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  1. One of the easiest surgeries I've ever had. It is usually a much more simple recovery and I'm sure you will do well! Best to you!
  2. Sorry slvilla* not Melville (stupid autocorrect, lol!).
  3. My conversion has been amazing! I feel so much better without all of the nausea....that I lived with for so long! Total loss is 23 pounds so far. It's definitely slow, but I can tell that I will be much more successful with my pouch than I was with the sleeve. Melville, so sorry for your loss! I cannot imagine how much pain that must be.
  4. I did the same thing with my Prilosec. The pain, nausea, and vomiting was terribly debilitating! I won't ever not take it again!
  5. Sorry I missed this reply! Like Joll's mentioned, my sleeve wasn't built properly from the beginning. I truly don't think my surgeon knew what he was doing. What I wound up with was a regular looking stomach with a sort of pouch on top, if that makes any sense. I've even thought he may have gone in with RNY on the brain and started building an RNY pouch and then realized he had messed up. I don't know. He was fired, for malpractice issues right after I switched surgeons. The biggest problem was the fact that I would vomit bile. Anytime, day or night, and I lived nauseated from about four months post sleeve until the very day I had the conversion to RNY. I don't know if this was due to the botched surgery or not. No medical professional will admit that. The only thing I got from a radiologist was the statement, "I don't know what you had done, but it wasn't a Sleeve." That and the upper GI report is the only confirmation I have ever gotten that it's not been in my head. So now it's just easier to say I had the conversion because of GERD. That's an easier explanation.
  6. Use shredded,cheese (any type you prefer) place in the bottom of a muffin tin. Bake at 350 until bubbly, but not brown. Come out like chips. Can put toppings on if you like. Can also be made on a cookie sheet. Got this idea from another website. Yummy eaten plain or use for dipping in your favorite dip (avocado garlic mayo dip is my fav!).
  7. There are times that gas bubbles can get trapped in an area and cause intense pain. It was trapped in my shoulders and took about six weeks to finally dissipate. I hope your pain is gone for good!
  8. These forums can be a difficult way to communicate. Intended meaning is not always interpreted the same way. I'm afraid I have hurt some feelings with quick reactions to posts, though never intended to. Has curbed my
  9. So glad recovery is going so well!
  10. I have not used that my foot/leg goes to sleep after having them crossed for a few minutes. Goes away after uncrossing them, thankfully. I plan to be more conscious of not crossing them from now on! One thing I do not need! Thank you for posting! I think all should read this especially since crossing our legs is such a big thing for us to be able to accomplish.
  11. You know what you have to do. Stay the course! Stay off the scale. You will be able to feel the difference when it's time to get back on the scale. But yes, measure yourself. That will make you feel good. Best to you! It will pass!
  12. Looking at plus two pounds this week! Looks like yours too. My calories are even about the same as yours. Never more than 1200. Will get me some probiotic today. Might increase the calories a bit, too. Keep me up on your progress. Glad you saw a decrease! 15 pounds in 11 weeks isn't bad. Good for you!
  13. Vitamins aren't optional, they are required, for life! You are playing with fire! The consequences are too great for not taking them. Plus you would be considered non-compliant in my surgeons opinion and he probably wouldn't treat the problems when they do arise. Please, take your vitamins.
  14. I went through 4 1/2 years of attempted fixes with endoscopy three times, gallbladder removed, antibiotics, reglan, ...never got better. The episodes increased in severity over time. The morning of my conversion to RNY was the worst. I was vomiting so terribly that I was a bit late getting to the hospital. I kept telling myself it would be the last time, and it has been. Surgery was Jan. 20, 2015 and this is the longest I have gone without an episode of vomiting bile in almost 5 years!
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