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  1. Can you tell me what type of compression garment you used? I have been looking online at some and not sure which one to buy. I get my drains out tomorrow so I am hoping to start wearing it asap. Right now I have these stocking things wrapped around my arms. Thanks! Cathy
  2. Hi, I had my arm lift on Friday. I am doing great. Only took pain meds on Friday. Did not even need to take anything yesterday or today. It was way easier than I thought it would be. Now for my questions, did you wear a compression garment afterwards? Which one did you get? When did you start wearing the Scar Away pad things? What sunblock are you using and when can I start using it? I hope you don't mind me asking all of these questions, but I know you ladies are the best! Thanks, Cathy
  3. I get the rapid release Tylenol and find that it works really well. It comes in generic form at Walmart or Walgreen's. I am 9 months out and can definitely see how you miss the wow factor. I am extremely worried about gaining weight and I still want to lose 20 more lbs, so I feel now I have to exercise more. Congrats! Cathy
  4. Hi, I am having an arm lift done in 2 weeks. I was told by one of the doctors that I had a consult with that there are gel sheets you can put on your scar afterwards to help healing. Which one do you recommend? Is one better than the other? Thanks! Cathy
  5. What a remarkable story. You really have made great changes. I hear you about the exercise and fat brain. I am trying to hard to be an exerciser and it is a battle, but I am not giving up. Good luck getting to your goal! I bet you extended your life at least 20 years now. Cathy
  6. Maybe this would stave off the hunger you are having. Are you sure it is real hunger and not head hunger? I have so much head hunger and it drives me crazy! I know I am not hungry, but I want to eat so bad at times. Cathy
  7. I have only noticed it in the chicken powder though, smells like dead fish. I just hold my nose and dump it in, LOL. I don't taste the smell when I eat. I usually mix it in my chili, soup, or anything else I can stir it into to add more protein. Cathy
  8. I am 6 weeks out and I still can get out of bed in the morning and not have to go right away. I used to have to run to the bathroom as soon as I opened my eyes. I know I am not dehydrated, have no pain or burning, I just don't have to pee as much. I swear the surgeon did something! HTH, Cathy
  9. I use the generic, ranitidine, liquid. It was prescribed by surgeon. I take it twice a day. Need to take for 3 months postop. Cathy
  10. I had my surgery on 9/16, so very close to you. I just was crying to my husband last night about how I feel like I am living in a fish bowl and everyone around me is watching me as I lose weight. I had a stall this week and I was miserable all day Sat and Sun, I weigh on Sat mornings. This is hard enough to deal with on our own without others wanting to "help" us along the way. I appreciate well wishes, but sometimes I just don't want to talk about it. I guess it is inevitable as we lose weight and people see our success, they are just curious and want to know how we are doing, but I also see it as nosey. Don't even get me started on Facebook stalkers. I had an so-called friend email me on there and ask me if I had WLS about a week after I did. I never told her in real life and was careful what I posted on FB about my surgery so that the whole world did not know about it. She apparently was stalking my posts and "figured it out". I was mortified. Sorry to ramble, I just am gonig through a lot of emotional stuff right now with having the bypass. I wonder if something isn't triggered at about 6 weeks? Take care, Cathy
  11. I had my surgery 9/16 and have lost 25 lbs since then. I don't feel like this is a huge amount, but I can say I am happy with it. I did lose 19 lbs on the 2 week liquid diet before surgery so I am down 44 lbs. When I look at amounts on here I get a bit envious, but I know it is working. I just keep telling myself that I did not gain this weight in a few months time, it took years. I am just sticking to the plan that I was given and will keep plugging along. I am just going to keep active. It is bound to payoff somewhere, if not on the scale then my health will be better for it. Much better than being a couch potato and eating huge portions like I did before. It has to be better right? Cathy
  12. I was told the anestheiologist likes to have BP well controlled, hence I had to start a BP pill a week before surgery because my BP was up, never had this problem before though. I am 1 month out and just came off the BP pill and my diabetes pill yesterday. I was hoping for it to happen quickly and have been very pissed at my body for not cooperating, so don't lose hope, it will happen. All bodies are different. Cathy
  13. I have been eating a lot of cream of brocolli soup with Unjury chicken protein in it. It is one of the only things that goes down easily. I too am having some trouble with foods. I did great the first 3 weeks and then this past week I have had trouble. Cathy 9/16/2010
  14. Maybe they were too dry. Did they have sauce on them? Did you eat too fast or take to big of a bite? Maybe beef is not agreeing with you and you should try turke meatballs. The only ground beeft I have tried is Wendy's chili and it has been going down ok. HTH, Cathy 9/16/2010
  15. Thanks cathy I can do puree tuna looks like that will be my meat just thinkn bout chicken salad yuck I know the kind u talkn bout and it was good before