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  1. Today is my 1 year anniversary. It went by so fast. I am 6 lbs from my goal. I feel fantastic! Having RNY surgery was the best decision I could have made.

  2. kszymczak

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  3. How long does the hair loss last? I'm afraid I will be bald before it stops.
  4. I had a regular check up with my PCP this morning. This is the first time I have seen her since the surgery. She was very happy to hear that I was doing so well. And then she gave me good news.... I no longer need to take my medicine for high blood pressure!!!! I'm so excited!

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    2. angee


      Congrats, I got taken off metformin yesterday!!

    3. angee


      Congrats, I got taken off metformin yesterday!!

    4. DGV


      isn't that great they stopped mine right after surgery my bp was so low and I was on them for 27 yrs now I take nothing ! woohoo

  5. I can't believe the nerve of some people! I was at work today and a client said to me, "I can tell that you lost weight today. I couldn't really tell at all 3 weeks ago." Unbelievable!!! So she couldn't tell at -37 lbs but could tell at -54 lbs. Then she asked me how much I've lost and I told her 54 lbs and she, "That's not thaaat much." REALLY!!! Where do people learn this behavior and think it's ok? Oh and yesterday ...

    1. kszymczak


      I had a client drill me about what I eat, how much I eat, what excercise I do etc... Then told me what I NEEDED to change. Thanks but I think my doctor and nutritionist now better.

    2. BCHBB


      I was having dinner with my family and a few family friends, roughly 20 some odd people. When my grandmother explained to someone that I do not eat much my brother decides to say very loudly for everyone and the restaruant to hear too that I did not have to have the surgery all I needed to do was just eat like I have been eating. REALLLYYY!!! I agree some people!

    3. kszymczak


      Everyone has a solution. Do they think that we haven't tried EVERYTHING before deciding to have surgery. It's such a major surgery why would just do it for the hell of it?!

  6. I am 9 weeks post op. I am down 54 pounds!!!!! I can't believe it! Who would've thought?

    1. kszymczak


      That is from the beginning of the process. I am down 44 since surgery.

    2. jessica_white


      thats awesome congrats!!!

    3. Goddessfit4life


      That is fantastic.

  7. 6 weeks post-op today and I am down 37 lbs. I am one poud away from onederland!

  8. I was cleared to begin phase 3 of the post-op diet today! I was wondering if anyone has any advice, tips or recipies.
  9. I suffer from the constipation issue as weel. My doctor told me to expect it but I had no idea to this extent. My DOS was 3/29/11 and the last time I weighed myself which was on 4/23/11 I was down 27 pounds. I had a stall at three weeks. It seems to be a common issue. My doctor and many TT members advised me to put the scale away. I have a hard time getting in all of my liquids. My pouch lets me know when it's had enough. I have been pretty fortunate and have not had any issues with food. Today is my four week surgi-versary. My energy level is getting better each day. I head back to work next week so it better speed up!
  10. I am three weeks post op. My surgery was 3/29/11. The first two weeks the weight was flying off. I lost 23 lbs in two weeks. Since then I ahve only lost two lbs. I'm really frustrated!! I am wondering if this is normal or if I should be concerned. I started on the pureed foods at 1 1/2 weeks post op. Has anybody else experienced?

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    2. madrigal_singer


      totally normal, really annoying and they promise it will end! But I'm right there with you!

    3. Jen Stotts

      Jen Stotts

      That's REALLY great!!!! I'm 3 wks out as of tomorrow & I'm just 16 lbs down. 23 lbs is amazing!!!!

    4. kszymczak


      Thanks for your words of encouragement!

  11. kszymczak


    This was fabulous!!! I added spinach and mushrooms. I love it!
  12. Well put. I am 4 days pre-op. I've been doubting myself this week. I asked my fiance tonight (as he was making dinner for his daughters) "Why am I doing this again?
  13. I have been drinking chocolate protein shakes 3 times a day. In between has been sugar free jello, crystal light and chicken broth. That is all that I am allowed on my pre-op diet. You can do it .... just take it one day at a time!
  14. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I will definitely try drinking hot tea. Can't wait to be on the losers bench!
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