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  1. Haven't been here in many moons! Lifes greater thinner! This is a most recent pic. Maintaining....(No issues by the Grace of God!)
  2. I know it's normal to feel anxious and expect final results immediately following plastic surgery. However, I'm loosing my mind. I'm 5 1/2 weeks out from my tummy tuck, and I'm experiencing "swell hell". I'm also exhausted all the time, and feel like crap. Sorry to whine, but I just need some encouragement from those who've gone through this. The results are dramatic, even with the swelling. But I'm frustrated because I can't wear any of my old clothes. (My jeans will not go past my waist) Which I don't understand because I've lost ten pounds since my tummy tuck. I chose not to tell any one at work, but it's been pretty obvious. Based merely on the fact that at almost six week out, I'm still hunched over, walking like Ozzy Osborne! Six weeks, and still hunched over! I've waited so long for this opportunity. Almost six years. I was denied by insurance three times, and finally saved enough money for my tummy tuck. I had six months of documented medically related problems, including prescriptions, etc. After appealing the last time, I was told that my hanging pannus did not interfere with activities of daily living. (Even after my primary care physician wrote a letter stating how it interfered.) Any who, I was tired of fighting and rewarded myself by self-paying. Again, I'm very grateful to have been given this opportunity, but the fact that my sides look like Michelin Men, and I can't stand straight is hard to deal with. I keep hearing that I will have no regrets and it will be so worth it. I'm just not there yet. Rain, if you read this, your belly pics are inspiring and I can only hope for results like yours. Ok, I've gotten it out of my system. I'm done. Thanks for reading and sorry so long! __________________
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