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  1. Sunshine, just my 2 cents, but stay away from bread/carbs for as long as you can. Once you have them, it makes the battle that much tougher. What i've found out is every doctor is different in their pre-op/post-op requirements. It's odd, shame it's not standardized, but if it works, don't mess with it. 100 down is great! keep up the good work.
  2. I guess i'm one of the unusual ones who actually enjoy the protein shakes. I still take 2/day almost 3 years out. That's roughly 70g of protein in 2 (25g for the whey + 8g for cup of skim milk) I found one i love, have been drinking it for 2 1/2 years now, first 6 months was a lot of testing.
  3. The 20-25g is just a myth that has been dis proven quite a few times.
  4. I think lack of hair can be contributed to lack of protein/nutrients. I never had any hair loss, but always took all of my multivitamins/and always got in my daily 96g of protein each day. maybe I was lucky, but I think it has more to do with protein than body shock as body shock doesn't seem to key why it happens 2/3 months after surgery typically. I would think if it were body shock it would happen starting on day 1... Just my 2 cents.
  5. I'll eat there as well. Chicken, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour creme, salsa, i do the bowl and skip the rice as rice doesn't agree with me.
  6. First 3 days were the worst, actually day 2 and 3 for me. I felt like a Junkie and then it just snapped on day 4 and got much easier.
  7. You would need to be able to keep at it for months, I think most of our issues is we can start a diet, but can't keep up with it as there are no consequences if we falter back to our bad ways. With surgery there are consequences, that's why you keep at it. Just my 2 cents. I lost 60 pre surgery, but wouldn't trade surgery for anything... best decision i've ever made. And... plus you can't look at it as a "diet" it's a lifestyle change. Can you drink 3 protein shakes and eat broccoli for ever?
  8. Slows down around 6 months because everyone most likely started introducing new stuff back into their diet, for the first 4 or so you were mainly eating puree, shakes, etc. at 6 months you can eat a much wider variety of food. Just my 2 cents. Mine slowed down as well, but i can also speed it up by following the original plan.. and i'm 14 months out. Eating simple carbs really slows it down, so watch those as well.
  9. I can eat all of those at 1 year mark, but find if i eat simple carbs i get into a craving mode/grazing mode so i try and not eat them very often.
  10. I don't understand how different doctors have different requirements on when you can eat certain foods. Seems like there should be some sort of national handbook that sync'd everyone up. LOL. I had salad @ or around the 8 week mark, never had an issues with salad other than i probably eat too much of it at one sitting.
  11. Right now i'm doing 4 days of cardio @ the gym and 2 days with a trainer in his studio doing circuit training. I'm eventually going to add body workouts to my 4 days at the gym to help build my muscles up. I do the treadmill for about 45-60 minutes and progressively ramp up on the incline to max out at 15 (on our gyms treadmills)
  12. Muscle weighs more than fat. I'm in the same boat. I've been hitting the gym and trainer hard the last 2 weeks, 4 days at the gym and 2 at a trainer and my weight is just staying the same, but i also notice that my muscles are rebuilding. I guess eventually the scale will start moving again, only have 40 more to go to get to my goal weight. so close, yet so far...
  13. My understanding is soda won't stretch your pouch but it feeds into your desire for craving/grazing on other foods that caused our issues to begin with which leads right back to that slippery slope. I've had glass here or there of diet, but couldn't do it everyday like i used to. Not to mention, some sodas that have high carbonation really hurt, which is probably a good thing. As far as the iced coffee, i love it as well. I use skim milk and sugar free creamer (peppermint mocha from carnation) I must have bought about 10-15 bottles during Christmas when it was available and froze them. I add about a tablespoon to my coffee, think it's 5 calories and 1g of fat per serving. right now it's hot coffee and creamer because it's cold.
  14. I drink coffee or a starbucks latte almost every day, not decaf either. Coffee never bothered me. Agree, I would listen to your NUT first. I didn't start drinking it again until the 3 month mark.
  15. Syntrax Matrix Mint Cookie, it's off the hook for a protein shake. Mix it with 8oz of skim milk, about 31g of protein.