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  1. Hello everyone! I have not visited here in a couple of yrs. I am 4 yrs out and still struggle to get to goal weight. I originally lost 120lbs. (no where near goal) and since then gained 40 of that back. I am still only able to eat small meals (thank God) however I seem to struggle with carbs. Cinwa I remember how helpful you have been in the past and would love to here ideas on getting started again? I recently tried low carb but I think it dropped my blood pressure too low and I felt horrible. Ideas and opinions please?????
  2. Just wondering if anyone on here has tried the 1st personal diet? What was you experience with it?
  3. Thank you all so so much! I cancelled my panni surgery today( I am just not ready). I still have a lot of weight to lose and somehow I will get there. I plan on having the surgery next year. So that gives me a full year to get serious and just do it. Your advise means a lot and I really do appreciate it!!!!
  4. So I am almost 2 years out and my weight seems to go up and down a lot. I have recently gained back about 40 lbs. and trying to lose it again. I have been approved for a panniculectomy but I am no where near my goal weight (about another 75lbs.) For all that have been through this process I need some help. I am scheduled for the panni at the end of this month. Would it be wise to go ahead and have it done or wait till I get to goal weight? I was hoping by having it done it would just start the weight loss again. How do I get back on track? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks you guys!!! Brenda that makes since now, so the muffin top will be better than what it is now but not completely flat?
  6. Hello all, I have not posted in a while. I have a question for anyone that has had a panniculectomy done. So I have been approved to have this procedure done. I met with the PS and he tells me that he will make two cuts both from hip to hip. One at the top of the pubic area and the other just above the navel. He then says that he will pull the skin down and reattach the navel. He says that I will still have somewhat of a muffin top because I am not doing the complete TT. My question is how will I still have a muffin top if he is pulling the skin down and reattaching it? Please help me underst
  7. Anyone else that have had a Panni and not tummy tuck?
  8. Just wondering for those of you who have had an Panniculectomy and not full tummy tuck, are you satisfied with the results? Thanks in advance!!!
  9. So one who has had a Panni please reply!!!!
  10. Hello all I am curious to know for the ones that have had a Panni only are you satisfied with your decision? Do you wish you had the full tummy tuck? I reason why I ask I have been approved for the Panni and can not afford the full tummy tuck. Did it make a difference in your appearance and are you happy with it? Did it leave you with a muffin top?
  11. I made the mistake of telling a few people and to my surprise I received a lot of negativity back. I lost someone who I thought was my friend due to jealousy. Oh well she was never my friend from the beginning.
  12. Very good information. Thanks a lot, I will try Truvia!!!!
  13. That's easy to say when your body still wants it.
  14. Hello all, I have a question, before GBS I was never a junk food eater but loved food. Now after having the surgery I crave junk food. Any reason for this and how do I turn it around? Thanks in advance !!!!
  15. Thanks auntcheese, this helps a lot. I'm told I have about 15 lbs. of loose skin and can only afford to do the Panni not Tummy Tuck but worried about a muffin top afterwards.
  16. After having your Panni how many sizes did you go down?
  17. Hello I am a year out and I saw a plastic surgeon today. I am curious to see what you guys think about this. I asked the surgeon if he had ever done a gastric bypass patient and he said that he was not sure but he had done many people that had a lot more skin to remove from the abdominal area than what I had. He also said that removal of the lower skin has no result on the bulge and loss skin above my belly button. Help please!!!!!
  18. I would like to know as well!!!!
  19. Thanks Ilashes, your blog hits home.
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