30 so I would leave at 5:30. Let me know if you want to ride along. Hope things are going well for you and your weight loss.

  7. It took me 6 weeks to feel like my old "normal" where I didn't feel like I had to nap during the day. Every person is different so it takes some people longer then others. The biggest thing to remember is that it does not last forever and you will feel like you have more energy in no time. Let your body tell you what it needs. You are doing great! I am 3 1/2 months out and I just spent a week skiing in Canada and I felt fantastic! Energy will come.
  8. In the past my if my husband lost 15 pounds everyone would be like wow Ken you look fantastic how much weight did you lose.....and then I lost 35 pounds and everyone always says the same thing....did you get your hair done different it looks fabulous! My hair!!! Go figure. Now I am down over 60 pounds and everyone can see. Even my 13 year old said mom you are really losing weight when we were out skiing today and my pants are barely staying on! Its a good thing!
  9. Thank you for the photo compliment. Hair is the same...just a much smaller face! Its the first after pictures I have taken so I was doing a mini celebration after my 60 lb. mark. I have been to the one in Mt. Olive 2 times and its always the same people with a few added each time. Small and intimate. It is an offshoot of Dr. Abkin's group and the St. Clare health system. It is being held at the new location now at the Holiday Inn. If you want to try the Florham Park one I would be willing to give that one a try. Its up to you just let me know. We are off to Canada for a week of skiing in the morning I can't wait. I love vacation. I hope you have a good week and I will be in touch when I get back. Take care.

  10. Your new phoo is beautiful! New hair cut?? I would love to go to the meeting in Mt. Olive. If I don't go to that, I'd be curious to see what they will be doing at Hunterdon Medical Center the same evening. I've seen advertisements in the Democrat and the Observer about some surgeon who will be starting surgey at Hunterdon. I mentioned it to Dr. Abkin and he said there's going to be a lot of deaths in that hospital. Apparently he does not like the practice of this surgeon. I can't remember his name not could Dr. Abkin. So yes, let's keep in touch. I want to go to either Florham Park or Mt. Olive. Have you been to either one yet?

  11. I am 3 months post op and I can eat two scrambled eggs and I add a slice of lowfat cheese to it to make it taste yummy and it adds a little protein.
  12. That is fantastic Annette. How are you feeling otherwise? I hit my 60 pound mark since surgery today so it was a big day for me. I am glad you are off your meds it is such a liberating feeling. Yes I will be going to the support group meeting on the 23rd in Mont Olive, do you want to go together? Hopefully the weather will be uneventful for that meeting! They rescheduled and had to cancel that one as well because of the weather. I think it is so helpful to go to the meetings and for 1 hour a month its easy to do. That is so great that you have lost 14 pounds already. Good job! Let me know if you want to go together to the meeting then we can chat during the ride.

  13. So I'm ten days out and just moved to Phase III!! Yea! It's two weeks since I was in Abkin's office and officially I'm 14 pounds down. And the best part is I'm off all diabetic meds and my blood sugars are leveling off nicely. There's a support meeting on Feb 23rd. Are you planning on going?

  14. The way I would look at it is that everyone has something that they are worried about sharing. I am sure your new man probably has something of his own, could be big or something really small, but it is part of who you are and I don't really know you but you seem really nice and genuine. People surprise me all the a good way. I say it will feel so much better once you get it out and get past it. I don't see it as something that he would focus on. We spent so much time hiding before surgery don't continue to hide.
  15. Good luck today! I am saying a prayer and sending you positive thoughts. I am sorry I didn't get to talk to we were away all weekend. Please have your husband text to let us know how you are doing.