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  1. I am now 3+ years out and lost exactly half of my weight. My hair is really thinning, and my fingernails are paper thin and a real mess. What do I need to do? Suggestions?
  2. I thought this was pretty funny. My family doctor retired, and a doctor purchased his practice. I saw him for the first time not long ago. He checked me over, and had a few questions and comments. 1) Why are you on so many supplements? I see on your list calcium, chewable vitamins, iron, B-12, Vitamin D... We need to get you off most of those. 2) You are really pretty skinny. I'd like to see you put on about 10 pounds. I just sat there and laughed. I HAD BARIATRIC SURGERY! I am at my surgeon's suggested goal weight. Right on the money! I will NOT be gaining weight for you. I am on supplements because I HAD BARIATRIC SURGERY! They are essential for me, and unless you can run my blood tests and prove that I have too much of those nutrients in my body, I am planning to continue taking them. I also told him that whenever possible, I need to have medications in a form that will go through my pouch easily. Liquid is good! He looked at me like I had two heads. Geesh!
  3. I'm now three years out, having lost 150 pounds. I eat a protein bar almost every day. I like the Zone bars... but you have to watch the sugar content, as some of them have higher sugar than others. I eat something about every 2-3 hours all day long, and they are just the right size to pop in my purse for a munch on the go. I've tried other bars, but some of them taste like cardboard (or worse).
  4. Good for you! I don't have an issue with my tummy, but I DO have a really big problem with my "wing span" on my arms! They are horrible, but insurance won't help cover any of this. Also, I have a lot of saggy skin around my knees that prevents me from wearing pants that fit right. I can easily fit into a size 8 pant, but never boot-cut jeans, and dress pants for work are very tight around the knees. Don't know what to do about that. Any suggestions?
  5. I accidentally swallowed 1/2 of a large grape... definitely larger than what we're supposed to be swallowing following our surgery. Is this something I should be concerned about? Or will it correct itself? Kinda worried! Thanks!
  6. Loving goal weight!

    1. Martee


      Way to go, Caron! Care to share how you made it there and what you are doing to maintain? I was so close, but it slipped from my fingers. I'm not that far off from my goal weight, but it still bugs me that I haven't met that goal. Congratulations on your success!

  7. I was so glad to see this post, as this totally describes what I've been going through lately! I can get this pain both before and after eating, and didn't know what was causing it. Usually a heating pad will help, but there are times when that doesn't even find relief. I had my gallbladder out in the spring of 1989, so it's been quite awhile. I had gastric bypass in October of 2010.
  8. It is now 18 months and 6 days after my Roux en Y surgery and I couldn't be happier! I'm 56 years old, and I had been overweight for at least 35 years. The day I had my surgery I was wearing a size 28 pant, and a size 20 top (XXL). I am now wearing a size 8 pants and a small or medium top. The most difficult thing for me right now isn't eating. I have that mastered! It's getting used to the new me. A week ago, my hubby and I were shopping in a big mall, and he needed to get new tennis shoes. So we went into a sporting goods store. I told him I needed a new pair of work out pants, so I started to head to the women's department. He stopped me and asked, "Have you ever thought about getting a pair of those tight spandex pants for working out?" OK, I think, are you asking that FOR ME or FOR YOU? I told him no, that had never crossed my mind. So we got into a discussion about why I had never thought about spandex pants. Honestly, I couldn't imagine myself wearing them! I still thought I could never fit into the kind of pants he was talking about, and even if I could, they would look horrible. So my hubby asked me to do something. He said, "I want you to do something for yourself. Nobody else needs to see you. Go get a pair off the rack, and take them into the fitting room with you. Lock the door and try them on. Look in the mirror, front and back. Take a good look so YOU know what you look like." So I grabbed a pair... size large... and took them into the fitting room. They were TOO BIG! I took them back and exchanged them for a medium. They fit perfectly. P E R F E C T L Y. I looked, and looked, and looked at myself some more. I looked GOOD! I couldn't bring myself to buy them (Well, they were $62 to start with, and I am 56, after all...) But later on I told him that I was super glad he had suggested that I try them on. I needed to get a new mental image of myself formed in my mind. And that did it! I am shocked at all the sales people that tell me I'm skinny. ME! Skinny! OMG, I love that! The surgery by itself didn't get me to where I am. I have worked very hard at the gym and by walking daily. Would I have cosmetic surgery now? Perhaps, but only on my underarm area to get rid of my "bat wings." Perhaps. Time will tell. Just had to share with you... Keep up the good work, everyone! Caron
  9. I've lost 135 pounds... stalls happen, and you WILL start back losing again soon. My doc had me add more calories to my diet. Shake it up a little... I eat a few carmel rice cakes every day... and just about every evening will have a small Skinny Cow ice cream bar. You do need carbs... it helps fuel your body. If all you're getting is protein, you won't lose as fast.
  10. I get times when I get that horrible back pain that wraps around to the front. Nothing specific really brings it on... but taking prescription Prilosec and Tums seems to help. Also, when it gets really bad, a heating pad is my best friend!
  11. Fortunately, I'm not having a UTI, but have a related issue. My thyroid levels keep dropping, and I'm wondering if it's because when I take my meds in the AM as soon as I get up, I wash them down with a cup of coffee. Is the liquid flushing them through the system before they get absorbed? This could hold true for any medication if you drink a lot of liquids with it. Thoughts?
  12. Everybody is different. I'm at my goal weight now after 17 months, and went through many times where I'd lose inches and not weight. Each time I did that, my weight would seem to drop overnight! And I always knew when my weight loss would start back up because I'd be awake most of the night and feeling "hyper." Then, when I finally got up for the day and hopped on the scale, POOF! Down 3-4 pounds overnight! So hang in there... you're totally normal.
  13. Totally normal to have a stall at that time!!! I know it's scary and frustrating, but you'll get back in the groove soon! My doctor had me INCREASE my food quantity when that happened... I wasn't eating enough carbs, so he had me increase those. Surprisingly enough, it helped!
  14. I won't be able to discontinue thyroid meds... I have Hashimoto's thyroid... life-long problem.
  15. I had blood drawn two weeks ago, and two results have me puzzled: AST was hight at 39, with a range of 10-35 ALT was 40 with a range of 6-40. Are these normal for someone who has had bariatric surgery? I had the Roux en Y done Oct. 18, 2010 and have lost 135 lbs (Yay, me!). I'm about at goal weight, but lately I've been a little tired. Another issue is my thyroid. I've been taking two different thyroid supplements for over 20 years, and my medication levels have had to be increased. Is this due to lack of absorption because of the new digestive situation? If I take my meds with my morning cup of coffee, does that flush them through my digestive system too quickly? Your thoughts, please.